The Bed Mate (Roommates, #3.5; 1001 Dark Nights, #71) by Kendall Ryan

The Bed Mate (Roommates, #3.5; 1001 Dark Nights, #71)

I might be a typical guy, but these last few years, my love life’s been anything but. From crazy ex-girlfriends to one night stands who are stage-five clingers, my relationships go bad faster than the milk in your fridge. The only constant has been my best friend Maggie.Fresh off a bad breakup of her own, I invite Maggie to my guy’s skiing weekend knowing she needs an escape from reality. But then something funny starts to happen. I start not...

Details The Bed Mate (Roommates, #3.5; 1001 Dark Nights, #71)

TitleThe Bed Mate (Roommates, #3.5; 1001 Dark Nights, #71)
Release DateNov 14th, 2017
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Novella, Contemporary

Reviews The Bed Mate (Roommates, #3.5; 1001 Dark Nights, #71)

  • Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer
    *****3.5 STARS*****{ARC Generously Provided by Author}Maybe I had to settle for the fact that, no matter how hard I looked, I would never find anyone that fit with me the way Maggie did. She was just…my person. The puzzle piece that clicked with mine.THE BED MATE is a ”friends-to-lovers” romance between two people who have been “besties” for over eight years. This is the final installment of the ROOMMATES series and I’m glad we are fi...
  • Nissa | Of Pens and Pages Book Blog
    4 stars!Review and Excerpt at Of Pens and Pages.The Bed Mate is a short and sweet story that perfectly delivered the friends to lovers story even as a novella. It didn't feel rushed or fast-paced, and I felt the chemistry between Sam and Maggie from start to finish.Sam and Maggie have been best friends since they were in college, and Sam has loved her for just as long. When they both find themselves single—Sam broke up with his girlfriend and ...
  • Tijuana *BookTwinsReviews*
    This is a super cute novella!! I really enjoyed this story of love, friendship, and finding the perfect fit! Kendall Ryan hits the mark again.Have you ever been in love with your best friend? I have and could totally relate to this friends to lovers novella. Sawyer and Mags are the absolute cutest! They're always there for one another. Through each failed relationship, they know they can count on each other. So what happens when they realize thei...
  • Megan✦❋Steamy Reads Blog❋✦
    “Maybe I had to settle for the fact that, no matter how hard I looked, I would never find anyone that fit with me the way Maggie did. She was just…my person. The puzzle piece that clicked with mine.” I’m a big fan of Kendall Ryan’s Roommates series, but I usually don’t read a lot of novella’s because I don’t seem to have much luck with them and I tend to find them lacking in story and character development, they feel a bit rushe...
  • MELISSA *Mel Reader*
    4 Stars! Sam & Maggie have been best friends for the last eight years. They met in college and now both live in New York. He’s a well known photographer who can’t seem to keep a relationship. He dates one woman after another never connecting to anyone like he does Maggie. Maggie has meant more to him than anyone else & has always been his one constant. Through the years they’ve kept things platonic not wanting to risk their friendship, but ...
  • Natalie The Biblioholic
    Awww… this was such a sweet friends-to-lovers romance. This is one of my favorite tropes and Kendall Ryan did a remarkable job of bringing Sam and Maggie to life. They were always there for each other and enjoyed one heck of a beautiful friendship. Every up or down, every failed relationship, these two held each other up. It was obvious that they were meant for each other. They just needed to figure that out too. A short book gets a short revie...
  • Jacqueline's Reads
    3 Bed Me starsThe Bed Mate is a sweet easy, fast read. If you want something quick, light and fun then this book is for you.I guess I should say I don’t like novellas. The only novellas I read are smutty ones, and that’s nothing to brag about. I wanted to try The Bed Mate because it’s duh by Kendall Ryan, but also it’s part of the 1001 Dark of Nights series and I haven’t read any of the books a part of it. I finally did it!This is a goo...
  • Tink Magoo is bad at reviews
    2.5 starsThis one would have been a 4 star for me until the sex. That did nothing for me, it was equivalent to opening Khal Drogo's pants and finding a one-inch wonder inside.
  • RentasticReads
    The Bed Mate was such a quick, fun and very adorable read! It has that classic (best) friends to lovers story that will satisfy your romantic cravings just right. And let me tell you, you will be falling for Sam and his sweetest gestures by the end of this novella. Hard.Sam and Maggie has been best friends for eight years. They're basically attached at the hip, so comfortable around each other, but they've always had boundaries. They knew where t...
  • Beneath The Covers Blog
    Full review can be found HERE -->*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.* ~Kelly
  • Tpagirl
    The Bed Mate was a novella in Kendall Ryan’s Room Mate series.It was a really sweet and quick read. Sam and Maggie had been best friends since college. Maggie was in a relationship so Sam settled for friendship. Now eight years later, Maggie’s relationship had gone south. The characters were awesome with substance and humor. Ryan then took us through the mindset of each on whether they should transition from friends to lovers. It’s recommen...
  • Michelle
    ARC provided by author in exchange or an honest reviewKendall Ryan enchants readers with a sweet, playful, light friends to lovers story with her latest release, Bed Mate. This book is your fast paced novella that will keep you entertained as two friends discover and explore what their friendship has to offer. Since this book is a quick read, I won’t say much but if you are looking for an easy breezy read that will make you smile and still have...
  • Dali
    A friends to lovers novella that packs entertaining flirtyness! It’s perfect for a light, quick during the holidays! Sam has been in a relationship slump. Every one of his ex-girlfriends have turned out to be some kind of crazy, and Maggie just dumped her cheating boyfriend. The good news is that they can always count on each other to be there through the good, the bad and the ugly cray-cray. Because Sam and Maggie have been best friends for ...
  • ♡Julalicious Book Paradise♡
    Original review on Julalicious Book ParadiseYou will fall in love with Maggie and Sam's story. Best friends since College, their lives have never seemed to give them the opportunity to really dwell on the possibility of digging deeper into their feelings.When Maggie's relationship falls apart and Sam flies her to where he is so they can spend New Year together, it's the first time both of them can really go into deep about what their relationship...
  • Sofia Lazaridou
    As I was starting to gather my thoughts for this book, I realized that I didn't have much to say. Pretty much nothing to be honest. I thought that the reason I had nothing to say had to do with how much I liked or not the book. Well, I liked the book. I liked how this novella is not about sex or something like that. The book almost didn't include any sex scenes, which would have been a shame. This is the story of two friends who realize that they...
  • Shayna
    Sweet ROMANTIC PERFECTION! The swoon factor was through the roof on this one! Kendall Ryan NEVER FAILS to deliver an EPIC ROMANCE! I never met one that I didn’t absolutely ADORE and her latest release, THE BED MATE, was no exception! This beautiful standalone novella is part of her Roommates Series, which is a MUST READ SERIES! The Bed Mate gives you just a taste of what GREATNESS that Ms. Ryan brings to her readers over and over again! This qu...
  • Escape into a Booksite
    *4 Stars* ARC kindly received in exchange for an honest review. The Bed Mate is a novella in the 1001 Dark Nights series, and even though its a short book, it was lots of fun to read. I’ve always been a fan of the friends to lovers trope.I’ve only read a couple of Kendall Ryan books, but she’s become one of my go to authors. It’s just catching up with the TBR thats hard for us all, am I right?I really liked both Maggie and Sam and this o...
  • Sarah - Musings of the Modern Belle
    ***AVAILABLE NOW - FULL REVIEW***4 Forever CROWNSQuick. Sweet. Romantic. The Bed Mate is the perfect friends to lovers romance, leaving all the drama and angst at the door and giving readers a pure relationship to desire.Readers will love Maggie and Sam. They are both nice characters who seem to walk the line between friends and lovers. It is clear they care for each other, and all the time spent with them readers get to see their feelings develo...
  • Ryan - Sweet Red Reader
    I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of the book. I can always rely on Kendall Ryan to give me a satisfying read and this was no exception - The Bed Mate is an adorable, friends-to-lovers romance, perfect for an interlude between dark and heavy reads or just when you need a little pick me up. Maggie and Sam were so cute and I loved how everyone around them knew that they were meant to be, while Maggie lived in a bit of denial for a while...
  • Courtney
    This is what Kendall is so great at - writing amazing novellas that leave you smiling and feeling all sorts of gooey inside. I devoured this book in one reading - it's a very fast paced read and extremely entertaining. It's a best friends to lovers romance without all the drama and drawn out angst you get in other books like this. It was a sweet read and a perfect addition to the 1,001 Dark Nights series.Kendall played this story out perfectly an...
  • ❤Sana❤
    3 stars!A very good but so short friends to lovers adventure. I've read all the books in the series and they were all awesome. The reason why this book got 3 stars is simply because it was so short that the events were squeezed. This was so good to be a novella.
  • Karen Mc
    Sometimes the best things come in small packages. Sometimes what lacks in length may be full of depth. Sometimes a little story delivers a lot. Kendall Ryan’s latest sensation is a short story, The Bed Mate, but oh did this little tale DELIVER BIG-TIME! The Bed Mate is a FEEL-GOOD friends-to-lovers romance that makes the heart dance all the way to Cloud Nine!!! Hands down, when I began The Bed Mate, it was INSTANT LOVE!!! The witty writing, bel...
  • Laura
    ***ARC Provided by the Author and Inkslinger PR***Novellas are tough for me to like as they are short and are often lacking in the depth of the story and characterization that a full novel has. This one however, really worked for me.This book was charming and I almost immediately fell in love with both Sam and Maggie and I could definitely see that Sam was 100% in love with Maggie...and so could everyone else; friends, people on planes, everyone ...
  • AC Book Blog (Anne Christine)
    WHOA!!!! The Bed Mate is a super cute friend-to-lover romance. For a novella, it was definitely packed with angst, passion, fun and sexy romance.Sam and Maggie have been friends since college. They have always been there for each other through thick and thin. However, their friendship is strictly platonic as neither wants to take the next step, afraid of lose each other as a friend. Sam has just broken up with his girlfriend citing “irreconcila...
  • Candyce Kirk
    I loved Sam and Maggie. This story was a good way to start my morning and I finished this book in one sitting. I could relate to Maggie so easily! She likes the idea of curling up with a book during the winter, loves snow and Christmas. Just like me she loves Christmas movies, haha. So this book made me very happy. Sam is such a sweet guy and so thoughtful. Even has Maggie's favorite Christmas CD in his car. I love the relationship she and Sam ha...
  • Michal Inbar
    Dnf 81%Because the story was very short (Novella) the built up was very quick and the couple were boring.
  • bookbruin
    This novella was the perfect cute and sweet friends to lovers story I was looking for! It's no secret that the friends to lovers trope is one of my very favorites, and Kendall Ryan did not disappoint! I loved the longing and angst between Sam and Maggie, as they each struggled with their desires and whether or not to tell the other and possibly ruin their friendship. I am a huge fan of that moment when the main characters finally figure out what ...
  • Nerdy Dirty & Flirty
    ~Cassie, ☆☆☆☆☆The Bed Mate was a super cute, fun read. It is a friends to lovers book done to perfection. You don’t want to miss this book. Nobody does romance like Kendall Ryan!Maggie and Sam have been best friends since college and one or both have always been in a relationship. Sam has been fighting his feelings since day one, but Maggie has been oblivious to Sam’s feelings. I loved everything about Sam. He treated Maggie like a ...
  • Red Cheeks Reads
    4.5 SMOOCHES!I absolutely love a good friends-to-lovers story, and Kendall Ryan's The Bed Mate was charming, sexy and a pleasure to read. A 1001 Dark Nights novella set in Ryan's Roommates world, this was a fast read that pulled me in from the first page and kept me engaged as I devoured it in a few hours.Ryan takes on a well-established, solid friendship in this tender and sweet story. The transition from friends to lovers isn’t always an easy...