Mind Game (Eve Duncan #22) by Iris Johansen

Mind Game (Eve Duncan #22)

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author comes a new explosive thriller.Mind Game takes Jane MacGuire back to Scotland where she continues her search for the treasure she’s been chasing for years. But now she’s being plagued by dreams of a girl in danger. Who is this girl, and what is she trying to tell Jane? And will Jane figure it out before it’s too late—for her and the mysterious young woman? Things are further complicated when S...

Details Mind Game (Eve Duncan #22)

TitleMind Game (Eve Duncan #22)
Release DateOct 24th, 2017
PublisherSt. Martin's Press

Reviews Mind Game (Eve Duncan #22)

  • Carrie
    Jane MacGuire has begun to be plagued by dreams of a girl that she feels that she should know but just can't quite grasp who this is that has been visiting her night after night. Jane does know one thing however and that is she feels this girl is in some kind of trouble and needs Jane's help. Drawing out the scenes of what she's seen in her dreams of the girl and her surroundings Jane is determined to find out just who the girl is and what she ne...
  • Maureen Carden
    Twenty-two books in and finally we have a....no, I'm not telling. But there could be several ways to finish that sentence and all could be right. Could be, because frankly, my dear, Johansen is never in any hurry to end a good story line. Even though she is expert at adding new lines that just, well…hear that giant sucking noise? That's me being sucked back in and enjoying every moment.This is mostly Jane Macguire’s book. Eve and Joe’s adop...
  • Emma
    Just what I needed to get out of my reading slump, an afternoon spent with these characters I know so well and totally adore. For long time readers, this is the book you've been waiting for. The usual romance, danger, and deadly skills mixed with some surprising revelations and such a satisfying ending. So much of the book's effect is in the build up of history, the deep and often complicated relationships between the characters, and the ways in ...
  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    To be reviewed over at Fresh Fiction!
  • Aisling
    Meh. Sorry long time fans of this series but meh is all I can give. Johansen can pull a reader along but this one gets a little silly with all the psychic powers. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for believing. Usually Johansen's writing can get you to swallow anything but this time I found much of the dialogue repetitive and simplistic. That detracted enormously from the otherwise interesting and at times downright exciting plot. I spent most of ...
  • Michelle Cable
    Received digital ARC from Edelweiss
  • Aletris
    I won the giveaway for a copy of this ARC book. It has been quite some time since I've read a book in the Eve Duncan series. I remember enjoying the early books in the series, but I was flatly disappointed with this one. As this was an ARC uncorrected proof, I could easily overlook the few minor errors, and they do not factor in my rating.The idea behind this book was great, and it was interesting enough for me to finish, though at times I was te...
  • ☘Tara Sheehan☘
    Iris Johansen has mystified her readers with over 20 books and now she’s provided another one that is going to truly satisfy her longtime fans with answers to some of those questions that have been plaguing us, keeping us up at night, causing us to cook so distracted we end up using salt instead of sugar nearly killing people with apple pie gone wrong. Don’t worry she’s still able to keep those open ended questions going in that delightful ...
  • Elaine Tomasso
    I would like to thank Netgalley and St Martin's Press for an advance copy of Mind Game, the 22nd novel to feature forensic artist Eve Duncan and her family.Eve's daughter is going back to Scotland to help in the search for hidden Celtic gold that she and her friends have been searching for but she is troubled by psychic messages she has been receiving from an unknown woman she calls Lisa, a woman who is in grave danger. She teams up with the myst...
  • Kenzee
    *I won this book in GoodReads First Reads giveaway*I'll admit, it's been a while since I picked up an Iris Johansen book, though I used to really enjoy them. I've definitely missed a few - Eve has a son AND another ward? But I digress. It's not that the writing has changed all that much, so what was it about this book that garnered a very grudging 3 stars? It was just how absolutely unrealistic the characters have gotten. Not one of the main char...
  • Stephanie Morgan
    This is one of my favorite series. I've been a fan of Eve Duncan since the first book.This book is mostly about Jane, but it does pull in some of our other favorite characters, and wraps up several storylines that have been ongoing through the last few books. Cira, Michael, Caleb, Duncan, Cara, and Margaret all make appearances.Jane is having dreams again, but this time they're not just about Cira. There's someone new, and Jane is compelled to sk...
  • Paula Pugh
    This is an interesting book but a rather slow read. I honestly left it at times to pursue other books only to pick it up and read some more chapters. It contains a considerable amount of reference to previous novels with the same characters that I was not familiar with as of yet. At times, the book was very slow paced then amp up only to slow back down again.There is a paranormal theme of thought transference, blood slowing/speeding, and mind man...
  • Carol Lance
    Choices, there are many in our lifetime, so with serious repercussions, what will Jane choose?Once again Iris Johansen draws you in with her Eve Duncan series. Jane is the adopted daughter of Joe and Eve. After surviving a hard childhood and leaning what family really means, Jane is drawn once again to Scotland to help McDuff locate his heritage and follow the dreams she has been plagued with since she was a teenager. But...There is another femal...
  • Linda Epach
    While I had seen the name Iris Johansen for years, I had never read one of her books until I won “mind Games” from Goodreads. The storyline grabs you from the very beginning, but not having read any of the previous books I often felt like I was floundering trying to understand just what was going on with Eve Duncan. I know after that many books it must be hard to jump into the middle of a series if the author gives little of the past away the...
  • Sasha
    First I would like to state that I have received this book through the Goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank the author for giving me this opportunity and honor in being able to read this book. When I received this book I began reading it at once. I really enjoy the authors writing style. This book was a very interesting read. The authors writing style kept you interested from the first chapter to the very las...
  • Marcia
    I won this book on Goodreads. I had a very difficult time understanding the characters and plot for the first 1/3 of the book because I had not read any of the previous ones in the series. Perhaps, the author could very briefly summarize the previous books in the first chapters so that the new reader would not be so lost. I thought that the action should have pointed to the discovery of the treasure, but it was summarized in just a couple of sent...
  • Shari
    I won an advanced copy of this book in a giveaway from St. Martin's Press. Mind Game by Iris Johansen is the 22nd book in the Eve Duncan series. I've read every book in this series. I love the characters and I'm always excited to read where their journeys will lead them. Their lives are headed in exiting new directions and it feels like a natural progression of their stories.I'm a huge fan of Iris Johansen, but the dialogue does not feel natural ...
  • Christine
    I loved reading a book that I won in a GoodReads contest! This book was a continuation of the Eve Duncan series but the majority of the book was about her adopted daughter Jane and a new character Lisa who was able to reach Jane through her mind. So now Jane has Cira in her dreams AND Lisa! The author does a great job of bringing all the characters from past novels into the narrative (even if only briefly) with enough info to jog your memory of w...
  • Pam
    I must confess that I have not read all the books in this series and the ones that I have read have been out of order. While that is my problem and that of the author it did not necessarily take away from the story.This is a mix of good old fashion mystery/thriller with some supernatural elements thrown in. Iris Johansen is a pro and it is easy to see why! Start at the beginning with the Eve Duncan series, I know that you will not be disappointed...
  • Jill
    Eve and Joe’s adopted daughter, Jane MacGuire was already feeling the strain of a woman in peril when she runs into Seth Caleb after she returns to Scotland. The connection between family members becomes critical as Jane finds herself in trouble. This twisted tale of intrigue and double-crosses will keep you reading at a break-neck speed.Goodreads Giveaway randomly chose me to receive this book. Although encouraged, I was under no obligation to...
  • Natasha du Plessis
    "It was people who cared and went the extra mile for me."This line in the book pretty much sums up what the whole story is about, people who care and are willing to go the extra mile for each other. This book was as all the other fast paced jam packed full of action.I loved reading it and look forward to the next book in the series.Thank you to St. Martin's Press via Netgalley for the copy. You have all the good books/writers!!!
  • Nicole
    This is well written. I like the paranormal aspect of it. You definitely need to be a reader of this series to be able to follow what is going on and the back stories of the characters. It did take me a bit of time to get through this book because I felt that I was lost as I have never read a book from this author/series before. All in all if you are a avid reader of the this series I think you may end up liking this book.
  • Ann
    It's hard to believe this is the 22nd Eve Duncan book. She's been around a long time and author Iris Johansen has made her grow and change. Eve is a relatively minor character in this story, it's more about her grown daughter Jane traveling to Scotland to explore her past. Many characters from past books visit this book. Eve and Joe still have some surprises left to keep you turning the pages and anticipating the next step in their lives.
  • Thelma Fountain
    I received this book in a goodreads giveaway. I had a difficult time really getting into this book. In all honesty I do not usually read a lot of supernatural genre books. some of the concepts in the book just seemed strange to me example: seth caleb's blood powers. The book was well written and I am sure that lovers of the supernatural genre would enjoy this story. It was just not the book for me.
  • Jessica
    Without giving anything away, can I just say how excited I am that the story line with our characters is finally making progress?! : ) I am sure most fans of this series will be delighted by the progress. **Thank you to NetGalley and the Publisher for providing me with an electronic ARC of this book for review.
  • Sharon
    As always, an engrossing, multiple story line book filled with well-loved characters. While racing along through faced paced plots, we learn more about known characters and add a new face, while enjoying the re-emergence of old friends. This author never fails to keep you reading nonstop until the end. I can't wait for the next book.
  • Kathleen Gardiner
    I won this ARC from the publisher and Goodreads for my honest review. Paranormal thriller. Hmmm.Not bad, but I had a little trouble toward the middle. I guess I just lost interest. Had to do a little page skimming, but it got better after that. Not my favorite Eve Duncan, still, mostly enjoyable read.
  • Cathy
    Another fine entry in the series. This time we focus mainly on Jane MacGuire, her search for Cira's gold, and her relationship with Seth Caleb. There are a lot of loose ends to tie up, which leads to a plot that's a bit scattered and heading in too many different directions. Johansen's writing is enjoyable as always and it's fun to visit with favorite characters from past novels and to meet a few new ones as well.
  • Althea
    I won this book on Goodreads!I absolutely loved this book. The story of Eve and Jane never gets old. The new characters that were added are a great addition. I enjoyed learning more about Calebs past. It is a book I find hard to put down because all you want to do is get to the end and at the same time it leaves you wanting more.
  • Angie
    I received an Advanced Uncorrected Proof in exchange for my honest review. WOW!! What a book!!! I love Iris Johansen writing anyway, but this was an excellent book. #22 in the Eve Duncan series. Some old characters- some new. As always, excellent character development. The author keeps you in the story for the entire book. You will not be disappointed!!!