Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance by Ruth Emmie Lang

Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance

Orphaned, raised by wolves, and the proud owner of a horned pig named Merlin, Weylyn Grey knew he wasn’t like other people. But when he single-handedly stopped that tornado on a stormy Christmas day in Oklahoma, he realized just how different he actually was.That tornado was the first of many strange events that seem to follow Weylyn from town to town, although he doesn’t like to take credit. As amazing as these powers may appear, they tend t...

Details Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance

TitleBeasts of Extraordinary Circumstance
Release DateNov 14th, 2017
PublisherSt. Martin's Press
GenreFantasy, Magical Realism, Fiction

Reviews Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance

  • Hannah
    This is - again - one of those books I was sure I would love but didn't. I enjoyed reading it but I just thought I would adore it. On paper it has everything I look for in books: whimsy, fairy-talesque writing, quirky characters with a human core, with a story spanning decades but something didn't quite click for me.This is Weylyn's story - an orphan raised by wolves, able to control the weather and speak with animals, a gentle soul with a heart ...
  • Tudor Vlad
    Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance follows the life of Weylyn Grey, from childhood through adulthood and beyond. It’s a powerful story filled with kindness, love and magic. A story about how one person can influence the lives of so many. I can’t even begin to describe how much I loved Weylyn, he is so selfless that it hurts. It’s tragic and beautiful at the same time, every time you see him helping people you can’t help but feel good, b...
  • Kaora
    Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance attracted me as soon as I saw the beautiful cover. Although the beginning was a little bit slow, it was beautifully written and reminded me slightly of The Bear and the Nightingale, with its exploration of love, loss and family.It was a short read, but thoroughly enjoyable and is definitely perfect for cuddling up next to a fire with a blanket as you explore the magic that is Weylyn Grey.
  • Ali Edwards
    I can’t remember the last time I read a book like this - it just thoroughly delighted me. I really enjoyed her writing style - especially noticing some of her word combinations. Loved the magic, loved a bunch of the chapters, and loved the way it was told through reach of their perspectives.
  • Sonja Arlow
    3 starsI am a big fan of magical realism when done right.The story is told through the eyes of the people Weylyn Grey encounters in his life. And what a life it has been! He lost his parents at a young age and ended up living with a pack of wolves before he was taken in by his first foster family. And always, always no matter where he goes, whispered rumours of his ability to talk to animals and affect the weather follow suit.There was a sweet i...
  • Meigan
    Filled with beauty, charm, and magic, Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance chronicles the life of Weylyn Grey, an extraordinary man with the ability to touch and impact so many people's lives in the short amount of time they encounter him. An orphan raised by wolves, Weylyn's story begins under tragic circumstances. His parents were killed in an accident leaving him alone at an incredibly young age. Old enough to remember his parents, yet too you...
  • Carol
    Magical realism at its finest! I loved this so much I wanted to crawl into the pages and live in Weylyn Grey's world. This delightful story centers on Weylyn, whose life you follow, not through his own eyes but through the eyes of those lives that he touched through his earnest and oddball adventures. This novel is fully immersive, with rich detail, and even though you only spend a short time with the characters they are fully formed, complex, an...
  • Patty
    Beasts Of Extraordinary CircumstancesByRuth Emmie LangWhat it's all about...Wouldn’t you be curious about a boy who could make it rain, run with wolves, stop a hurricane and make dead plants turn green? That boy would be Weylyn. And...when his parents died he used the money that he found under his parents bed to order meat for his wolves...and then he ran out of money and ran away with Mary...the butcher’s daughter. And that is simply just th...
  • Jodie Humphrey
    Magical realism that I actually enjoyed?Surely not???Though this gem of a book does feature far more of the 'magic' than the 'realism', so that's probably why it was a winner for me!During this tale we follow the life of Weylyn Grey through the memories and stories of the people that knew him.Weylyn isn't like other people.He has lived with wolves, can stop storms, owns a horned pig, collects light in jars, and is under the impression that his ve...
  • Mary
    When I began reading Ruth Emmie Lang’s debut novel I felt a bit lost and unsure if I was the intended audience. But not one who gives up on a book easily, I kept reading. And I’m so happy I did. It’s about a boy who lived in a forest with wolves and his journey through life. It’s about the people (and the animals) he meets along the way. It’s about human nature, the ability to be kind, the willingness to be kind, and seeking and embraci...
  • Heather
    I opened my Kindle app yesterday on my phone and intended to skim a few sentences to remind myself what this book was about. A few sentences turned into me devouring this book by the end of the day... It made for a good read. The story and setting were especially intriguing and the characters were developed really well. I liked them all and they were easily relatable to the extent I thought they were capable of being related to. (Does that make a...
  • Crooked English
    The book is about Weylyn Grey. We see him grow from living with the wolves to the man he becomes. Throughout his life, circumstances (his mood or reaction to situations) make Weylyn do certain things, like starting blizzards, tornadoes, rain, which puts people around him in danger. For the majority of his life, he doesn't know that it's him who is doing this and not his magical pig. His innocence is both heart-warming and stupid.We see how Weyly...
  • E.P.
    Oh goodness! you say. How could a book about a boy raised by wolves be anything other than cheesy? I mean, after "The Jungle Book" and "Julie of the Wolves," it's all kind of downhill, isn't it?Well, I am pleased to say that "Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstances" is a lovely and very readable addition to this genre. It's billed as magic realism, and it might as well be called that as anything else, but it doesn't really fit into any genre classi...
  • Amy
    3-3.5 starsA unique fairy tale type of novel full of magical realism, symbology, and references from/to other great works of literature. The writing & structure of the novel are beautifully crafted. The characters are unique & interesting. The format of the book allows the story to flow with little to no confusion despite a little bit of jumping back & forth in time. The protagonist's story is told from the POV of other characters whose lives hav...
  • Anne Foster
    I'm not usually a fan of fantasy but this novel blew me away with its lyrical prose and plot. Weylyn Grey is an odd and unusual boy but he never fails to affect those he meets in a positive way. A house filled with spider webs? Really? But yes, it's a captivating and lovely story that draws you in from the beginning and doesn't let you go until the end. I will definitely open myself up to fantasy--or at least this author--in the future!
  • Kristin
    This book is stunning. Every passage is beautifully crafted. I haven't seen magical realism done this well in a long time, if ever. I purposely took my time reading this one because I didn't want to run out of time with sweet Weylyn Grey. I can't recommend it highly enough.
  • Savanah Lowder
    I do want to say that in the case of Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance, my reasons for disliking it are completely subjective. I know, I know, they always are, right? But this time it feels like it’s more-so than usual. My failure to connect with this book has nothing to do with the book, so I feel the need to describe exactly why, so you’ll know whether these things would make it difficult for you to connect, also. I am by no means saying...
  • Lena
    “so, it’s true?”I nodded. “I know it sounds crazy.”“I like crazy stories,” she said and leaned across the counter, her long black hair spilling over her shoulder.“Actually, it’s kind of a love story.”Sophia raised her eyebrow and smiled sweetly.“Even better.”This book about Weylyn Grey, a boy who was raised by wolves, truly is a crazy love story like the quote in the beginning of this review says. But because this story is...
  • Sarah
    NOTE: I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion. Review to be posted on my blog Nov 1, 2017.I downloaded Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance off NetGalley by chance. My account there had been languishing for, well, years. I decided to hop back on and see if I could find anything worth reading. And after just a few minutes, I stumbled across BoEC. I loved the cover and thought the synopsis seemed intriguing, so I downl...
  • CMDH
    Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstances, a debut novel by Ruth Emmie Lang, is indeed an extraordinary example of magical realism done right. It has subtle mystery, heart and depth, that draws you in. At its core however it is character driven. This is its strength and I feel makes it really fantastic. The story of Weylyn Grey is uniquely told through then lens of others that he touches in both small and meaningful ways in his lifetime. There are fe...
  • MissBecka
    ***********ARC FROM A GIVEAWAY***********I immediately fell in love with this book!!!The story, the characters, the scenery were all just so wonderful!Since I started reading this book during a work week instead of on a day off I reluctantly had to pause my progress several times to go be an adult. Sadface.As a result I feel I was cheated out of how much more amazing this book would be if I had been able to get lost in it with no interruptions. I...
  • Jeanny
    Rating: 3.5 starsThis book has been selected by a popular book subscription box - I forget which - so I need to crank out this review for people to see. The story is all about the weird yet lonely life of Weylyn Grey, weather master and proud horned-pig owner, as he navigates through life in a decidedly un-magical world that doesn't care for weather-controlling pigs and/or humans.First impressions: I was so hyped when I read the prologue because ...
  • S.E. Anderson
    Upon finishing this book, I thought: Wow, this was beautiful! But why didn't it click for me?It's taken me a few days to finish writing this review, because I had to let my thoughts simmer about it. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance, but when I put it down, I didn't feel an immediate urge to pick it up again. Perhaps the slow magic was what drew me back to it, the simmering style of the author that fills your heart...
  • Ericka Seidemann
    Weylyn Grey has powers he doesn’t understand and can’t control. He can make hurricanes start up instantly, but has some difficulty stopping them; he can communicate with animals; he can make flowers and trees sprout up instantly and convince bees to overproduce honey. But what he can’t do is understand how to control these powers, often a result of his emotional state, and can’t ensure that his spontaneous climate outbursts don’t hurt t...
  • Gustavo
    This is the first book from the author and I love the way it is written, how the chapters are constructed and short; for this reason it is easier to read. I love the characters that were impacted by Weylyn in his journey.While I was reading, I was falling in love with this book. I was smiling the whole time, well most of the time (there were some sad parts).Weylyn, the main character is described by people who have interactions with him. I like h...
  • Tami
    This debut novel by Ruth Emmie Lang was such fun to read! I had no idea what to expect and every chapter had something new to add to Weylyn’s story.Readers first meet Weylyn Grey at his birth and have the pleasure of following Weylyn throughout his strange and adventurous life. I loved reading about Weylyn’s relationship with Mary, his half-sister Lydia and most especially his pet pig Merlin.The chapters are told from the perspective of diffe...
  • Jess Patton
    Magical, moving, and sweetly humorous, BOEC is an auspicious debut from Ruth Emmie Lang. The charming Weylyn Grey, with his wolf pack upbringing and mystical, weather-controlling powers, is anything but ordinary, which is all the better for us. As the story bounces back and forth between his nomadic childhood and present day existence living in a shack in an Oregon Forest, we see Weylyn through the eyes of those who know and love him, and whose l...
  • Missy
    It’s been a great reading month for me. I loved this book! Adventure, magic, love, and amazing characters. One of my favorites this year!