All the Secrets We Keep (Quarry Road, #2) by Megan Hart

All the Secrets We Keep (Quarry Road, #2)

In the riveting conclusion to Megan Hart’s passionate new family drama, the secrets they keep are no match for the truths their hearts will never let go.Still stuck in his small Central Pennsylvania hometown, Ilya Stern is used to feeling like a disappointment. After his high school girlfriend, Jennilynn, drowned, he married her sister, Alicia, only to divorce a decade later. The business they started together is threatened by a luxury developm...

Details All the Secrets We Keep (Quarry Road, #2)

TitleAll the Secrets We Keep (Quarry Road, #2)
Release DateJun 13th, 2017
PublisherMontlake Romance
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Fiction, Contemporary Romance

Reviews All the Secrets We Keep (Quarry Road, #2)

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    I found All the Secrets We Keep quite compelling. I hated to have to stop reading, and I couldn’t wait to get back to the book. I was surprised by my reaction, considering I found the first book a little slow and felt the main characters, Alicia and Niko were likeable, but a bit dull. Ilya and Theresa, especially Theresa, are both much more interesting characters. I found Niko and Alicia to be too passive, spending too much time contemplating p...
  • Dαɴιjα
    4.5 stars.I liked this book even more than All the Lies We Tell. Was I surprised? Definitely. I was sure Ilya and Theresa's story couldn't match Alicia and Niko's, but I was wrong. It was one of those rare occasions I was glad to be wrong. All the Secrets We Tell is the continuation of the Harrison-Stern-Malone family drama, and its conclusion. Like its predecessor, it has multiple POVs, but most of it is focused on Ilya and Theresa. Ilya, Alicia...
  • Mindy Lou's Book Review
    I find that I enjoyed this book so much more than the first. I'm sure a lot has to do with not having to get to know all the characters and their backgrounds since this book started where we left off in book 1. I also think it has to do with the change in tone of the story. There was a lot of drama with all the characters in book 1 and there still is in this book, but a lot of had been resolved as well. At the end of book 1, Alicia and Nikolai fi...
  • Under the Covers Book Blog
    I was waiting for this book to come out anxiously to get closure on the mystery that we found in the first book.  Good thing these two were released pretty close together.  Another great thing is that each book features a different couple so you actually get an HEA for each.  This may just be a great formula for duologies in my opinion. ;)I'll admit I wasn't the biggest Ilya fan in the first book.  He seemed like an uncaring idiot half the ti...
  • ~Mandi~
    All the Secrets We KeepQuarry Road #2Megan HartI loved this one just as much as I loved the first book in this series. I have read many books by Megan Hart and this is a more contemporary romance than her usual erotica. This is a continuation from All the Lies We Tell and should be read in order. I don't feel this book could be read as a standalone. I'm pretty sure this was the conclusion to the story but I hope she writes some more books similia...
  • Cheri
    I enjoyed part #2 as much as the 1st in the series. A lot was discovered and put to rest in this book. Some of it was very surprising!
  • Romance Readers Retreat
    4.5 StarsMegan hart finishes her Quarry Road Duo with All the Secrets We Keep and surprisingly, I liked it even more than book one. I was a bit surprised by that because I had no love lost for Ilya in the first book, but Hart worked her magic. In no time at all I was firmly invested in Ilya's story and rooting for him.Ilya is used to being a disappointment. He lost his wife to a drowning accident clothed in secrecy, he married her sister, but tha...
  • Darcy
    This book was a bit more upbeat than the last. You could see all the new beginnings happening and quite frankly I found myself rooting for everyone with their new endeavors. You could see the hint of new love in the last book, with this one it fully bloomed and in places you didn't expect, but I loved. Even the new business seemed perfect, Illya seemed to hit his stride, to actually grow up a bit to take on things. Of course it helped that he had...
  • Melissa
    I think this story suffered from "too many cooks in the kitchen." Ilya, Niko, Alicia, Theresa, Barry, Galina....then the flash backs from the past to the present. It is information overload and didn't make for good flow as a story. I'm glad to have read the conclusion of this story but the secrets that finally came to light left me feeling bereft and cheated. Oh well. 3*meh*stars
  • Monique
    Review written: June 12, 2017Star Rating: ★★★☆☆ Heat Rating: ☀☀☀☼☼ An Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this book was received free via Netgalley for an honest review. All the Secrets We Keep is the interesting, but not so exciting conclusion to the mystery that started in All the Lies We Tell. It's not so very exciting because so much of it was telegraphed before the reveal that the reveal didn't add much.Having said that, this...
  • Rebecca
    This book and the first were meant to be read together. They are stories which don't make sense apart and are intrinsically linked. That might have bothered me but it was very obvious upon reading the first book that there was plenty more story to explore. There were so many unanswered questions in regards to what would happen with Ilya and the fact that Theresa had a lot more troubles. And there were all the unanswered questions to be had with J...
  • Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    I was waiting for this book to come out anxiously to get closure on the mystery that we found in the first book. Good thing these two were released pretty close together. Another great thing is that each book features a different couple so you actually get an HEA for each. This may just be a great formula for duologies in my opinion. 😉I’ll admit I wasn’t the biggest Ilya fan in the first book. He seemed like an uncaring idiot half the time...
  • Ann
    I did not read book 1 (All the lies we tell) in the Quarry road series. I think I would have enjoyed this story better if I had. Ilya lives in small town Pennsylvania and feels disappointment in his life. His grandmother was the only one who encouraged and supported him and now she has died. Theresa come back home for the funeral and she and Ilya meet again and wonder what could have been and struggle to decide what can be.
  • Melissa
    Great conclusion! I'm a huge fan of Megan Hart and this book did not disappoint. I kind of already guessed what the big secret was, however, that didn't take the joy out of the story. In fact, it had me excited to see how it would be revealed. I enjoyed these characters, and their story and how everything was tied up.
  • Yesenia
    I would say that this is more of a very complicated romance with hidden secrets and mystery in its midsts. Loved the romance part of it and I’m usually not much into romance novels. I think that I liked it because it wasn’t just about the one relationship, it had more going on. I enjoyed it very much.
  • Michelle
    This was a great follow up to the first book. I was more invested in all the characters and I liked characters I thought I didn’t like. I guessed some of the secrets way early due to hints but still enjoyed the journey.
  • Erika
    Good read!
  • Mandy Young
    The characters were strong, with a touch of family drama. Great read
  • C bond
    netgalleyI enjoyed this book. Good follow up/conclusion.
  • Amy
    When last we left off with Ilya, Niko, Alicia, and Theresa, in All the Lies We Tell, Alicia and Niko were a couple (despite his brother Ilya being Alicia's first husband), and Theresa was desperate for Ilya to sell his ownership in the dive shop he co-owned with Alicia, who sold her majority. Megan Hart picks up shortly after Alicia departed for several weeks of world travels, but neither she nor Niko are the focus of this book. Rather, Hart dev...
  • Pam
    2017-06-13 Stern was a failure in his opinion. When Jenni drowned he knew something was wrong but didn’t know what it was. After her death he married her sister as a way to keep Jenni in his life. The dive shop was a way to keep Jenni in both his and Alicia’s lives. After divorcing a decade later Ilya and Alicia finally realized that their marriage should have never happen. I was never what either of them wan...
  • Desiree
    *Thank you to the publisher, Montlake Romance, and NetGalley, for the copy in exchange for an honest review.All the Secrets We Keep picks up where Alicia and Niko’s story left off. I’d say I enjoy this one more than the first book. All The Lies We Tell is such an unhappy book for the most part that it affected my mood while reading it. Thank goodness this one is a bit lighter even though the family drama continued. There were few questions le...
  • Ashley
    I was given the opportunity to read this book via galley in exchange for an honest review. I'll admit that going in, I hadn't read the first one and I was skeptical. I didn't have high expectations but I really liked the summary so I wanted to give it a chance. With that being said, I'm so glad I did because this book is great. I was pleasantly surprised with the flow of the writing, the way everything really pieced together. The characters are e...
  • Susan Staudinger
    In this conclusion to Megan Hart’s Quarry Road duet, “All the Secrets We Keep” hones its focus in on Ilya Stern and Theresa Malone, while keeping us up-to-date on the burgeoning romance between Alicia and Niko, that first sprung to life in book one—“All the Lies We Tell.” Picking up right where the first book left off, Theresa doubles her effort to convince Ilya to sell his share of the business that he previously co-owned with his ex...
  • Christine
    All the Secrets We Keep starts off after the first book ended. Ilya and Theresa take center stage in this installment and proved to be more interesting than Alicia and Niko. Ilya's teenage girlfriend died and he married her sister on the rebound. While the marriage did not work out, the two remained business partners until Alicia sold her stake in the company to a development company. Ilya feels betrayed and it trying to hold onto his business, w...
  • Rose Maniscalco
    This book is the conclusion of the story of Ilya, Nikolai, Alicia and Theresa started in all the Lies We Tell.Alicia has sold her half of the business and is wanting to travel with Nikolai. Ilya doesn't want to sell his half, but starts realizing that it's pointless for him to try to keep it going. Theresa is homeless and trying to hide it from everyone. As the story starts to unfold, secrets are revealed little by little and the mystery of what ...
  • Constantine
    Rating: 3.5/5.0A good conclusion to this series. In this sequel all the secrets, they all kept come out. I enjoyed reading this book slightly more than the first one. What is noticeable here is that Alicia's character and her triangle love story completely take the back seat. Instead, Theresa takes the lead here and we get to know more about her than we knew in the first book. The secrets surrounding the death of Jennilynn are all spilled out. Th...
  • Lyn
    This is one series where it may actually be better to read the first book first... I didn't, and was very thoroughly confused at the beginning of it. Eventually, everything was cleared up, and it was a pretty good, though complicated, love story, so I'm glad I stuck with it, but if you're looking at this one and haven't read the first one, I'd suggest it (though I can't speak on how the first one is). The relationships between the characters are ...
  • Debra
    I received a copy of this book courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it. It was an interesting family drama with a mystery. The characters are easy to fall in love with. The main character Theresa was well developed. She was somewhat of an underdog growing up as the step daughter. As an adult she was very responsible despite her challenging upbringing. This made you root for her eve...
  • Christine Frieseke-Miller
    I enjoyed this second book in the quarry series. I would consider this more of a duet than standalones. Both of the quarry books focus on different couples, but I think to truly understand and enjoy the web of lies and betrayal, you should read book 1 before book 2. Theresa and Ilya's story, I enjoyed more than the first book, but I think it's because I was excited to see what exactly had happened to Jennilynn. There are a lot of secrets revealed...