The Silent Shield (Kingfountain #5) by Jeff Wheeler

The Silent Shield (Kingfountain #5)

Thrust into the heart of events threatening to rip her kingdom apart, young Trynne Kiskaddon will gain new powers and see old allies fall and new heroes rise as the battle for the kingdom and the lands beyond begins.Courtly intrigue and rumors of invasion plunge Kingfountain into turmoil as the search for Trynne’s father begins in earnest. But Trynne’s quest to learn the truth of Owen’s sinister disappearance is sidetracked when tragedy str...

Details The Silent Shield (Kingfountain #5)

TitleThe Silent Shield (Kingfountain #5)
Release DateAug 22nd, 2017
GenreFantasy, Fiction, Young Adult

Reviews The Silent Shield (Kingfountain #5)

  • Sarah
    **Possible spoilers for The Hollow Crown**I'm so excited to have finally gotten my hands on this!! It did not disappoint. The Silent Shield sees the continuing adventures of Trneowy Kiskaddon in her quest to become an Oath Maiden, earn the seat of the Siege Perilous, and protect her King. I absolutely love this series. I cannot recommend it enough to fellow fantasy fans. Books 3-6 in particular, are reimaginings of Arthurian myth. (King Drew is A...
  • Frank
    No spoilers.In this fifth entry into the Kingfountain Series, Trynne is gaining new magical powers, and politcal talent, as she is in the midst of intrigues threatening to pull her kingdom completely apart. What has happened to Owen her father and the hero of the first three books. Other great characters such as Iago and Morwenna change or are they hiding something, as the story progresses.If you are reading this series you will not be disappoint...
  • Paresh Jha
    Disclaimer: I received an advanced copy for my unbiased review."The Silent Shield" by Mr. Wheeler is the fifth book in his Kingfountain series but it might be the most engaging of them all. We find Trynne as a young adult now grappling with the constant tragedies befalling her family and kingdom. All the while, she has to keep a secret about who she really is and what she is trying to accomplish. In many ways, beyond the Arthurian legend connecti...
  • Koeur
    2017-08-14 47 NorthPublishing Date: August 2017ISBN:9781611097535Genre: FantasyRating: 2.8/5Publishers Description: Courtly intrigue and rumors of invasion plunge Kingfountain into turmoil as the search for Trynne’s father begins in earnest. But Trynne’s quest to learn the truth of Owen’s sinister disappearance is sidetracked when tragedy strikes her family once again. Suddenly, the future of the king...
  • Greg Garguilo
    Aaaaaaargh! I Just finished the Silent Shield and have promised to put up a review. I was SURPRISED, which almost never happens anymore, rewarded with the confirmation of many things I suspected, and came to appreciate a new side of a character I had viewed differently in a prior novel, with only a little disappointment about the resolution of one of the plot arcs involving the new generation in Kingfountain. But I can't discuss any of those thin...
  • Denise Morse
    The Silent Shield is the 5th book in the Kingfountain series and the penultimate book of those announced. If you have not read this series, I implore you to give it a try and to become emotionally invested in the characters; their triumphs and their defeats. Like with the previous book, The Silent Shield focuses mainly on Tryneowny Kiskaddon and her life and training. She is an Oath Maiden and was finally given permission to train others as well....
  • Richard Ritenbaugh
    I continue to be amazed at the work of Jeff Wheeler. Another great fantasy story told without succumbing to the grimdark constants of sex, oceans of blood, and gratuitous profanities and vulgarities. Keep up the good work! I can't wait to see where these characters go from here!
  • Amy Leigh
    Fantastic continuation of this series! So much happens with great twists and lots of magic! Thankfully this book doesn't bottom out like many lengthy series do! If anything it ramps up!
  • Blaire Hammond
    I literally adore this series!
  • Michelle
    Couldn’t put it down!I loved this book & cant wait for the next one this year! I love how the authors other books were incorporated into this amazing story! I also love that this author actually releases his books sooner rather than later because I can’t wait until the next book!
  • Rebekah
    This is my favorite of the Kingfountain series so far. I'm really glad that I've read all the Muirwood books, because it makes this so enjoyable when I catch all the tie-ins. Trynne Kiskadon is amazing. Mr. Wheeler really did a fantastic job describing the fight scenes, and it's fun to pick up on the myths and history woven throughout. Now I just have to wait until November... dang it!
  • Tina
    Well it just sucks that I now have to wait until November to know what happens next! Finished this in 24 hours...while working full time! Really enjoying the series and Jeff Wheeler's writing. Great characters that I care about, great action, great intrigue, and a great narrator!
  • Chantale Canadian Book Addict
    I have been enjoying this series very much and I am so glad someone had recommended the first book to me a while back.The Silent Shield is book number 5 in the Kingfountain series and it is a young adult fantasy series. The Silent Sheild got me hooked from the very beginning and I just couldn't (and didn't want to) stop reading it until the end. This book and the series is easy to read so I recommend it if you are new to the fantasy genre.
  • Heather
    4.5 stars. I didn't like what he did with the ending, so I'm docking it half a star as punishment! Nevertheless, these books are so good. They are exciting and intriguing. Never a dull moment. I love the characters, they did a great job of making the second trilogy (the story of the next generation) as good as the first trilogy. I recommend this series for fans of Ranger's Apprentice or Septimus Heap or The Ascendance Trilogy or The Queen's Thief...
  • Raquel
    A very interesting twist in the tale! At times heartbreaking, and at others filled with joy, this novel continues the Kingfountain series with the excitement I have come to expect from Wheeler.
  • Jen
    The Silent Shield by Jeff Wheeler is the fifth entry in this series that I originally thought would be a trilogy. The threatened invasion by Gahalatine and his powerful Wizrs, the disappearance of Own Kiskaddon, the departure of King Andrew's own powerful Wizr has Kingfountain in turmoil. Trynne, who misses her father and must face the immediate departure of her mother, must put her concerns aside and focus on who might be willing to betray the k...
  • Jennifer
    The story of Trynne continues as she tries to protect her king and keep her secrets. While doing so, she suffers immense personal losses and the destiny of her heart becomes more clear. What more will she have to sacrifice to keep her realm intact? She learns more about the enemy, Gahalantine, as war with him draws near. Perhaps he is more the puppet instead of the puppetmaster. I really enjoyed this book, and wish I could give it an extra 1/2 st...
  • Sean
    Received from Netgalley for honest read and review.5th book in this wonderful series,that I have really enjoyed from the start.All the characters are brilliant as usual and this story has got better and better,Centering around Trynne and her nemesis Morwenna,this was a joy to read.A thoroughly absorbing read.
  • Eric Bertone
    I was fumbling around on the rating for this story. On the plus sides for this story it was probably my favorite of the series. The action was good especially at the end and Trynne definitely seems like a stronger character. Some of the mentions of family were also good when referencing Genny and Kate. Third, the inclusion of Leerings, Tay-al Ards, and the tree of Immortality was neat to see finally all of your worlds combined in a way. I look fo...
  • Anjana
  • Tales Untangled
    Since Jeff Wheeler kindly gave me an early copy I'm trying to be extra good about not giving out spoilers in this review.Through the entire series I have liked how each book resolves a number of problems even though new problems crop up. I never have felt like I'm just being strung along. The Silent Shield has this same format. As you remember we were left on tenterhooks from The Hollow Crown that Owen has been kidnapped and King Drew has been gi...
  • Crimson
    I received an e-Arc of this book via NetgalleyI only just finished The Hollow Crown and started this one. The Silent Shield picks up directly after the Hollow Crown. It's been nearly the year that Gahalantine promised before deciding to come back to Ceredigion to defeat King Drew and take the Hollow Crown. In that time Ceredigion has scrambled to train more warriors in preparation and finally the Oath Maidens have been called for to protect their...
  • Laura
    WARNING: Some spoilers!Still admittedly not enjoying this sequel series as much as I did the original trilogy, but it has still been entertaining enough that I'm enjoying it. The characters are engaging.However.There are a few things that are starting to drive me a bit nuts. In the first place, I am frustrated by the fact that, once again, we have a romance that the author insists on flouting and refusing to satisfy. It was hard enough to take th...
  • Dianna
    The story itself is engaging and I found myself having a hard time putting it down, to the point where I was reading during my lunch breaks at work which I rarely do. However, there are still plenty of things that don't quite make sense to me, hence my 3 star rating.**Warning: spoilers ahead**Let's get some of the biggest things out of the way first. I find it incredibly hard to believe that Gahalatine would just willingly surrender the battle an...
  • Miriam
    Tryneowy Kiskaddon's father is missing. Her mother is overcome by grief. Her country is reeling from the Battle of Guilme where her king and countrymen were nearly annihilated. King Gahalatine has promised them a year to prepare for his return to conquer their country. In order to prepare for his return Trynne has begun training women from all over the country to be Oath Maidens, ready to defend home and hearth. As old enemies attack and new thre...
  • Denae Christine
    4.5Reader thoughts: I am skeptical about the romance (she's only 16! How can she pick a husband??), but I really liked the rest.I got lost a few times when Trynne was hopping from place to place. I'm not sure how long everything took from the time her island was invaded until the final battle at the capital's palace and her negotiation with the emperor guy.I love how much Trynne had to struggle. She loses her dad, then her mom, and then her broth...
  • Allison
    “They call him the Painted Knight, but I think of him as my silent shield. When I am in danger, he is there.”(from The Silent Shield)Unlike the second book in the series, which followed several years after the events in the first, The Silent Shield begins soon after the end of The Hollow Crown. The narrative continues to follow Tryneowy “Trynne” Kiskaddon as she continues to train and learn the extent of her powers. Fresh after the loss o...
  • Emily M. McGuirk
    Excited for the next bookI have really enjoyed this series since the beginning and I have become a fan of Jeff Wheeler's writing as I have read his other works. The Kingfountain series is where I began with his work, and the continuation has not disappointed me at all. I love the re-imagining of familiar stories and legends from history. The characters are so well written. I'm actually struck by how well he writes following a woman as the main ch...
  • Rachelle (RavenclawRachelle)
    I received this book for free from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.I originally bought the first book in this series on sale for 99 cents on Amazon, now here I am reviewing the fifth book. What a ride it has been so far! I know every time I pick up a book in this series, it's going to be compulsively readable and I'm just going to have some much fun.If you know someone unsure about fantasy or doesn't know ...
  • Sarah
    For a 16 year old, Trynne sure has her stuff together. Fountain-enhanced powers of combat, general Fountain magic allowing her to identify and block the magic of others, Wizr training enabling her to make use of certain magical words... the queen supporting her desire to train women to fight to serve in the realm. Trynne organizes and trains a group of Oath Maidens, all meant to fight to defend from the newest threat to the kingdom, King Gahalati...