The Last Tudor by Philippa Gregory

The Last Tudor

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TitleThe Last Tudor
Release DateAug 8th, 2017
GenreFiction, Historical, English History, Tudor Period, European Literature, British Literature

Reviews The Last Tudor

  • Iset
    Philippa Gregory’s latest book is as good as a play… if you like fantastical parodies. If you want to read a well-written novel about the Greys, I recommend Susan Higginbotham’s Her Highness, the Traitor instead.Here we are again. Another year, another Philippa Gregory release; and many of the same failings and criticisms still apply.As You Know BobI’m afraid this year the As You Know Bobbing is off the charts. For the uninitiated, As You...
  • Linda
    "The devil protects his own."A Game of Thrones, indeed. There is more vanity, spite, jealousy, arrogance, murder and mayhem in this crooked line of succession to the Tudor dynasty that would, undoubtedly, make Ned Stark's head spin. Most certainly, winter has come.Adding to this evil brew is Papist vs. Protestant and who is backed by whom. When Henry VIII's seriously ill young son, Edward, dies, the recognition of a true heir is at hand. That cro...
  • Carole P. Roman
    Three sisters and three very different voices from the past all coming from one family. Philippa Gregory's The last Tudor is the final story in her successful series that began with Anne Boleyn. Starting with Jane Grey, the doomed nine day queen, Gregory draws a portrait of a teen devoted to both her religion , as well as the duty she owes her name. Born the granddaughter of King Henry's younger sister, Mary, she knows she is royal and though she...
  • Tania
    4.5 stars. I love Philippa Gregory, she has the ability to take historical people and make them incredibly real. The reason this loses half a star is because I struggled a bit with Lady Jane Grey (I had the same problem with another book about her earlier this year, Innocent Traitor.) I absolutely adored Katherine and Mary's stories. I think this was the first of her books that had me crying in the end - never a good thing when you're on your way...
  • Donna
    This is the 15th book by this author that I have read. I have enjoyed this particular series so much. I love this kind of historical fiction. When reading her books, I inevitably have to google these historical characters, to see how the book is going to end. This one was no different. The author manages to create anticipation. But I always know how they are going to end before I reach the last page. This book is one of the saddest books, I almos...
  • Kate
    I find Philippa Gregory's Tudor novels very hit and miss. A couple I adore but others I don't and sometimes find them hard to finish. Unfortunately, this is one of the latter - largely, I think, because the characters are allowed no freedom to develop. All is rigid. All is black and white.
  • Marialyce
    Be ever grateful that you were not a royal living under the reign of Elizabeth I or Mary Tudor, Henry's half sister. According to this book, Elizabeth not only ruled with an iron hand but also a jealous one as well. Ms Gregory alludes to the idea that Elizabeth never wanted anyone at court to be happier than she and to marry and or fall in love with someone who might take away the shine from the love her subjects were to have for Elizabeth as the...
  • Ophelia Sings
    Once upon a time, a was a big fan of Philippa Gregory. Her novels piqued an interest in medieval history for me, and therein lies the problem; once you begin to delve into the history books, Gregory's novels are rendered frustrating and often infuriating, so often is she lax when it comes to the minor issue of accuracy. Of course, some artistic licence is to be expected, and an author will always interpret figures from the past, and the events in...
  • Александър
    Завърших годината с един страхотен роман! Ревю - догодина! :D
  • Sonja Arlow
    3 1/2 starsThis has to be hands down the saddest Phillipa Gregory I have ever listened to.Jane Grey – queen for 9 days, more pious than the Pope, eldest of the Grey sisters and to be honest not the most riveting character to read about (sorry Jane)Catherine Grey – married in secret for love and paid a price so so much higher than she ever expected. This character will stay with me for a long time.Mary Grey – dwarf-like little doll, more out...
  • Cher
    4.5 stars - Incredible. I really loved it.I have read enough about Tudor history to know that Queen Elizabeth was not actually the golden angel pop culture often portrays her as today, nor do I believe that "virgin queen" is an appropriate moniker though that does give me a great chuckle. This novel however really highlighted how malicious and manipulative she was through the factual choices she made in dealing with her cousins. While I applaud h...
  • Karen
    This was another fascinating Tudor historical fiction, this one about the Grey sisters. The Grey sisters are the granddaughters of King Henry VIII's younger sister, Mary. Upon King Edward's death, and per his will, the Protestant reformers put Jane Grey on the throne instead of Edward's sister, Mary Tudor. Queen Jane Grey ruled for only 9 days when Mary's followers managed to remove Jane and put Mary on the throne. I knew the story of Jane Grey, ...
  • Trejon
    You're not getting me again, Phil.
  • Lisa - (Aussie Girl)
    After reading many books on the Tudors it was a nice change to see lesser known members of the extended family (The Grey Sisters, cousins to Elizabeth 1) taking centre stage .
  • Alasandra Alawine
    The story of the Grey sisters. Jane who is ordered to marry Guildford Dudley and ordered to take the throne as the Protestant heir. When Jane refuses to make Guildford King her support disappears and she is left alone to face the wrath of Queen Mary. Imprisoned in The Tower until her Father raises in support of Elizabeth, Queen Mary orders her execution and Jane dies for the Protestant Faith.Things should have improved fro the Greys after Elizabe...
  • hpboy13
    Gah, I am so conflicted about this book. And Philippa Gregory in general. Because when she is on her game (The Other Boleyn GirlThe Other Boleyn Girl, The White Queen, The Queen's Fool), her writing is superb, and I keep reading her books in the hopes that this one will be another gem. But her last true gem was The Kingmaker's Daughter in 2012 (though The King's Curse was also great).So when I read in the foreword that this book was the last of t...
  • Christina (Confessions of a Book Addict)
    Lady Jane Grey and her sisters, Katherine and Mary, are all grandnieces of Henry VIII. That means they are in line for the throne and during this time period that is a dangerous place to be. Henry's son and heir, Edward, dies and he writes in his will that he wants Jane to take the throne, not Princess Mary. I'm sure most readers are familiar with the Nine Days Queen's story as Jane's ascension to the throne doesn't last long and is very controve...
  • Gumble's Yard
    It is not that the messages do not come to me; they do come, everyone knows they must report to the monarch. But first they stop to tell the men. Of course, a queen’s court is bound to be the resort of the ladies, but how am I to be a ruling queen if I am not at the centre of the councils of men? This is a puzzle for me I had not foreseen. I thought that once I forced myself to accept the crown of the King of England that I would have the power...
  • Saturday's Child
    My second great Tudor read for this year.
  • Touchstone Books
    This is THE GRAND FINALE of Philippa's Tudor Court series ladies and gents! And let me tell you, it delivers.
  • Sherry Sharpnack
    Philippa Gregory is the acknowledged master of Plantagenet/Tudor historical fiction. I have loved each and every book in this series, whether I actually liked the historical woman herself or not, eg Margaret Beaufort, Henry VII’s mother “The Red Queen.”In Ms. Gregory’s intended last book about the Tudors, she fictionalizes the lives of the three Grey girls, granddaughters of Mary Tudor, Henry VIII’s favorite sister and his best friend, ...
  • Kim
    Lady Jane Gray is one of the more amazing though less-known figures in history. Her mother was the sister of Henry VIII. She was taught Latin, Hebrew, Greek, and Italian from an early age, requesting to learn Hebrew so that she could make better biblical translations. She was an ardent Protestant. She was also queen of England for nine days. All this by age 16. She was executed at 17.Philippa Gregory presents a fictionalized view of her life, ima...
  • Leonie Byrne
    This was perhaps my favourite of the Tudor Plantagenet series by Philippa Gregory. It tells the story of the three Grey sisters. Jane who is otherwise known as the 9 day queen and the only one I'd actually heard of, and her sisters Katherine and Mary who were equally persecuted by a bitter and attention seeking brat, I.e Elizabeth I. The Last Tudor is not as we would initially think about Elizabeth I herself which is what I expected, but instead ...
  • Rosemary
    I won The Last Tudor by Philippa Gregory in a Goodreads giveaway last month and I just finished it last night.TUDOR ERA SPOILERS BELOW!I enjoyed some of Philippa Gregory's other work; I liked The Other Boleyn Girl because, while I knew the story of Anne Boleyn, I knew jack about her sister. I liked The Queen's Fool, because it was about a servant who had her own crazy shit going on and whose life was not spent waiting around. I LOVED the Tradesca...
  • Paul Pessolano
    “The Last Tudor” by Philippa Gregory, published by Touchstone Books.Category – Historical Fiction Publication Date – August 08, 2017.It is hard to imagine that Philippa Gregory is writing historical fiction, all of her books are written as if she was there observing history in the making. It is no different in “The Last Tudor”.Gregory has brought to life the story of the three Tudor sisters who defied Queen Mary. Jane Grey was the fir...
  • Michell Karnes
    This novel creates the details about what the three Grey sisters may have thought and felt about their lives made unhappy by Elizabeth I. I enjoyed the story for its subject matter. The story is told in three chapters by each sister, Jane, Katherine and finally Mary. It was a bit boring in some places because Katherine and Mary each keep going on about wanting to be free, how the throne should be theirs how Elizabeth should name them as her heir ...
  • Katie
    It's more of the same from Philippa Gregory, well written but a little slow. If you've read her other books about the Tudor Women, then you can skip this one.