The Wicked Vampire by Kate Baxter

The Wicked Vampire

He was one of the most feared creatures in the supernatural world, and yet, she was drawn to him unlike any other. His scent ignited her thirst. The sight of him drove her mad with want... Lovers forever--or enemies to the death? Sasha Ivanov was born to be wild. A vampire party girl, she stalks the L.A. clubs at night. Dancing. Drinking. Indulging her darkest appetites. Never sated, she's always looking for more: more danger, more excitement, ...

Details The Wicked Vampire

TitleThe Wicked Vampire
Release DateDec 5th, 2017
PublisherSt. Martin's Press
GenreFantasy, Paranormal

Reviews The Wicked Vampire

  • Crissy
    ** I received a copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. **This is the first book I've read but the sixth book in this series. I had no problem following along with the story, but I truly wished I had started with the first book. There were things mentioned in this book that I missed from not reading the previous books in the series. I enjoyed the characters, the storyline and the flow of the story a lot. There was never a dull moment...
  • Erica Jividen
    Review to come!
  • Ashley at Caught Reading Redheaded
    3.5/5I requested this from Netgalley because I thought it sounded like a fun read, and I wasn't let down. I really did enjoy it. I thought it was a stand alone, and it is sorta/kinda isn't at the same time. I could follow the story just fine, and I haven't read any of the previous books in The Last True Vampire series. The story between Sasha and Ewan is their own, but their plot fits into a underlying bigger plot. It's easy to catch...
  • Taveena Kade
    **4 stars**The Wicked Vampire is the sixth book in the Last True Vampire series by Kate Baxter, but this was the first book I read in the series. Looking back I probably should've read the other books so I could understand some of the little things that happened, but even though I didn't the story was really easy to follow along with and I really liked it. The world Baxter created is amazing in its depth and complexity, and I was captivated from ...
  • Katrina Berry
    The Wicked Vampire by Kate Baxter is Book 6 of the Last True Vampire Series. While this book is part of a series, I have only read this one and had no issues in keeping up or understanding what was taking place. Ms. Baxter has a wonderful way with words and does a fine job of putting together an original storyline, building a defined world, and using engaging characters that we become whole heartedly invested. A must-read and definitely time for ...
  • The Color of Ink
    This read is packed with action from the beginning to the end. The characters definitely don’t have a dull moment. The sexual sizzle between Sasha and Ewan is great. I would have liked to see their instant physical connection built up just a little more. I think I’d recommend reading the books in order. However, this is a stand-alone read. I don’t think not reading the previous stories takes away from the story, but I feel like a little mor...
  • Mrs
    The Wicked Vampire is a great story, this series just gets better and better. Here we have Sasha a vampire who has lost her soul so parties hard looking for thrills and excitement, when suddenly when attending a fight club becomes tethered (mated)to Ewan a ferocious fighter and berserker from a race that has been bred to kill vampires.So begins a wonderful descriptive tale, full of action, thrills, sex and excitement. It romps along at great pace...
  • Anadosen
    This is the first books that i read The Last True Vampire series and I can't to started reading more books in this saga. The story between the main character s Sasha and Ewan is amazing.I realy like the vampire character Sasha.Ewan is a immortal warlord. He is also trying to find himself. He just following orders. He is an alpha male.The book is amazing. When I started reading I couldn't put it down.Keep up the magnifysent work.
  • Nicki Markus
    From the way The Wicked Vampire was pitched, it sounded like a standalone read. In some ways it was; however, it is set within a world already used in several other titles, and at times I felt that I was missing something in the background, with references to past events and characters. I liked the story premise of enemies to lovers. Nonetheless, the characters fell a little flat for me. I never came to care about them, and I think some of the tr...