Thunderhead (Arc of a Scythe, #2) by Neal Shusterman

Thunderhead (Arc of a Scythe, #2)

Rowan and Citra take opposite stances on the morality of the Scythedom, putting them at odds, in the second novel of the chilling New York Times bestselling series from Neal Shusterman, author of the Unwind dystology.Rowan has gone rogue, and has taken it upon himself to put the Scythedom through a trial by fire. Literally. In the year since Winter Conclave, he has gone off-grid, and has been striking out against corrupt scythes—not only in Mid...

Details Thunderhead (Arc of a Scythe, #2)

TitleThunderhead (Arc of a Scythe, #2)
Release DateJan 9th, 2018
PublisherSimon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
GenreYoung Adult, Science Fiction, Dystopia

Reviews Thunderhead (Arc of a Scythe, #2)

  • Dawn Abron
    4.50I kinda don't remember how Scythe ended so hopefully I don't reveal any spoilers.  After Rowan kills Goddard and Rand, he escapes. A major takeaway is after Rowan pushes Citra and snaps her neck leaving her deadish, Citra hears a voice telling her she is meant for greatness (or some bullshit like that-I don't remember).  That voice was the Thunderhead and you can probably surmise by the title that book two is about the Thunderhead. Thunder...
  • joey (thoughts and afterthoughts)
    Shusterman fucked me up with the last few chapters holy shit.All I'll say is this: the stakes are so much higher in Thunderhead that despite feeling like a slog to read through and at times unevenly paced due to the numerous additional voices/perspectives being added, the converging of narratives remained incredibly satisfying by the end. It was cinematic, tense, and tautly written that surely propelled this story into its final arc. Thunderhead ...
  • Rose
    Thunderhead is book 2 of what I assume will be a trilogy. If you are planning on reading book 1, Scythe, then this is your warning that there will be spoilers for that book coming up. Citra is continuing as a junior Scythe under Currie. After punching Rowan and thereby giving him immunity from gleaning for a year, she has gained some admirers within the ranks giving her voice some clout. People are listening to what she has to say. Rowan, now out...
  • Francisca Raquel
    "Thunderhead" have more Citra and Rowan together. A lot of action. And a little romance, never hurt anybody. Much, much more Rowan. I hope anxious for Citra and Rowan. And I really didn't disappoint me with this sequel. That is as perfect as the first book.What a beautiful cape!
  • Kate | Snarky Yet Satisfying
    My jaw is on the floor.Full review TK
  • Stephanie
    Holy crap. Ho-ly crap. This is some A+++ storytelling right here. So good, so so good. I love the Thunderhead. And Greyson. And Rowan and Citra. And just... I need the next one, like now.
  • Karen
    I’ve never looked forward to an ARC more - and WOW! even better than I expected. Favorite!!!
  • Teresa
    ***Arc was provided***Omg Neal Shusterman. I didn’t think I could love this one more than the first one, but I did! 😍😍😍This is absolutely genius, absolutely relevant, and absolutely amazing. The snippets from the Thunderhead instead of the gleaming journals were insightful and added a fun element of foreshadowing to the chapters. So good!
  • Jenni Frencham
    Rowan was not officially made a Scythe, but he has taken the name Scythe Lucifer and sees it as his duty to reap scythes who do not follow the codes and laws set down for the Scythedom. Meanwhile, Citra has become Scythe Anastasia and is working as a junior scythe under Scythe Curie. Scythes Curie and Anastasia are in danger and no one can figure out who has been trying to kill them. The Thunderhead, the sentient computer program which runs the p...
  • Mrs. Krajewski
    Citra has become Scythe Anastasia, and Rowan has apparently gone off the deep end. Calling himself Scythe Lucifer, Rowan believes his job is to glean corrupt “new order” scythes, even though he’s not a Scythe himself. Citra is the opposite. She gleans with compassion, giving those she gleans one month to get their lives in order, and then they decide where they will die. Many Scythes find her ways inappropriate, but Scythe Curie sees the po...
  • Shoshana
    WELP. DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING. Thunderhead was masterful, as expected - it didn't draw me in as tightly as Scythe did, at least to start (though it was still great), but I found myself completely riveted to the last third and HO FUCK THAT ENDING. Remember when Scythe ended and you couldn't breath for a couple minutes? Yeah, that times a lot.
  • Brian
    Whoa. ...maybe better than the first? Is that possible?