Weave a Circle Round by Kari Maaren

Weave a Circle Round

Madeleine L'Engle meets Stranger Things in this debut YA-friendly fantasy adventure about how the unexpected can move in next door Freddy wants desperately to not be noticed. She doesn't want to be seen as different or unusual, but her step-brother Roland gets attention because he's deaf, and her little sister Mel thinks she's a private detective. All Freddy wants to do is navigate high school with as little trouble as possible.Then someone moves...

Details Weave a Circle Round

TitleWeave a Circle Round
Release DateNov 28th, 2017
PublisherTor Books
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Science Fiction, Time Travel

Reviews Weave a Circle Round

  • Justine
    4.5 starsWow, this was a really excellent and engaging book. It went so many unexpected places, and was very satisfying to read. Themes of family and self identity are nicely woven into a mystery adventure tale in the speculative fiction genre. The writing flows nicely, complimented by humorous dialogue and multi-dimensional characters. The kids are very much kids, and all the more interesting for it.There was a lot about this book that reminded ...
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    2.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum https://bibliosanctum.com/2017/12/17/...Weave A Circle Round was a book I’d been really looking forward to, but I realized almost as soon as I picked it up that it was going to be very different from what I had in mind. As a result, I found it to be a difficult read, though to be fair, my struggle with it was not so much in a “this is a terrible book” kind of way, but rather more in the sense that “This...
  • Cherry (_forevermint)
    AMAZING. I loved the time travel and the characters and the growth, ugh everything was just so enjoyable that I finished this in a day. Just thinking about it again makes me want to reread my favorite parts xD
  • Claire (bookscoffeeandrepeat)
    This book was a chaotic mess.I don't even know where to start. I guess, the problem is that I'm not really interested in magical realism with a bit of science fiction combined into a fantasy type of story. Needless to say, I became confused and uninterested after a while. I enjoyed reading the story before reaching the 60% page mark. As I got closer to the end, I felt that the story just dragged on and on. It was almost pointless because I don't ...
  • C.J. Stark ☮️
    Check out this review on my blog - Random Melon Reads 5.373339 starsI don’t even know how to start a review for this! If you take the wonderful wacky imagination of children, put it in a bucket, put a lid on it, shake it all up, take off the lid and stick in your head - this novel is what you would end up with. I went into this thinking it was going to be a gentle, contemporary, coming of age, YA story with maybe a magical realism aspect. Oh bo...
  • Austine (NovelKnight)
    I'm really struggling this year with books that sound great but just don't cut it in the execution. In the case of Weave a Circle Round, it wasn't so much that the author created a predictable story which seems to be what keeps happening. Rather, this book was all over the place and yet bored me to read.I attribute it to the characters. I wouldn't say that I disliked the characters, exactly, but I wasn't a fan either. I just never connected wi...
  • Alicia
    http://wordnerdy.blogspot.com/2017/11...Maaren's debut novel reads like a modern Diana Wynne Jones story to me, which is one of th highest compliments I can give. It centers on a fourteen year old girl in Canada who just wants to pass through life—and high school—unnoticed, which is complicated when a pair of eccentric strangers move next door and become entangled with her sister, their stepbrother, and herself. The story touches on English p...
  • Arybo ✨
    The plot is a mess. But so it must be, because this book shows what it means to have imagination and verbal power. This novel is a hymn to the imagination. Things happen and change the story's scenarios, suddenly. Freddy, Mel and Roland find themselves catapulted in an abnormal situation after meeting their new neighbors, Cuerva Lachance and Joshia. Freddy, our protagonist, finds herself embroiled in time travels, caused by a portal created by Cu...
  • Laura Hill
    Writing: 4; Characters: 4; Plot: 4I love YA books and this one was a lot of fun. Best for the 12 – 14 year old crowd.14 year old Freddie knows she is “doomed to be sensitive forever”. She lives with her younger sister Mel and her step-brother Roland, a tall, hulking, deaf teenager who seems to bring both order and chaos to everything he touches. Freddie works hard to stay as invisible as possible. Enter the weird new neighbors who take the ...
  • Heather Brown
    In a fight for balance in the world, these kids deal with mythical beings, mysteries, time travel, and role playing games.Super interesting book after I got through the slow beginning! Freddy and her siblings, Roland and Mel, couldn't be more different, but in an important way they are all alike--their creativity is boundless. This amazing creativity brings them the attention of the bizarre Cuerva Lachance and her youthful companion Josiah. Why a...
  • Kate | Snarky Yet Satisfying
    I absolutely love movies, books, tv shows, etc., with complicated, time-bending plots. However, I do think I understand now what my friends meant when they claimed LOST was too complex for them to watch. I actually found that show easy to follow, but I was also highly invested in the outcome. And I think that’s where my problem stemmed from with Weave a Circle Round by Kari Maaren.THE 411: Freddy, her sister, Mel, and their half-brother, Roland...
  • Kimberly Hicks
    To read review, please go to https://mellojune.com on Sun., Dec. 24, 2017. Thank you.
  • MB (What she read)
    Sounds intriguing: https://www.tor.com/2017/11/28/book-r...After reading: I don't know about you, but I like my time-travel reading to contain lots of interesting historical details, along with anthropological, cultural, and sociological details and speculations about what life was actually like for our ancestors. (Like Gabaldon, Turtledove, Jodi Taylor, L'engle, Suzanne Frank, etc.) While I enjoyed the first part of this book (the set up), once ...
  • Jennifer Kelley
    Time travel, Norse mythology, Creation stories, teen angst, all balled up into a very interesting and intriguing read.
  • kerrycat
    (I gave this four stars in the December edition of Romantic Times Book Reviews: https://www.rtbookreviews.com/book-re...)This might be an action-filled time travel tale, but, ultimately, Maaren’s debut is a look at how Freddy, a teen many readers can relate to, struggles to fit in both at home and with peers, and how she overcomes the desire to do just that. This appealing story reinforces the power of choice and responsibility in the midst of ...
  • Amber
    Disclaimer: I received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you Netgalley and Tor Books for this opportunity.  All opinions are strictly by own. Weave a Circle Round is available from Tor Books on November 28th.Freddy wants nothing more in this life than to be invisible.This becomes horribly impossible when the eccentric Cuerva Lachance and moody Josiah move in next door.  Cuerva has a way of producing the impossib...
  • Sarah Taleweaver
    I was a bit nervous for this book going in- I'm a great fan of Kari's webcomics, West of Bathurst and It Never Rains , but I wasn't sure if I'd like her as much as a novelist. As it turns out, Weave a Circle Round contains everything I like about her comics and then some, so I wasn't at all disappointed. The Good: -The Characters are quirky and colorful and awesome. Freddy is the least unusual of the lot, but she's realistic and relatable, whi...
  • Pop Bop
    This Book Is A "Stately Pleasure-Dome"Any book that's favorably blurbed by Charles de Lint is going to get my attention. Turns out Charles knew what he was doing. This book is "fabulous" in all of the deeper and richer meanings of that word.We start out a bit slowly. Our heroine, Freddy, is sort of a sad sack and aggressively unhappy with just about everything. Oh no, you think, how much of this whinging, angry, angsty teen can I take. But, even ...
  • Roman
    There are some shakinesses about this book that restrict it from broad appeal. It's a slow starter and there is no plot. Its characters, their development, and its primary setting, suburbia and school, imply it's targeting a YA audience of like middle schoolers or freshmen. However, the story leans upon a broad literary/historical/cultural canon gained from a specific positionality, and missed references to like Coleridge or the Edda would probab...
  • Ashley Rae
    Weave a Circle Round by Kari Maaren is a time traveling adventure that follows Freddy, her sister Mel, and her brother-in-law Rowland. Weave a Circle Round forces you to question what is real and what is make believe as stories take life and logic and chaos battle for control. This was an interesting book, but honestly, I had a really hard time getting into it. Nothing about the book sucked me in, so reading it was more of a chore than a ple...
  • Jane
    3 stars I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This book was hard to rate. The writing is good, but the story didn't interest me. The story centers on Freddy, a young girl that tries very hard not to be noticed. Her sister Mel is very confidant and brilliant. Her stepbrother Roland is deaf and not a fan of Freddy. He spends most of his time avoiding her and creating roleplaying games for his group of f...
  • Heidi Svendsen
    I was intrigued bu this book. It started a bit slow, but that just helped reel me in. I was hooked by the randomness of the story and how it became more clear when the story progressed. I rarely read young adult books any more, but this one made me forget why I ever stoped.The language is easy to read and understand, and therefore the book was quick to read. It was a nice break from heavy and long books. The end became a little chaotic for my tas...
  • Katie
    I wasn't sure what to expect when I started the book. I asked my library to buy it because I follow the authors youtube channel and she's Canadian and I wanted to support her as a fellow Canadian who likes songs about having too many books and the horror genre.I noticed that it had been compared to books by Diana Wynne Jones so my hopes we're raised. I have read this book now and I can say. Oh my god. This is the most Diana Wynne Jones book I hav...
  • Lia
    The story starts off with Freddy and her family. Her family is not very close and to be honest, I’ve only figured out how everyone was related about 80% into the book. But anyway, Freddy and her sister Mel have a stepbrother called Roland (I should probably have just read the synopsis because it’s all in there). One day new neighbors arrive and that’s where the story begins. A lot of weird things start happening and Freddy doesn’t know wh...
  • Meg
    Begin with an angsty, sullen teenage girl, mix in some blended family strife with a little bit of time travel and a dash or two of immortal mythological beings and you have the recipe for this great story for all ages!I loved the dynamic of the characters and the way Freddy really evolved throughout the novel. The constant chaos of Josiah and Cuerva Lachance was the twisted timeline was immensely intriguing. I could not guess what was going to ha...
  • Susan
    Freddy was angry when her parents divorced, and when her mother remarried. She's even angrier that she now has a deaf step-brother living with her family and going to school with her. When a pair of eccentric neighbors move into the house next door, her life really seems to fall apart. After all, the only thing Freddy wants is to be inconspicuous at school. Is that too much to ask? But new neighbor Josiah is in all her classes, and he loves to ma...
  • Vikki P
    3.5 starsI received an e-ARC of Weave a Circle Round by Kari Maaren from the publishers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.A lot of readers have classified this book as YA but honestly, I felt like it was more of a Middle Grade/Children's Fiction. I think the best word I can use to describe the book is whimsical. There were so many elements and normally that wouldn't work for a story, but in this case it kind of brought out a child-li...