The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle

The Culture Code

An essential book that unlocks the secrets of highly successful groups and provides readers with a toolkit for building a cohesive, innovative culture, from the New York Times bestselling author of The Talent Code

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TitleThe Culture Code
Release DateJan 30th, 2018
GenreBusiness, Nonfiction, Leadership, Buisness

Reviews The Culture Code

  • Aimee
    This book is phenomenal! Who knew that reading a book about groups of people would be so interesting?? From chapter one I was immediately hooked. I learned so much and found myself engrossed in the stories about how the Navy Seals became such an incredible group, how PIXAR has churned out so many of my favorite movies and about how for one Christmas during wartime both sides called a truce and stopped fighting. This is just the tip of the iceberg...
  • Cheryl
    Mr. Coyle does a great job with this book. Everyone from normal people living their daily lives like me to management and Jeff Bezos can find something useful in this book. In fact, Mr. Bezos would probably outline many of the steps and advice in this book as to how he built Amazon to the successful empire that it is today and still growing. As I was reading this book I could see practical ways that my employer could apply these principles better...
  • Jane
    Why do some teams and organizations excel while others simply aren't as creative/effective/lasting? It isn't skills or intelligence, but the environment in which they work. Coyle conveys the research and shining examples of how creating a sense of true belonging, allowing for vulnerability, conveying a clear purpose, and more, creates the right space. Yes in a sense these things are old news, but Coyle gets into the specifics of what each means, ...
  • Jay Hennessey
    Absolutely LOVED this book! Dan Coyle does an amazing job of showing the converging validity of behaviors of the Highest Performing organizations. Organized broadly as psychological safety, vulnerability, and purpose (communication and alignment), it was fascinating to see how leaders and organizations made this happen, across a wide spectrum of organizations.I was intrigued by the variety of ways that organizations and leaders create safety and ...
  • Laura
    This was one of the best business / behavioral psychology books I've read in a long time! The examples were incredibly engaging, and drew from a variety of industries to make their points. As I read, I kept getting new ideas for things I could change on my own team to improve results. Highly recommend this book to anyone who leads a team!
  • Cat
    Just started reading this an hour ago and It is so fascinating! I was thinking, oh, no! a sports book, but nope! It is a an all around fascinating read on groups and their dynamics! It can be applied to any group. But I have to say, I did jump ahead just to read about the English soccer fans in Portugal. Hey, those guys (soccer fans) are rabid! Lol I enjoyed this book. I thought it was interesting the way groups interact and even how buildings ar...
  • James
    A lot of business books use examples that are not varied enough or only highlight one industry. The author does a terrific job choosing illustrative examples of great teams from an incredibly broad array of industries. The public sector is left out, unfortunately, but otherwise it's great. The concepts of safety, vulnerability, and purpose really resonated with me.Overall, it's a very enjoyable read - never dry - and sticks to its core framework....
  • Andrew
    "Do I belong?" "Are we safe?" "Do we have a future together?"These aren't questions posed by early humans reaching out to build a community that will eventually trust and nurture its members. Answering "yes" to these questions indicates a high-performing team. Because teamwork is essentially about building a common micro-culture with ties that bind.I haven't come across a business book that puts a lump in my throat. But this one did because it is...
  • Jess Macallan
    I received an e-copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I was initially intrigued by the idea of what makes a group a success or failure, but I was most struck by how this book highlights the power of connection. The author divides the book into three equally important categories: Build Safety, Share Vulnerability, and Establish Purpose. At first glance, they might seem like obvious and simple concepts to some readers, or...