Ordinary Beast by Nicole Sealey

Ordinary Beast

ONE OF PUBLISHERS WEEKLY'S TOP 10 POETRY BOOKS OF FALL 2017NPR'S MOST ANTICIPATED POETRY BOOKS OF 2017A striking, full-length debut collection from Virgin Islands-born poet Nicole SealeyThe existential magnitude, deep intellect, and playful subversion of St. Thomas-born, Florida-raised poet Nicole Sealey’s work is restless in its empathic, succinct examination and lucid awareness of what it means to be human.The ranging scope of inquiry underta...

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TitleOrdinary Beast
Release DateSep 12th, 2017

Reviews Ordinary Beast

  • Jenny (Reading Envy)
    I requested a review copy of this from Edelweiss before I saw it on NPR's Poetry to Pay Attention To in 2017 list, but they weren't wrong.Nicole Sealy has the ability to embody the pain of others, and empathy and shared anger or sadness fill many of these poems. A great example is Virginia is for Lovers , about the "house in Virginia."I also resonated with "a violence," about the lack of maternal drive among other things (read and listen on Th...
  • Peycho Kanev
    medical historyI’ve been pregnant. I’ve had sex with a manwho’s had sex with men. I can’t sleep.My mother has, my mother’s mother had,asthma. My father had a stroke. My father’smother has high blood pressure.Both grandfathers died from diabetes.I drink. I don’t smoke. Xanax for flying.Propranolol for anxiety. My eyes are bad.I’m spooked by wind. Cousin Lilly diedfrom an aneurysm. Aunt Hilda, a heart attack.Uncle Ken, wise as he wa...
  • Jerrie (redwritinghood)
    This book of poems is divided into three sections. I was worried at first that it wasn't going to live up to the hype, but spending more time with it, and particularly the third section, convinced me that it does. Exploring race in America, myth, love and death with both beauty and stark reality.
  • Jenna
    ”O, / how I’ll miss you when we’re dead." -Nicole Sealey, from “Object Permanence"Though her poetry previously appeared in The New Yorker and New York Times and her chapbook The Animal After Whom Other Animals Are Named was published in 2015, Ordinary Beast (2017) is Nicole Sealey’s first full-length poetry collection. I was fortunate enough to read with Sealey at a Village Voice poetry reading in 2015, but I never really sat with her p...
  • Andrea
    There are many great lines and poems in this, but one jumped out at me that I wish I could steal for myself. "You look just like your mother," he says, "who looks just like a fire of suspicious origin." Goddamn.
  • Halley Sutton
    4.5 but I'll round up. Will need to re-read to fully mine all the richness here.
  • Chris Roberts
    Poetry's sole intentis the subjugation of the poet's identityvia commercial forces -publication is self-murder. Poetry suicides itself famously,form will never equal me,unpredictable drop dead dangerously.Verse, State of oxygen deprived poemsreaders condemned to prefabricated versethe IKEA of poetryand who shops there anymore?Nicole Sealey play's God, sentencing poetry readers to a cultural and intellectual suicide.Chris Roberts, God Ascendant
  • Cedric
    Pros: Gorgeous. really 4.6-4.7ish. I started reading this book in a sandwich shop near my job and wanted it to be good. I know the author and while I had seen enough of her work to give me confidence that it'd be really good, sometimes you read individual poems you like only to get to the full-length and find all the singles were hot but the rest of the album ain't hittin'. After the first three poems, concluding with "candelabra with heads", the...
  • Sarah
    I’ve been all about the poetry lately, and this is another excellent collection that found its way into my bookshelf. Nicole Sealey, born in the Virgin Islands and raised in Florida, created a wonderfully experimental volume combining reflections on race, sex, and the general paradox of living life with the knowledge of eventual, inevitable death. She opens with the existential “Medical History”, detailing the various maladies of herself an...
  • Trey Willetto
    “Every thing aspires to one / degradation or another. I want / to learn how to make something / holy, then walk away.""Let us roam the night together / in an attempt to catch the stars that drop."This was hailed as one of the best poetry collections of the year and it did not disappoint. If you are looking for poetry that is more easily understandable while still being rather rigorous, pick this up.From serious to playful. From reverent to snar...