Garden of the Lost and Abandoned by Jessica Yu

Garden of the Lost and Abandoned

The problem by most lights is overwhelming: at least 5,000 children live on the streets of Uganda’s capital city of Kampala. Some forget the names of their villages. The youngest may not know the names of their parents. But Gladys Kalibbala—part journalist, part detective, part Good Samaritan—does not hesitate to dive into difficult or even dangerous situations to aid a child. Author of a newspaper column called “Lost and Abandoned,...

Details Garden of the Lost and Abandoned

TitleGarden of the Lost and Abandoned
Release DateNov 7th, 2017
PublisherHoughton Mifflin Harcourt
GenreNonfiction, Cultural, Africa

Reviews Garden of the Lost and Abandoned

  • Ruth Woodman York
    I received this book in a giveaway on Goodreads. It was interesting, heartbreaking, humbling and enjoyable, all rolled into one book. The stories of what one woman, of little means, has done to aid those she doesn't even know, are amazing. The dangers those in other countries face, in just day to day living, is astonishing. This book will definitely make you feel fortunate for your circumstances.
  • Amy Morgan
    I am giving this book 4 stars mainly because of the story itself. I am not sure if this was translated but the writing for me was not superb so perhaps if it was translated it just did not come over as well as it should have. Having said that, the story of Gladys was many things. It was heroic, heartbreaking, courageous, inspiring, frustrating and thought provoking. This woman, a poor reporter from Uganda with nothing to gain for herself champion...
  • M.
    A very hard to read story of the children of Uganda.
  • Jeanne
    Can one woman make a difference in the world? Yes. Gladys Kalibbala is saving the lost and abandoned children of Uganda one child at a time and making a huge difference in the lives of entire villages. Her selfless struggle for those with no voice or family of their own is an inspiring story. Thank you NetGalley for the advanced copy of this book.