Come, Let Us Adore Him by Paul David Tripp

Come, Let Us Adore Him

Every time the Christmas season comes around, we look forward to putting up a tree, giving and receiving gifts, and participating in other traditions that make this wonderful time of year so special. But sometimes the most significant aspect of the season--remembering and focusing on the coming of Jesus--grows old and familiar. In Come Let Us Adore Him: A Daily Advent Devotional, Paul Tripp seeks to recapture our attention and reawaken our awe du...

Details Come, Let Us Adore Him

TitleCome, Let Us Adore Him
Release DateSep 30th, 2017
PublisherCrossway Books
GenreHoliday, Christmas, Christian, Nonfiction

Reviews Come, Let Us Adore Him

  • Jonathan Sussex
    This is a great book for the Christmas season as each of 31 devotionals is only four pages long, so even on the very busy days it is short enough but rich enough to give some focus to your day. This book will be added to my Christmas reading list for future years
  • Autumn Klepper
    I enjoyed this book. I really appreciate Paul Tripp’s writing style - very direct, easy to follow, yet poignant & cuts to the heart. He has a very unique way of expressing deep truths without complicating his words in the process.
  • Josh Skinner
    I found my family's 2017 Advent devotional. Short, clear readings from an author with a heart to guide his reader into a greater appreciation of the Gospel and affection for the Lord who makes and keeps grand promises. I look forward to sitting with my family and enjoying this early Christmas gift. ARC provided
  • Jordan Shirkman
    I’m typically a huge fan of PDT, and I have especially enjoyed his other devotional “Whiter Than Snow” and “New Morning Mercies.” The content of this book is solid and gospel-centered, with a primary focus on our sin and Christ as the only solution. Unfortunately the sentence structure and wording makes it difficult to read aloud at times, and each devotional is at least 4-5 pages long, which just feels realllly long for a family devoti...
  • Becky
    Are you taking the Christmas story for granted? Have you lost your wonder and awe? Do you remember why a Savior was needed in the first place? When was the last time you were humbled by the babe that was born to die...for you?Come, Let Us Adore Him is a devotional written by Paul David Tripp. He seeks to wake up sleepy Christians and give a 'new' sense of wonder and awe. Can a great book get its start as a tweet? I wouldn't have thought a...
  • Calvinist Batman
    Each day is pretty much the same: you are dead in sin and need this Christmas miracle to save you.There are some nice ones that go off this script a little but it stays pretty much the same all through the book.If this was a straight read, that would be a little hard to handle (the repetition, not the gospel). But since you’re reading it once a day it’s actually pretty great, at least for me since I’m so forgetful.In truth, though I haven...
  • Sarah Powell
    Amazing December Advent Devo!I’ll probably be reading this every year for a while. So good. Not your typical “nativity story” devotional but rather takes you through perspective on the birth of Jesus and what that really fully means for us. This was so needed and so great so much quotable and highlightable content!
  • Bailey Urban
    HIGHLY recommend this devotional for Advent. Love Tripp's style of writing. My favorite phrase he used was that we have an "obsessive allegiance to our little kingdom of one."Beautifully written with lots of verses weaved in and a way to talk to your kids about it as well.
  • Brent
    Horrible as an advent book. It should be called Come Let Us Be Sad, Tangential, and Wordy. I dreaded the daily reading. The writing style is off-putting. Many times it felt as though the author were chasing a word quota instead of expressing relevant content. I regret not reading a better [any other] advent book this season.
  • Sophia
    My husband and I were looking for a guided devotional themed around the Christmas season. This one was recommended to us. We've already enjoyed some of the author's previous work so it was an easy decision to give Come, Let Us Adore Him a go.We didn't get much beyond the introduction when we realized that, indeed, this was exactly what we wanted. Tripp's easy-read, yet profound, light and quick devotional points and follow up Scripture reading wa...