Seven Days of Us by Francesca Hornak

Seven Days of Us

A warm, wry, sharply observed debut novel about what happens when a family is forced to spend a week together in quarantine over the holidays...It’s Christmas, and for the first time in years the entire Birch family will be under one roof. Even Emma and Andrew’s elder daughter—who is usually off saving the world—will be joining them at Weyfield Hall, their aging country estate. But Olivia, a doctor, is only coming home because she has to....

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TitleSeven Days of Us
Release DateOct 17th, 2017
GenreFiction, Contemporary, Adult Fiction, Family

Reviews Seven Days of Us

  • Larry H
    At one point in Seven Days of Us , Andrew, the somewhat snarky and elitist patriarch of the Birch family, equates all of the drama affecting his family with a popular British soap opera. But then he realizes it's even crazier than all that."Never mind EastEnders —this was pure telenovela."He's not quite wrong. In her debut novel, Francesca Hornak throws more issues and crises at the Birch family, more secrets thought buried, than you can even...
  • karen
    to straight-up rip from dan’s headlines:This is not the type of book I usually read. The publisher contacted me and I accepted a print ARC for some reason. I'm quite glad I did.i had the exact same experience down to the “for some reason” - i remember agreeing to read the arc, but it’s all a bit hazy. i do remember thinking that this seemed similar to The Nest - both being debut novels described as “warm” and “funny,” featuring qu...
  • Diane S ☔
    Can you imagine being quarantined with your family for an entire week? Over Christmas holidays? Can't go out and anyone who comes in must stay? The thought of all seven of my, now grown children, coming home and stuck for a whole week together fills me with, well let's just say a great deal of angst, or should I say terror?That is exactly what happens in this story, when Olivia, a doctor returns home for the first time in several years. She has b...
  • Shelby *trains flying monkeys*
    It's Christmas..that happiest time of year. When your family gets together to spread the joy and love! The family in this book is no different than the rest of us. They all are going to Weyfield Hall, their falling down aging country home. They will be quarantined there for seven days. With each other. And each of them has secrets.The youngest daughter, Phoebe. She has just gotten engaged and is the favorite child. Other daughter, Olivia. Who is...
  • Dan Schwent
    When Olivia Birch heads home for Christmas after relief work in Liberia, she dooms her family to spend seven days in quarantine. Can the family survive its own company?This is not the type of book I usually read. The publisher contacted me and I accepted a print ARC for some reason. I'm quite glad I did.Seven Days of Us is a tale about secrets, the secrets a family keeps from one another. Being locked up together over the holidays is like a steel...
  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)
    Find all of my reviews at: I normally throw a little “thank you” disclaimer at the very end of my reviews when I score a freebie in order to cover my tail for the FTC guidelines and not much more. That’s because 99.99999% of the time I am the one begging requesting the ARC myself, and also because by now it should be glaringly obvious that I’m brutally honest in my reviews no matter what manner I obtaine...
  • Navidad Thelamour
    Seven Days of Us is the quintessential heartwarming family novel, a quick and quaint little holiday read to be devoured in one sitting. With flashes of wit, intellect and social reflection peppered in, Seven Days offers a great combination of laughter and insight, as we get to know these characters while they re-get to know each other. Imagine being stuck in your home for seven days with your family, unable to flee into the night, unable to avoid...
  • Cindy (Thoughts From a Page) Burnett
    Seven Days of Us starts out slowly but stay with it because it is one of the best books I have read in a while. Told in alternating viewpoints, the Birch family chronicles the seven days they spend in quarantine (or as the patriarch Andrew Birch calls it “Haag arrest”) following the older daughter Olivia’s return from Africa where she was treating a deadly ebola-like virus called the Haag virus. Each Birch member has secrets that are slowly...
  • Marla
    I enjoyed this story. Phoebe was a little self absorbed and selfish, Olivia was clueless about what is going on with the family and cared more about saving people than fixing relationships in her own family, Andrew sacrificed what he loved to be home with his family and it showed in his restaurant reviews since he pretty much trashed everyone one and Emma just wants to make sure everything is going smoothly. Then there is a fiance who sounded lik...
  • Dorie
    Well one third of the way through this book I didn’t think I could take any more of this family and it’s British-ness, so up tight! I have four daughters and son in laws and five grandchildren so I know a bit about family get togethers. It’s true that often when we are all together the girls drop back into their slot in the family, oldest, baby, funniest, most laid back, etc. This family didn’t seem to have any humor to tie them together ...
  • Renee Rosen
    This was one of those books that I couldn't put down and yet I didn't want it to end. A family thrown together for the holidays comes gift wrapped with surprise twists and turns. In the course of one oe two pages Hornak has you laughing and then crying out, "No!" I'm not one who usually cries while reading, but this one had me choked up several times. Having read several WWII novels back to back (which, don't get me wrong, I love) this was such a...
  • Toni
    Imagine being with all your family members for seven days, one full week, unable to come and go as you please. Stuck is the word you're thinking about right now. Even if you love them, "warts and all," seven consecutive days without leaving the house. Any family would get a little testy. So it goes with the family in "Seven Days of Us." Olivia, the eldest daughter and a doctor, returns from Liberia during Christmas, where she had been treating it...
  • Laura
    This isn't my usual type of read, though I enjoyed it nonetheless. It's a contemporary holiday novel set over Christmas. Doctor Olivia is usually off saving the world, but this year has to come home. Unfortunately for the Birch family, Olivia's been told she has to stay quarantined for a week after just returning from treating an epidemic abroad. The family is in for a hectic holiday full of drama and secrets.How much can the family take of each ...
  • KBev
    Really enjoyed it. It's funny, light and moving all at the same time. Full review to come. I got a free copy of this book through my job in exchange for my honest opinion.
  • Sue
    We all have dreams of that perfect Christmas at home with our families and it never seems to happen. Imagine being in quarantine for seven days at Christas with your immediate family that you usually try to avoid at the holidays. That's just what happens in this wonderful novel about a family - who all have secrets from the others - being forced to spend seven days together. Olivia is the oldest daughter. She is a doctor just returned from fighti...
  • Jillian Doherty
    Oh it's so good~ a read you luxuriate in! Beautifully comfortable, full circle family story telling.The character's are robust yet familiar, the big house setting is delightful British yet contemporary, and the weaved story invites your just read one more chapter... I promise - just one more chapter please!
  • Cindy Roesel
    A week is a long time to spent with your family. Now imagine being quarantined, or rather under house arrest with them over Christmas.For the first time in many years, the entire dysfunctional Birch family is going to spend the Christmas Holidays under one roof. In Francesca Hornak's novel, THE SEVEN DAYS OF US, the Birches are on lock-down, after Olivia comes backs from saving the world, needing to be quarantined - cutting everyone off fro...
  • Tracy Thomas
    I love a good dysfunctional family, and I love a well written book about said dysfunctional family even more. I liked every single character in this book, they all had issues, but they were all like-able in their own way. Okay, well, one of them is questionable. haha! I saw some blurbs on the back of this book saying the book was hilarious, I must have missed that part. I found this book to be emotional, heart-warming, sad, and realistic. Famili...
  • Jeri
    Just imagine spending the holidays in quarantine with your family. Sure, some families get along great and are close knit, others, not so much. This is the situation the Birch family finds themselves in. Oldest daughter, Olivia, has been treating Haag, a deadly disease. Phoebe, is sort of the spoiled, immature youngest daughter. Emma, is the mother, trying to keep the holidays merry and bright and go on as if nothing is wrong. Andrew is a very un...
  • Kristina
    Seven Days of Us by Francesca Hornak is not a book I enjoyed. Thank you to Berkley Publishing/Penguin Random House for sending me this ARC, but I cannot praise the novel. The characters barely register as human beings, the dramatic coincidences are highly unlikely and not believable and there is absolutely nothing amusing about the prose. While reading this fluff, I was bored and annoyed. Olivia Birch is a doctor volunteering in Liberia to help w...
  • Patty
    Seven Days Of UsByFrances HornakWhat it's all about...So...what happens when a family who doesn't really spend much time together is forced to spend a week quarantined together at Christmas? Add to that the issues...big and small...that this family has to deal with over their quarantine...a deadly disease, an engagement, a surprise cancer scare, a long lost gay son and just the fact that they really can't get along because everyone has a secret o...
  • Cindy
    Received an ARC for honest feedback- thanks to the team at NetGalley. "Seven Days of Us" is a debut novel by Francesca Hornak. The novel set in the UK and it is about a family that has to be quarantined for seven days over the Christmas period. Yes, I was reading a book about Christmas, in July... good way to get the Christmas spirit started. It might just be the thought of having the spend seven days in quarantine with my family, but this nove...
  • Syrie James
    I was hooked by SEVEN DAYS OF US from the first page. I enjoyed the setting, in a somewhat run down historical mansion in northern England where a family is quarantined over Christmas week, and the way the POV kept switching between the characters, who were all different and interesting. I liked the way all the storylines intertwined, and that each person was keeping a secret; it added to the drama and suspense. Some of the situations may have fe...
  • Elise
    4 stars for a beach read but otherwise a three-star book. This story of a family in quarantine is somewhat formulaic and predictable, yet is an easy read for a mental getaway.
  • JennE
    Thanks to the Berkley Marketing Team and Penguin Random House for the review copy of this book - all opinions are my own. Seven Days of Us is a sort of "coming of age" story of one family. The main storyline umbrella being the "dysfunctional" Birch family must spend one week together during Christmas, something they haven't done in years. Olivia, the oldest daughter, is returning from Liberia working to treat the Haag virus and must be quarantine...
  • Ellen
    Because Olivia has just returned from working in an African refugee camp and may have been exposed to a deadly virus, the Birch family is quarantined in their lovely cottage in the British countryside over the Christmas holidays. What could possibly go wrong?! Well, just about anything and everything! I couldn't tell if this book was meant to be a hilarious comedy of too much family togetherness or a tender novel about adult children becoming rea...
  • Linda Steighner
    Seven Days of Us by Francesca Hornakis begins with Dr Olivia Birch volunteering treating the highly-infectious Haag virus in Liberia. Upon return to England, she faces a one week quarantine. Her family join in her quarantine so they may spend the Christmas holiday together. 7 long days in the country confined with the people you try to avoid most days. Andrew, his wife Emma and their daughters Olivia and Phoebe each have secrets that are slowly r...
  • Michele
    I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher. I liked PARTS of it a lot, but ultimately I despaired of some of the family members' life choices and their relationships with one another. I find it difficult to enjoy books where characters are not likeable or redeemable in some way. these people had a lot of emotional problems and trouble connecting for affluent white people. they also had ZERO RESPECT for quarantine procedures which,...
  • Milli (MiracleMilliReads)
    I love reading British novels because they are just so different from what I am used to. This story was beautiful and how each relationship develops from beginning to end. The family dynamics are tried and at the end everything worked out.The Birch family go on winter break to their country estate, but are in for a very big surprise. The eldest daughter, Olivia, came from treating victims of the Haag epidemic abroad and made everyone to be under ...
  • Kiki
    Fun, light (mostly), and entertaining. Should be a fun holiday read. A dysfunctional family is quarantined together for the holidays when the oldest daughter (a doctor) returns home from Liberia where she'd been compassionately treating sufferers of Haag Disease, an Ebola-like illness in Liberia. Secrets and surprises are revealed at their English countryside manor. Definitely more of a Longbourne setting than a Pemberley!