Demon, Volume 4 by Jason Shiga

Demon, Volume 4

Immortal actuary Jimmy makes a startling discovery: Agent Hunter, his long-dead adversary, is actually alive and a demon himself! Hunter has spent the last century concocting a deadly trap for his nemesis, and he has the perfect bait: Jimmy's daughter, Sweet Pea. In the epic showdown to to end all epic showdowns, we finally reach the thrilling conclusion to this madcap series.From the brilliant and profane mind of Jason Shiga, known for his high-...

Details Demon, Volume 4

TitleDemon, Volume 4
Release DateNov 7th, 2017
PublisherFirst Second
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Horror, Science Fiction, Adult, Paranormal, Demons

Reviews Demon, Volume 4

  • Ryan Werner
    This final act is all murder and destruction. Not quite a patch on the first half of the series, but a high-action cap to it with some lingering moral afterthoughts.
  • Rebekah
    Oh wow - the finale really takes it over the top and ties it all together (I didn't even realize I wanted/needed it to be tied together, but I did). Some questions left, but those are mostly moral that are good leads to leave with readers. Really sold series.
  • Daniel
    This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book. Rated 3.0 of 5Jason Shiga finishes off his unusual graphic novel series, Demon, with this, the fourth issue.Jimmy Yee is a man cursed(?)/blessed(?) with a power that prevents him from dying. He discovers this fact when, about as far down on his luck as a man can get, he tries to kill himself. The essence of Jimmy is then transferred to the nearest human. One man seems to understand what...
  • All Things Urban Fantasy
    Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy.I've been interested in how this series ends since the first volume of DEMON, but the fourth and final volume didn't really live up to the potential I felt it had. Gory and violent, the story seems to devolve into a question of what can kill the most people the fastest.I wouldn't recommend picking up this volume of DEMON if you've not read the first three. They're very much interconnected, and they're q...
  • Tracey
    This was such a confusing finale to the series. Each volume just kept getting crazier and crazier. I was getting more excited with each closing chapter. But this book left me unsatisfied and with more questions than ever. Jimmy and Sweet Pea are gearing up for one last showdown. They need to stop agent Hunter from achieving his plan of creating a functioning utopia on Earth. They have to pull out all the stops to stop this global domination. So o...
  • Mark Schlatter
    I'm going to be very honest --- I don't understand what the &%$#@ is happening in this book. Yes, the overall plot is fairly straightforward with some massively intricate and often funny action scenes. Yes, it's incredibly dark and bloody, but that's been true of all the volumes. And there's an epilogue that I mostly like. It's just that this is a Shiga story, so there's a puzzle, and I can't figure out his explanation of the solution. There's a ...
  • Janie G
    Demon Volume 4 was slightly less satisfying than I expected. Demon is a series built on outdoing itself at every opportunity, increasing shock value at every turn. The final volume didn't seem to manage anything new or surprising, instead the focus was on wrapping up the story. I enjoyed the way the narrative played with the idea of villains and heroes, Jimmy and Sweetpea are saving the world from becoming a Utopia by destroying it. This series w...
  • Josh
    A fitting conclusion to the saga. This series is most fun to me because of the intricate ways that the demon power is used to do interesting things (often things breaking taboos). This volume does not disappoint in that regard. However, it is probably a good thing that the series has come to a close since the inventiveness meter has definitely dropped in this volume. Whether that is because I am now familiar with the basic mechanisms so novelly e...
  • orangerful
    This was quite an insane finale to a fantastic 4-part series. Not my favorite of the four, but you gotta end is somewhere. And the last page had me "WTF?!" but in a good way. Sometimes it is better to not tie things up in a nice bow but let the reader/audience sit and think and decide how they feel about it all. Fans of really weird stuff should pick this up, but be ready for insane violence, surprise nudity and some perverted (yet kind of hilari...