Hope at Christmas by Nancy Naigle

Hope at Christmas

A recently divorced woman and her daughter look for a fresh start by moving to a small town that embraces them in ways that only fate and the magic of Christmas can explain.Sydney Ragsdale is divorced, but her husband is still calling the shots. In an attempt to shake free from his hold, she and her daughter, Ray Anne, head for tiny Hopewell, NC to the only asset her ex has no control over – a decaying farmhouse that once belonged to her grandp...

Details Hope at Christmas

TitleHope at Christmas
Release DateOct 10th, 2017
PublisherSt. Martin's Griffin
GenreContemporary, Romance, Holiday, Christmas

Reviews Hope at Christmas

  • Carrie
    After her divorce Sydney Ragsdale decided to move to the tiny town of Hopewell, NC hoping for a new start with her daughter and to get out from under the thumb of her ex-husband. Sydney's ex is rich and always tempting their daughter with gifts and trips that she just can't compete with so she is hoping the move will bring them close together before she loses her to her ex. The only asset that Sydney had in her name was an old house of her grandm...
  • Stacey is Sassy
    There was no hope for me...Oh NO!! Hope at Christmas was...CLEAN! (shudders)I was not the right reader/reviewer for Hope at Christmas. It was too sweet and drawn out for me. The characters were cheesy, the town too perfect and the hero, a cardboard cut-out. I don't want my hero to be a douchewaffle, but I certainly expect him to show a little confidence and strength. The heroine seemed unbelievably blind, ignorant and weak. Her "strength" that sh...
  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    Hope At Christmas is a sweet holiday romance in a small town. The heroine, Sydney Ragsdale, is soon to be divorced and has moved from Atlanta to escape the hold her somewhat controlling soon to be ex-husband has on her and because her grandparents left their farmhouse and she has nowhere else for her and her daughter to live. The hero, Kevin “Mac” MacAlee, is the high school baseball coach and history teacher at the high school whose wife aba...
  • Pamela
    A heartwarming little Christmas story with two divorced parents, Sydney and her daughter and Mac and his son. While I enjoyed the story overall, there were a couple of incidents that felt a little forced for drama.**Thank you to the publisher and Net Galley in exchange of an honest review.**
  • Nancy Naigle
    I had so much fun writing this book. Once I landed in the fictional town of Hopewell, it really came to life for me. The Book Bea and colorful merchants of the small town are as warm as the folks that pull together and welcome the new residents with open arms. I hope you find this story a heartwarming treat this holiday season.Hugs and happy reading~Nancy
  • Jen Ryland
    This book is like a G-rated, small-town set Hallmark Christmas special on a page. If that's your thing (it's not entirely mine tbh) then you'll love this one!About-to-be-divorced mom Sydney moves her daughter to the small town where her grandparents lived, and into the old farmhouse they left to her after they died. Her ten year-old daughter is angry about her parents' split and Sydney's about to start a new job in a few weeks. After she impulsiv...
  • Minx -The Genre Minx Book Reviews
    True Rating 3.5 stars!In at Hope at Christmas, the story of Sydney’s character was written realistically and I appreciated that. It is hard for anyone to recover after revelations that lead to divorce and I think that there are many people who can relate to her feelings and the defenses she had in place. Mac’s character also had his share of loss but from a different viewpoint. I liked that his character had already been through the loss and ...
  • Arlena
    Title: Hope at ChristmasAuthor: Nancy NaiglePublisher: St. Martin's Press Reviewed By: Arlena DeanRating: FiveReview:"Hope at Christmas" by Nancy NaigleMy Thoughts....This was quite a good holiday story that involved two divorced parents and their children. I liked how this author brings Sydney Ragsdale and Kevin [Mac] Alea together in this wonderful Christmas magical read that is fulled with 'love and hopefulness.'We find from the story that aft...
  • Jaime Fiction Fangirls Book Review
    3.5 StarsThis was a sweet holiday romance. Overall, I enjoyed the story but it sort of dragged for me. I may have been too focused on the romance aspect of the story when there was clearly more to this book than that. While I'm not sure this is a book I would read again, I'm happy that I took the chance to read it at least once. *I received an ARC from NetGalley for voluntary review
  • Katherine Hayward
    "Trust your journey, it will take you where you are supposed to go."- Bea. Sydney and her 10-year-old daughter, RayAnne, move from Atlanta to the small town of Hopewell, North Carolina after Sydney divorces her husband Jon when she finds out he was cheating on her- his only parting gift were candy hearts on hers and RayAnne's pillows on Valentine's Day. Making a new start is never easy, especially during the cold month of November which is when t...
  • Isha Coleman
    Hope at Christmas by Nancy Naigle  Nancy Naigle is an author that makes her point known while laying the groundwork for captivating stories.  Hope at Christmas gives voice to a woman finding her wings and rediscovering her heart.  Adulthood has not been easy for Sydney.  An unhappy marriage, a controlling ex - husband and a divorce that's left her twisting in the wind.  A fresh start is just what she needs to feel like herself again. Returni...
  • Shahla's bookcorner
    Hope At Christmas is a touching holiday read by Nancy Naigle. Ms Naigle has penned a well-written book and filled it with amazing characters. These characters made this story a joy to read, and really, everyone needs a Miss Bea in their life. Sydney and Mac's story is packed with drama, humor, heartbreak, Christmas cheer and a touch of spice. 
  • Amy
    Hope At Christmas by Nancy Naigle is a heartwarming holiday novel. After finding out her husband has been cheating Sidney Ragsdale starts her life again as a single parent in her grandparents house in Hopewell, NC. A very charming town. Moving to a new town, getting a job and starting over is a struggle. Having a friend like Miss Bea is what we all need in life. Kevin MacAlee is a single dad of a 12 year old boy, high school teacher, who just so ...
  • Bette Hansen
    A fantastic story of new beginnings and finding love when you least expect it. This is a great wholesome small town romance. It's wonderfully written and has some very interesting characters.Recently divorced Sydney Ragsdale moves herself and her 10 year old daughter to Hopewell, NC for a fresh start. Something her daughter is not too happy about. Sydney hopes that the wonderful people of the little town will eventually win Ray Anne over. Spendin...
  • Misty (Red's Romance Review's)
    After learning that her husband hasn't been faithful to her or their marriage, Sydney Ragsdale files for divorce and packs her and her daughters things and heads for her grandparents home in Hopewell, North Carolina hoping for a new start. Once she is there she realizes that restarting her life is going to be tougher than she thought, than she wanders into The Book Bea, and it brings her a sense of peace she hasn't felt in a long while, there she...
  • Cathy Geha
    Hope at Christmas by Nancy NaigleIf you are looking for a sweet clean holiday romance between two single parents that takes place in a small southern town AND feels like a Hallmark movie then this might be just the book for you. Sydney Ragsdale takes her ten year old daughter RayAnne to live in the home her grandparents willed to her when they died. It is an old farmhouse in a small town and a place for to get back on her feet while her soon-to-b...
  • Dixie
    I love books that take me away to a small town where the pace of daily life is relaxed and where neighborly kindness is the norm. That is exactly the case with Hope at Christmas. By moving to Hopewell, Sydney finds a safe place to start over after a painful dissolution to her marriage. It's a place where she can make a meaningful contribution through her temporary year-end work at the Book Bea, a charming local book store. I loved watching Sydney...
  • Jennifer Schultheis
    Hope at Christmas by Nancy Naigle is a worthwhile romance that is perfect for the upcoming holiday season. North Carolina’s most sought after bachelor and a recently divorced woman embrace the holiday spirit in this heartwarming romance. Sydney and her daughter, RayAnne move to Hopewell to start over. Her ex-husband is controlling and this move should prove to be a blessing for them both. Relatable characters, a charming town, and well-written ...
  • KimberlyDawn
    Sydney needs a fresh start. She takes her daughter and goes to live in her grandparents' house back in her hometown. Mac is a single father, and his son doesn't love Christmas as much as his father does. Just as Sydney starts feeling settled and content, her daughter runs away. Will they find her? Can they all overcome the issues and find happiness? I really loved this story of hope and new love. I definitely recommend it.
  • Deb Diem
    Hope At Christmas is a touching holiday read by Nancy Naigle. Ms Naigle has penned a well-written book and filled it with amazing characters. These characters made this story a joy to read, and really, everyone needs a Miss Bea in their life. Sydney and Mac's story is packed with drama, humor, heartbreak, Christmas cheer and a touch of spice. I totally enjoyed reading Hope At Christmas and look forward to reading more from Nancy Naigle in the fut...
  • Laura
    This is a great book by author, Nancy Naigle. A wonderful Christmas story. Sydney Ragsdale is looking for a fresh start far away from her controlling ex-husband and the self-doubt that has plagued her since the divorce. Returning to her childhood home in Hopewell, North Carolina is just what her soul needs. Praying some Christmas magic will follow her she moves with her daughter to a farmhouse that once belonged to her grandparents. While there S...
  • Karen
    Hope at Christmas is the new release from author Nancy Naigle. This is truly a heartwarming and delightful read. The title is perfect for this holiday romance, because hope is vital to this story and the characters. Sydney Ragsdale and her ten-year-old daughter RayAnne are starting over. After learning about her husband Jon's affair, she knew she needed a fresh start. Her grandparents left their old farmhouse to her after they passed away. This i...
  • Annette
    It is the autumn season and nearing the Christmas holidays. There are miracles during the Christmas holidays; everyone knows that.Sydney has brought her daughter, Ray Anne to Hopewell, N. C. They have moved into Sydney's grandparents old house and will try to make new lives. Sydney's divorce is nearly final. She plans to make a fresh start. A start that eliminates her ex-husband Jon's control of her life. Ray Anne misses her father and he has mad...
  • Vânia Nunes
    Divorce. A daughter who was not accepting parental divorce. An old house, in need of repair, in a small town. The first Christmas she would spend away from her daughter. A financial situation that was shorter than the previous one. A broken heart...Sydney Ragsdale's year was not ending in the best way. But she was grateful to have a roof over her head and to be back in Hopewell, the city where she vacationed at her grandparents' house. There she ...
  • Sandy Kelly
    This is a brand new author to me. And I am a sucker for Christmas love stories that gives someone another chance at a HEA. I can honestly say this one didn't disappoint at all! This book is about Sydney Ragsdale and Kevin MacAlea. Sydney is a divorced mom of 10 year old RayAnne who has moved to NC to get away from her ex-husband and the town they lived in. Including all the "friends" who never told her that her husband was having an affair for 2 ...
  • Marsha Spohn
    Reviewed at Keeper BookshelfHope at Christmas is one of those stories that I believe would be good in any season it was set in – yet it’s a bit more poignant, a touch more heart warming with the magic of Christmas as, in a way, one of the characters in this romance.Both Sydney and Mac are adults with one child each. Both know the disappointment of their partner not being who they thought they’d be for a lifetime. Yet, Mac has had a bit more...
  • Kathy
    This is an easygoing Christmas read. Sydney Ragsdale has gone through a recent divorce and has moved, with her daughter Ray Anne, from Atlanta to tiny Hopewell, NC. In Hopewell, Sydney finds solace at The Book Bea, the bookstore she loved when she spent summers there with her grandparents. Sydney also finds a good friend and mentor in the store’s owner, an elderly Bea, who has owned and run the store forever. Ray Anne is initially upset about t...
  • Claire Mc Partlin
    I've read a few Christmas books recently, well books with Christmas in the title but not particularly Christmassy in my opinion, but this one was so lovely, much more like the Christmas in the title with such wonderful warm characters.Sydney has just moved to Hopewell with her 10 year old daughter RayAnne after she split up from her husband as he had been having an affair and left her. She wasn't expecting it and so is still getting to grips with...
  • Sue Galuska
    I was asked to review this book in exchange for an honest opinion. I have never read this author and after reading this story, I need to read more of her books. This author creates such real and genuine characters that you can't help but become friends with them, at least in your mind!Sydney Ragsdale is going through a divorce and to get away from her soon-to-be ex-husband, Sydney and her daughter RayAnne decide to move to Hopewell, North Carolin...
  • Wit & Wonder Books
    ** ARC provided by the author for an honest review **The holidays are upon us and so are the Christmas romances. The latest on my long list of holiday cheer is USA Today bestselling author Nancy Naigle’s Hope at Christmas. This is a heartwarming story about finding yourself and moving on.Sydney Ragsdale is recently divorced but her ex-husband still manages to have a hold on her. Wanting to break completely free of him, she moves her and her dau...