We Are Never Meeting In Real Life by Samantha Irby

We Are Never Meeting In Real Life

Sometimes you just have to laugh, even when life is a dumpster fire. With We Are Never Meeting in Real Life., "bitches gotta eat" blogger and comedian Samantha Irby turns the serio-comic essay into an art form. Whether talking about how her difficult childhood has led to a problem in making "adult" budgets, explaining why she should be the new Bachelorette--she's "35-ish, but could easily pass for 60-something"--detailing a disastrous pilgrimage-...

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TitleWe Are Never Meeting In Real Life
Release DateMay 30th, 2017
GenreNonfiction, Writing, Essays, Humor, Autobiography, Memoir

Reviews We Are Never Meeting In Real Life

  • Roxane
    Reading Samantha Irby’s We Are Never Meeting In Real Life cracked my heart all the way open. The essays in this outstanding collection are full of her signature humor, wit, and charming self-deprecation but there is so much more to her writing. For every laugh, there is a bittersweet moment that could make you cry. From black women and mental health to the legacies created by poverty to dating while living in an all too human body, Irby lays ba...
  • karen
    oooh, goodreads choice awards semifinalist for best humor book! what will happen?i read this book because it was free, blurbed by jenny lawson, and it had a cat on the cover, thus combining three of my favorite things.i am not blog-savvy, so i’d never heard of the author before, but i needed a nonfiction title to read for this month, and i really really needed something funny, so this seemed to be the perfect choice, and finding another funny l...
  • Debbie
    4.7 stars, all a-laugh while rounding upWow! If I weren’t reviewing this sort of officially, I would be shouting out happy expletives! But I feel like I must not go all R-rated.Speaking of cuss words—a warning to all those who don’t appreciate them: there are A LOT of 4-letter words here. In fact, there is A LOT of raunch. I’m all for raunch, but this is uber-raunch. There is one sort of long graphic sex scene that almost ruined the book ...
  • Hannah
    Wonderful, honest, hilarious, brilliant, raw, and did I mention hilarious?I am a big fan of memoirs, especially those written by women funnier than me, and this is one of the best I have read so far. I adore the way Samantha Irby's language flows, with her perfectly placed expletives; there is just a poetry to it that I can't quite describe (the best kinds of voices are like that, I find). More than that, her essays are perfectly structured in a ...
  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)
    Find all of my reviews at: http://52bookminimum.blogspot.com/Let’s just get things out of the way and address the pink elephant in the room. The title of this one alone almost gave me an out of body experience and most definitely had me saying . . . . Then she added in a homeless-as-fuck looking kitten for the cover art as a bonus and I was sold.(Have no fear, Samantha Irby, I am far too lazy to actually leave the comfort of my couch in order ...
  • Carol (Bookaria)
    A humorous and poignant collection of essays.Samantha Irby writes about events in her life from an honest and sharp angle. You will be introduced to her "judgmental" cat, former bad dates, sex toys how-to, and her take on the absurd situations she's been in.I struggle to write a coherent, short book review so I appreciate the brilliant effort that takes to write an interesting, engaging, and raw collection of stories as the ones in this book.Over...
  • Jenny (Reading Envy)
    I loved these essays. They were reminiscent to me of a combination of Roxane Gay and Jenny Lawson, in their ability to confront tough issues and situations head-on (in this case - poverty, disability, weight, race, sex, among many other things) with a dark humor and open honesty that most of us can never dare get to. I laughed out loud at several points and I felt furtive reading them on vacation with my very conservative mother in the same room,...
  • Mariah
    Blah... I have read so many books like this and yet I seem to keep picking them up and not being impressed. The author shared random moments and stories from her life and she was funny enough to entertain me, but not good enough for me to recommend her book..."Sometimes you just have to laugh, even when life is a dumpster fire. With We Are Never Meeting in Real Life., "bitches gotta eat" blogger and comedian Samantha Irby turns the serio-comic es...
  • Thomas
    Vulnerable and real, this book made other people laugh but had me amused at best. I just do not know if I have the capacity to find books funny? Like, I do not think I have ever given a "humor" book five stars. Still, I appreciate what Samantha Irby does with We Are Never Meeting in Real Life: she uses her unique voice to talk about issues like fatphobia, mental health among black women, messy relationships, and more. Overall, recommended to peop...
  • Tory
    So I don't know if Irby and I just have totally different senses of humor, or if it's just that she thinks she's about 500x funnier than she actually is. At least in MY reading of her book of collected essays, she came across less as self-deprecating and way more as an anxious, washed-up character stepped in bathos, who simply makes me relish my inconsequential, NORMAL life. I'm not wondering what people think of me when I take a bathroom key, so...
  • Julie Ehlers
    A lot of essay collections by young/youngish women have been published in the past few years—it seems to be an unprecedented golden age for these books. I have wanted nothing more than to love all of them, but have been disappointed by many of them for various reasons. By the time I got around to We Are Never Meeting in Real Life, I was pretty much resigned to thinking that these collections were never going to live up to their potential and I ...
  • Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell
    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || Amazon || PinterestIt is a truth universally acknowledged that a cat lady in want of cat pictures is going to buy your goddamn book if you slap a cat on it. Also, Yaa Gyasi's HOMEGOING was kicking my butt all over the place emotionally (yes, butts can be emotional, thanks), so I decided that my ARC of WE ARE NEVER MEETING IN REAL LIFE would be just the thing to revitalize my drained repository of feels.I WAS WR...
  • David Yoon
    So yeah, Samantha Irby is hella funny and her latest book has some legit bona fides with blurbs from Roxanne Gay and the New York Times Book Review. And I get how this could be the perfect literary diversion, but it reads like the Platonic ideal of a hilarious blogger who writes a book. Each chapter is like a long form blogpost, perfect in it’s ability to invoke a wry chuckle, reading it over your morning coffee while avoiding work in the early...
  • jv poore
    After reading this, I would very much like to meet Ms. Irby in real life.
  • Trish
    She's funny, there's no doubt about it. However...you know how some comedians have no 'off' button, or in some cases, no understanding of 'too much'? Yeah. This book makes you ask yourself if Irby is just too much. Open to ANY page and begin reading. You're absorbed immediately. It's a book with only dirty bits left in, none of the boring or predictable bits. Who can live like this?It's exhausting. But in small doses, it can be just the ticket.To...
  • Rissa
    3.75⭐I really enjoyed some of the stories. Some made me laugh out loud and wish she was my best friend. But other stories were, well, just her real life. Which believe me some peoples life is crazy and dramatic all the time but i found some stories to be unnecessary or a bit too long. Otherwise it is a highly entertaining novel. 3.75⭐️I really enjoyed some of the stories. Some made me laugh out loud and wish she was my best friend. But o...
  • Krista Regester
    ..my first call would most certainly not be to a dude who says LIE-BARRY and is afraid to try artichokes.Does Samantha Irby understand that she is a goddess? Does she know that she may be the funniest person to bless this goddamned earth? Her life seems to be a series of crazy situations that - yes she may have gotten herself into - but doesn't know exactly how. I love love love this book and I want to pay Sam to be my friend. Which seems like so...
  • Theresa Alan
    I smiled and chuckled my way through this collection of essays. I love humorous essays, but this is the first time I’ve read a collection by a black author. There were differences, but I identified with a lot of what she talked about. We’re both from the north shore suburbs of Chicago, I’ve also battled the depression she describes, and while my health issues are different than hers, I understand.Parts of this collection are very funny; oth...
  • CaseyTheCanadianLesbrarian
    I LOVED THIS. Its hilarity was matched only by its unwavering frankness while Irby tackles topics as diverse as growing up poor, awkward strap-on sex, depression, reality TV, dating, race, her bitchy cat, being fat, her parents' deaths, changing relationships in your 30s (ie, your drinking pals become suburban moms), etc. I found myself laughing out loud a lot but also wowed by how she gets to the heart of things and voices emotional truths. Also...
  • Hollie
    All of my reviews can be found here:https://foxtrevert.wordpress.com/2017...Whilst browsing Jenny Lawson’s blog one day, I saw a mention of the author ‘Samantha Irby’. I am always intrigued by authors that my ‘faves’ recommend or who are friends with each other and so I immediately popped on to my Goodreads and hunted for Irby’s book. The cover immediately struck me. It has a bedraggled, grumpy kitten on it, who wouldn’t be intrigue...
  • Rachel León
    I *love* Samantha Irby, like seriously love her. Irby writes with so much honesty and bravery it kills me. Her books have destroyed me. They make me laugh AND cry. Actually as much as I loved Meaty, I think this one is even better. It's just as personal, funny, and poignant, but it's almost like Meaty on steroids. I laughed out loud several times, which is not something I typically do when I read something funny. I'm usually amused, not roaring w...
  • La La
    *I decided on two stars - 2.5 on the blog.I am not going to rate this title at this time. I have to weigh the positives against the negatives. It isn't because I don't like this style of humor, or "get" her type of humor, because I do, but there is a finesse to it and many of these essays don't have it.I was led to believe this was a body positive book, but making larger than average size women seem gross, lazy, and depicting them as unhealthy ea...
  • Lorna DH
    Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the chance to read this book. It made me laugh and cry and I might have ignored my kid so I could finish reading it. Ten stars.
  • Theresa
    Irby's chapter endings are an excellent study in dropping the mic.
  • Sarah
    3.5 rounded downI'll be honest, I was mostly attracted by the adorable kitten on the cover. That and I've been in the mood for memoirs/essay collections recently. I'd never heard of Samantha Irby before, but found a lot of these essays incredibly relatable and funny, although I did find that this petered out a bit towards the end, and I didn't like the last handful of essays as much as the others.
  • Meghan
    I suggest Samantha Irby for fans of Lindy West, Luvvie Ayaji, Roxane Gay, and those who like their humor a little more real and less mannered than, say, the typical NPR or New Yorker fare. These essays are so funny and sometimes gross. They also provided me with validation I didn't know I needed for working the same job for a long, long time, and also for never wanting people to come over to my house.
  • JoScho
    Love love love! This book was amazing. She is honest and self deprecating. It is genuine and laugh out loud funny. She also talks about her hardships and her sick mother(that part was very hard for me). I already recommended this to my friends multiple times in the two days it took me to listen to it. I want to meet her and hang out with her. The audiobook read by the author is fantastic. Seriously if you haven’t already, check it out!
  • Valerity (Val)
    This collection of essays by Samantha Irby, titled We Are Never Meeting In Real Life is really something different from the everyday stuff you pick up. This being my first experience with the comedian and "bitches gotta eat" blogger, it took me a bit to catch on to her serio-comic style. But then it was smooth sailing and easy reading, going from laughs to amusement at her storytelling style. I have a lot of empathy for the pain of the things she...
  • Oreoandlucy
    More reviews are available on my blog:https://reviewsofbooksonmynightstand....I love a good book consisting of comedic essays.  Samantha Irby did not disappoint.  I laughed out loud as Irby describes how she hides from children she babysits so that she doesn't have to help with math homework and models clothes for her cat, Helen Keller.  Irby also described her difficult childhood that was a challenge to read but many readers will feel a conne...