I Can't Make This Up by Kevin Hart

I Can't Make This Up

INSTANT #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERSuperstar comedian and Hollywood box office star Kevin Hart turns his immense talent to the written word by writing some words. Some of those words include: the, a, for, above, and even even. Put them together and you have the funniest, most heartfelt, and most inspirational memoir on survival, success, and the importance of believing in yourself since Old Yeller.The question you’re probably asking yourself r...

Details I Can't Make This Up

TitleI Can't Make This Up
Release DateJun 6th, 2017
PublisherAtria / 37 INK
GenreNonfiction, Humor, Audiobook, Autobiography, Memoir, Biography

Reviews I Can't Make This Up

  • Steph
    I'll start off by saying I had zero interest in reading this book. I was admittedly a hater and felt that although I am a huge fan of Kevin Hart's stand-up, he did not deserve a book deal. His grammar is so horrible, I had to unfollow him on social media. With that said....I LOVED this book. I really appreciated how honest and genuine the entire book felt. He was upfront about having a writer, and I think Hart and Strauss collaborated perfectly. ...
  • Taryn
    Every experience is a potential life lesson. Even if you don’t appreciate it at the time, each struggle in the present is preparing you for something else in the future. Almost everyone knows Kevin Hart's name by now, but that wasn't always the case. In his memoir, he tells the story of how he became an "overnight success that was only sixteen years in the making"–from a shoe salesman whose biggest dream was to become a Nike rep to a world-fa...
  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)
    Find all of my reviews at: http://52bookminimum.blogspot.com/ “You can’t control the events that happen to you, but you can control your interpretation of them. So why not choose the story that serves your life best?” Let me begin this by saying I’m not what you’d call a big Kevin Hart fan. I have a couple or so young(ish) children who already will have a proclivity to swear words due to the simple fact that I am their mother, so when H...
  • Whitney Atkinson
    This wasn't a bad book, but I have a couple of massive problems with it that don't really have anything to do with the book itself. First, I listened to this book on audiobook like I do most memoirs and non-fiction books, even though I also own a copy of it. And I realized very quickly that it was going by really slowly. After about 3 hours of the audiobook, I realized that as Kevin narrates the audiobook, he throws in a TON of aside information ...
  • Steph Sinclair
    This book really made me appreciate Kevin Hart and his story is very eye opening. I'm not sure why I never realized how long he's been around. From the consumer standpoint, it seems that he just exploded onto the scene, seemingly out of nowhere. His hilarious autobiography shows that he's been busting his ass for years to get where he's at today. This was a great listen. If you're a fan of his standup, you'll definitely enjoy the audio.
  • Theresa Alan
    This is a surprisingly inspiring book. Yes, it was inspiring to read about how he overcame a challenging childhood to become the only comedian in history to sell out an NFL stadium, but it was also jam-packed with motivational passages for anyone who is working toward a dream. I read it from the perspective of my sister and myself—we’re both published novelists. Also, because of my sister, I know more than the average nonperformer about the w...
  • Barbara
    Kevin Hart is an award-winning comedian and actor, and it took him only 16 years to become an 'overnight success.' In this inspirational and entertaining memoir - written with Neil Strauss - Hart talks about his life, career, family, and friends - and it's clear that he's a loving son, loyal friend, devoted father, and exceptionally hard worker. Hart is also an honest man and admits that - in his youth - he was a bad husband to his first wife.......
  • Brandice
    I Can’t Make This Up is a memoir by Kevin Hart, detailing his life from childhood through his slow rise to fame, to where he is today - widely considered to be a well-known comedian and actor, and the lessons he’s learned along the way. I’ve been a fan of Kevin Hart for quite awhile now, but was unfamiliar with his early climb to becoming a comedian and had forgotten about some of his earlier Hollywood appearances. Today, it seems like he i...
  • Erin
    Kevin Hart is the overnight success that was sixteen years in the making.I Can't Make This Up is as funny and brutally honest as Kevin Hart's standup comedy is. Kev as we his fans call him, has had a rough life. Drug addicted criminal father, overly strict and super religious mother. An unhappy first marriage that included domestic violence. Years spent struggling to make ends meet and nonstop rejection. No one believed in Kevin except his mother...
  • Michelle
    I went into reading “I Can't Make This Up” thinking I was going to just laugh, but I didn’t expect to get hooked on the story itself as well. Kevin Hart's story is not a new one, but it is powerful and inspiring. The book started off strong with hilarious, endearing, and sometimes bitter sweet childhood and coming of age stories that incorporated life lessons. It's a leisurely stroll through a life where there were choices to be made, and d...
  • Krista Regester
    I Can't Make This Up: Life Lessons by Kevin Hart is inspired by his life and rise to fame. He goes into great detail on how he sculpted and improved his comedy through friends, family, idols, and old pros. His absolute best comedy performances are when he speaks of real life events and situations that he’s been through; likewise these are the best parts of this book! As usual I always recommend listening to memoirs when they’re read by the au...
  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    Charming.I liked this audiobook about as much as I expected to, which is to say, a lot. Kevin Hart is a funny, charismatic comedian, and I found his life story to be interesting and his delivery engaging. However, it was his side stories and little anecdotes that I enjoyed the most. Highly recommend readers to listen to this one on audio because Hart's reading makes his story so much more enjoyable.
  • Ellen Gail
    About once every 4 or 6 weeks, I drive 4 hours to visit my sister, brother in law, baby niece, and fur-nephew. The drive is boring as hell. Literally over an hour and a half of it is a straight stretch of road in cornfield hell. There's construction everywhere that sometimes pushes it to 5 hours. Then there's the drive back in just two short days! It's worth it, but it tests my sanity. What I'm trying to say is, this audiobook is a godsend. It ma...
  • Julie
    I knew I would laugh, and I did - a lot! But more than that you learn that this funny guy isn't just some clown. He's worked and continues to work his ass off for his craft. The life lessons he shares are not revolutionary, however, when stated with his simplicity and humor you rewarded with some gems to live by. Awesome job Kevin Hart.
  • Tim
    I listened to the audio version by Kevin Hart and loved it! Initially and over time, Kevin grew on me like a fine wine. His humor, work ethic, television and films continue to grow because of his burning desire to excel and expand. I especially enjoyed the beginning and last chapter of the audio. I recommend to all. 10 of 10 stars
  • Dee's Books
    September 18, 2017... I guess Kevin Hart can make this stuff up and for it, I'm questioning my rating to this bestseller... Give me another day or two as the ball drops on what he said about his personal life, marriage, etc... in the news. He has apologizes to his new wife and kids but what about the readers of his book/audio. We know that he is a comedian but please this stuff ain't. .funny at. all! So really what are the life lessons did Hart r...
  • Camille
    ****I WAS GIVEN A COPY OF THIS BOOK IN EXCHANGE FOR A HONEST REVIEW ****I didn't expect half of what I got from this book. I knew there would be funny parts, obviously, but it was much more than a funny memoir. During the telling of how he got to the level of success he has obtained, there were some real life struggles unfolding across every page. It didn't read like a hyped version of his life but a look back of on how funny, crazy, sad and tumu...
  • Salem
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  • Emma
    Despite not knowing much about Hart, this was a 99p Audible deal over Christmas and i'd just seen him in Jumanji so I thought i'd give it a go....And it is well worth it. He's properly honest about his life, relating it with humour and an incredible positivity that represents the overarching 'lesson' he wants to put across with this book. He's worked hard for what he has now, been through hard times, messed up, and got right. It's truly funny, bu...
  • JT
    HILARIOUS!!!! Authentic Kevin Hart!!! Life stories told only the way he can tell them! I listened to the Audible audiobook, that was narrated by him and the story was AWESOME! Hours of listening to K. Hart was a treat! I It was also nice to hear the background story about his 1st marriage as well as how he got in to comedy! I can't count how many times I laughed out loud and was wiping tears from my eyes! ENJOY
  • Ashley
    I didn’t know what to expect coming into this book. I enjoy Kevin Hart’s movies, but I didn’t really follow him as a “comedian.” With that said, I thought this was a great book! I tend to have mixed feelings when it comes to celebrity memoirs as many of the tend to be purely for publicity reasons, offering the reader no value or substance, but this one felt very honest and genuine. He was just sharing his story and offering readers advi...
  • Toni
    Even the Library of Congress and acknowledgments pages are funny.
  • Sarah Lumos
    3.5/5 stars Prior to reading this book, I obviously knew who Kevin Hart was, but I didn’t know know him if you get what I’m saying. The only thing I knew was that he was a comedian who appeared on late night sitcoms sometimes. But after finishing the 100 or so chapters in this book, I feel like I have a good sense of who he is as a person. I decided to read this book because it had awesome reviews on audible. I loved Born a Crime: Stories F...
  • Andre
    This book is laugh out loud funny. Funny man Kevin Hart has much to draw on as he shares tales from his upbringing in an entertaining, inspirational and always humorous fashion making this book a big ball of fun. The book is spread across 99 chapters (yes 99) with some of the craziest chapter titles I’ve ever seen in a book, divided through 16 Life Lessons. He uses the life lessons to dispense advice and to explore what he has learned and his n...
  • Sarah Robinson
    I listened to this on audiobook and absolutely loved it!! Both hilarious and inspiring!
  • Burneeka Tindale
    I had to finish it. This is an excellent read. I'm proud to be a Philadelphian!!!
  • Elizabeth
    I fucking love Kevin Hart. His mere existence makes me bust out in laughter (and I mean that in the best way possible). Anything he is in makes me laugh, and even if he plays the same character over and over, it's a HILARIOUS character that seems so genuine, so it cracks me up!!I requested this from the library because I wanted a book that would make me laugh. And in the same manner as the other reviews I wrote today, this book was much different...
  • Cyn (semi-hiatus)
    3.5 stars rounded upFunny and meaningful at times but Hart goes off on too many asides/ tangents in the audiobook
  • fortuna.spinning
    “In life, you can choose to cry about the bullshit that happens to you or you can choose to laugh about it. I chose laughter.” I became familiar with Hart when he’d occasionally appear on the Chelsea Lately round table a few years ago. I loved his over-the-top, high-energy delivery. That was conveyed perfectly in the audiobook. I particularly liked the funny chapter headings. Solid celebrity memoir with some good advice here and there.