Anatomy of a Miracle by Jonathan Miles

Anatomy of a Miracle

A profound new novel about a paralyzed young man's unexplainable recovery--a stunning exploration of faith, science, mystery, and the meaning of lifeRendered paraplegic after a traumatic event four years ago, Cameron Harris has been living his new existence alongside his sister, Tanya, in their battered Biloxi, Mississippi neighborhood where only half the houses made it through Katrina. One stiflingly hot August afternoon, as Cameron sits waiting...

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TitleAnatomy of a Miracle
Release DateMar 13th, 2018
PublisherHogarth Press
GenreFiction, Literary Fiction, Literature, Contemporary, Family

Reviews Anatomy of a Miracle

  • Diane S ☔
    I was actually confused while reading this whether I was reading fiction or nonfiction. It is written in the style of the show, Making of a murderer, if one watched that. No murder here but rather a resurrection of sorts, as Cameron a young man who lost the use of his legs in Afghanistan, rises again in a Vietnamese store owners parking lot. We then follow this supposed miracle and all its ramifications. From the miracle seekers who appear, to th...
  • Tammy
    The publisher is billing Anatomy of a Miracle as a *true story. It’s fiction written in a journalistic style and it is compelling. The writing is dense, full of VSD (Vivid, Specific, Detail) and it took me an unusually long time to read. Cameron returns from Afghanistan as a paraplegic and spends four sad years in a wheelchair under the care of his sister, Tanya. Miraculously, he stands up and begins to walk in front of his local convenience st...
  • Cheri
    If you were driving through Biloxi, Mississippi on August 23rd of 2014, and happened to stop at the Biz-E-Bee store on Reconfort Avenue and Division Street that afternoon just as Tanya Harris walked in, and her brother, Cameron rolled up, you might have been there to witness the Miracle. Not that they’d gone there looking for a miracle, Tanya was looking to buy some cigarettes, and Cameron, melting in the heat and humidity of the day, had beer ...
  • Rebecca Foster
    (Nearly 3.5) Look closely at the cover of Miles’s third novel and you see the central drama depicted: wheelchair tracks snake up and stop three-quarters of the way from the top, where they are replaced by footprints: A paralyzed Afghanistan veteran stands up and walks in Biloxi, MS. Is it a miracle, or an explainable medical phenomenon? Miles has been sly in how he’s packaged this. On the title page he calls it a ‘True Story’, and the sty...
  • Kate
    A story about the riddles of the human heart, the contradictions we carry, the wounds seen and unseen, and the many sides to a story. Haunting and humble, Miles presents the residents of small town America, a place still ravaged from Hurricane Katrina, as they deal with the extraordinary healing that has occurred there. From the war zones of the Middle East to the dusty shelves of a local convenience store, questions of science and faith and love...
  • Allison
    I have read many genres from literary fiction to memoirs, but I can't recall ever reading a book quite like this one. The publisher describes it as "A profound new novel about a paralyzed young man’s unexplainable recovery—a stunning exploration of faith, science, mystery, and the meaning of life, " but the whole time I was reading, I couldn't decide if the account by Jonathan Miles was fact or fiction. The story moves between small town life...
  • Darcysmom
    I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley for free in exchange for an honest review.Anatomy of a Miracle is a wonder. We are thrust into Cameron Harris's world with the exacting view of an investigative reporter. Within the first few pages, I forgot I was reading a novel and had fully bought into Cameron's story. Cameron, like many young men who are adrift, joined the Army. He went to war and came home paralyzed and battling PTSD. For four ye...
  • Teresa
    I found this book to be a compelling read for several reasons: it's a true story, the idea of a miracle - unexplainable event, and the resulting repercussions revolving around this recovery. If you grew up as I did attending Catholic schools and have ever had a nun say to you, "You are just the type who will..." - then you know the weird, uncomfortable feeling of wondering if you are going to receive some religious bolt of lightning on your head ...
  • Lynda Eicher
    I read and re-read Jonathan Miles. Everything he writes deserves a second read. Anatomy of a Miracle is no exception. I got bogged down in the military details of Cameron's Afghanistan narrative, but knew there was a reason I was reading it. And, like Want Not, I read scenes as if this is a mystery, details that I should have seen earlier, but got too caught up in his prose. which is magnificent. I read his books as if I am studying them for a cl...
  • Bellasong
    Wow, what a great novel! Not only is the story so curious and interesting, but Jonathan Miles’ writing to go with it is something else! Super compelling, matter-of-fact, but honesty written right on the tip of the page, Miles is a fantastic writer that fit this story like a velvet glove. He probed in every direction, went to the right depths, and reveals details following the beginning of the story at every turn. His writing style questions eve...
  • Emily Gatlin
  • Eric
    good characters, good pacing, and a very unusal approach presenting fiction as truth. Really enjoyed it.
  • Rhonda
    It took me only 3 days to read this remarkable story of Cameron Harris , a young Afghanistan veteran who became paraplegic as a result of a combat injury, and subsequently a few years later suddenly and inexplicably stood from his wheelchair and was able to walk again in the parking lot of the local Busy Bee store . It’s a compelling read with lots of emotion, his struggles to cope with his own past , his sense of who he is and what he feels ot...
  • Jen
    A novel told as a piece of long-form investigative journalism about Cameron Harris, Afghanistan vet, who was paralyzed from the waist down by a mine explosion during his service. The story picks up about 4 years after his injury when, apropos of nothing, he experiences some strange feelings in his body and ends up standing and walking a few steps through the parking lot of the local convenience store, where he was waiting for his sister to buy a ...
  • Sheila
    I really loved this book & just could not put it down! As a health professional raised Catholic, the story really intrigued me.
  • Shannon A
    A novel inspired by true events that opens with one unexplainable moment of recovery; which in turn, leads Cameron down the path of unexpected self-discovery. A true-to-life novel that will leave you wondering: which was the true miracle? One of the most compelling novels I've read in a long time.
  • Jk
    I received an Advance Reader's Edition of this novel via the Goodreads Giveaways program and would like to thank everyone involved in making that happen.This delightful novel was a breath of fresh air - very different from anything else I've read recently. It is the fictional story of a paralyzed veteran's miraculous recovery and how he, those closest to him, his community and ultimately the world grapple with exactly what happened and what it me...
  • Rachel Watkins
    ANATOMY OF A MIRACLE was a very satisfying read due to the subject matter (an unexplained medical miracle in a gas station parking lot), setting (mostly Biloxi, Mississippi) and the characters (interesting, flawed, haunted by loss). Miles writes about the American south with authenticity and conveys the bizarre story of Cameron Harris in a manner that makes this book hard to put down.
  • Janet
    I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. From the publisherA profound new novel about a paralyzed young man’s unexplainable recovery—a stunning exploration of faith, science, mystery, and the meaning of lifeRendered paraplegic after a traumatic event four years ago, Cameron Harris has been living his new existence alongside his sister, Tanya, in their battered Biloxi, Mississippi ...
  • Lynn
    I received a copy of this book as an Advanced Readers' edition from Goodreads. What follows is my honest opinion of this novel.First of all, this was NOT the story I expected when I entered this Goodreads contest. I "assumed" from what I had read, that this was a true story ... but, it is NOT. It's a novel, expertly crafted, dealing with the unexplainable healing of a young military veteran with PTSD (Cameron Harris) 4 years following his injury ...
  • Julia Alberino
    It's hard to review this book without spoilers, but I'll try. Full disclosure: I received the book free in exchange for an honest review. Here is the review I submitted to the site that gave me the book: “Anatomy of a Miracle” is in many ways a remarkable book. It is written in a style that mimics a documentary closely enough that I actually found myself Googling Cameron Harris (interesting name, there is a real Cameron Harris who is somewhat...
  • Debbie
    I enjoyed this book; got it as a ARC to review. True story of a paralyzed vet whom suddenly rises and walks. Placed in the Katrina riddled Gulf, in Mississippi the "miracle" is swiftly big news not just in this small southern county but world wide. Forces are soon engulfing Cameron and his sister Tanya who has been his caregiver for 4 years. Suddenly there is talk of Sainthood for Father Fahy whom many prayed to regarding Cameron, visits from the...
  • Vernon Luckert
    Well written story in an interesting format. Brings up some intriguing questions. There are indeed miracles. Neither "science" nor "education" can prove the existence of God; but I have a science background, and know many others in science or with other advanced educational degrees that know that God does indeed exist. If you are waiting for God to be proved by science, then you are taking a very "close minded" approach to life. Again, good story...
  • Kathleen
    A thoroughly researched, well-written study of the miraculous recovery of a paralyzed vet. The reactions of neighbors, the online community, the Catholic church and other Christians, doctors,and tv film producers make a fascinating and twisting tale. The cover design is inspired, too.My only quibble would be that the author seems to have become so involved with the story and characters that he included some material ---however colorful---that str...
  • Gwen A.
    I received this book as in Vance readers copy of the book. I like the plots. I like the characters. I love the way the stories were divided into chapters and the ways in which the story were told.I learned information I never knew about the canonization of saints. That was very interesting to me. However, I strongly, strongly feel that the author has misrepresented people from all types and walks of life. Pigeonholing people doesn’t do people a...
  • Melissa Rochelle
    A journalistic approach to a fictional account of an injured veteran who suddenly finds himself able to walk again. The novel follows the people the "miracle" impacts most -- the store owners where it happened, the brother and sister it happened to, and the potential saints that made it happen (or those working on his or her behalf). After the first chapter, I was sucked in to the story and didn't want to put it down.
  • Ruth
    True story that makes you laugh, cry and get mad! I learned that Doctors don't have all the answers to life's miracles! This is a well written book, Cameron Harris is the recipient of God's intervention and love no matter who you are and where you come from. There are so many pieces to the puzzle of this story, read it! See what you think!
  • Patti Parker Markgraf
    I got this as an ARC. Due out Mid-March of 2018. Overall, the story was interesting, but what keeps me from rating it higher is the lack of dialogue, which for me, makes a story flow. Felt a little too much like a text book
  • Cammy Lowe
    4.5 Knew it was fiction but written as NF. Thought provoking. So different from what I normally read