Young Jane Young by Gabrielle Zevin

Young Jane Young

Young Jane Young's heroine is Aviva Grossman, an ambitious Congressional intern in Florida who makes the life-changing mistake of having an affair with her boss‑‑who is beloved, admired, successful, and very married‑‑and blogging about it. When the affair comes to light, the Congressman doesn’t take the fall, but Aviva does, and her life is over before it hardly begins. She becomes a late‑night talk show punchline; she is slut‑shame...

Details Young Jane Young

TitleYoung Jane Young
Release DateAug 22nd, 2017
PublisherAlgonquin Books
GenreFiction, Contemporary, Adult, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Adult Fiction

Reviews Young Jane Young

  • Emily May
    “I’m not a murderer,” she says. “I’m a slut, and you can’t be acquitted of that.” 4 1/2 stars. Aviva Grossman is “Florida’s answer to Monica Lewinsky”. A young Jewish intern in a congressman's office, she soon finds herself caught up in an affair with the older and married man. When the affair makes it into the regional media, Congressman Levin experiences some negative press, a few tut tuts, and then goes on to enjoy a lifeti...
  • Lola Reviewer
    ‘‘When they came at me, I kept coming,’’ she said.I didn’t think this book would be so powerful. I thought it would be a comedy, a slice-of-life, something to entertain most likely. But halfway through, it turned into something more… a deeper story. More layers. More to consider. More perspectives. As if the author wanted to start with pleasantries, before getting down to the real issues at hand.Before she became Jane Young, Aviva Gro...
  • Larry H
    I'd rate this 3.5 stars.Living in the Washington, DC area during the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal, you just couldn't escape it—everything from news to gossip to rumors to hatchet pieces about Lewinsky, even spoofs of her on Saturday Night Live and other television shows. And while President Clinton certainly was the subject of a great deal of criticism, in many people's eyes, it seemed like Lewinsky was the only one to blame, and yet ...
  • Elyse
    Maui - wow-ie - beach- reading- funny! ...... sorta! .....with an undercurrent of a ‘little’ sadness. People are magnets to public scandals. It’s always a little sad to me. Author Gabrielle Zevin had me gushy over her book “The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry: “Young Jane Young”, lacked the magical- spectacular specialness: MY HEART DIDN’T SING......but.....mostly, I thought this novel was funny! In fact, I liked this book best when it ...
  • Meredith
    Quick and enjoyable read, but I almost gave up on it in the beginning--so glad I stuck with it! Young Jane Young is about Aviva Grossman, a young congressional intern who had a scandalous affair with a married congressman (think Monica Lewinsky). This one mistake defines Aviva’s life. The fallout from the affair results in her changing not only her name, but also the course of her life. Of course the congressman, who was 20+ plus years her seni...
  • Nat
    “The only past you have a right to know about is your own.”I was positutely ecstatic when I found out that Gabrielle Zevin was releasing a brand new fiction novel after The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry, which had quickly become a favorite of mine earlier this year. And similar to the aforementioned, Young Jane Young had me enamored from the first page, which I've come to realize is the author's specialty. Even though the setting is so dif...
  • Esil
    Young Jane Young didn't knock my socks off but it was entertaining in a smart kind of way. Jane Young used to be Aviva Grossman, but in her early twenties she was involved with a congressman in Florida a la Monica Lewinsky, and the scandal went viral. She then reinvented herself as an event planner named Jane Young in a small town in Maine. Zevin tells Aviva/Jane's story from a few points of view, including her mother, daughter and the congressma...
  • Sarah Joint
    Monica Lewinsky. Nearly everyone in America (and many outside it) knows that name. You might demonize her, you might feel bad for her, you may think you don't know the whole story and shouldn't judge... but when you hear that name, you have a reaction. This story is a fictional account of a young lady named Aviva Grossman, who is Florida's answer to Monica Lewinsky. A woman who made the papers for who she slept with... because that someone happen...
  • Linda
    I couldn't walk past a copy of "Young Jane Young," especially with that eye-catching cover, and leave the store without it. Having "The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry" on my favorites shelf, I'd been looking forward to Gabriel Zevin's next novel for the past several years.The basis of this storyline has been played out in real life more times than we'll ever know, with the scandalous Clinton/Lewinsky affair being the most infamous to-date and a perm...
  • Carol
    YJY has the same charm and depth as The Rosie Effect and substantially more of each than Where'd You Go, Bernadette. In the interest of full disclosure, I'm not a fan of moral relativism and/or "I was young" uttered by 21+ year-olds as a rationale for adultery, and, still, I found YJY to be fresh and understated, with one caveat. The initial 30 -50 pages or so are comprised of a multitude of annoying Miami-Jewish-mom stereotypes. Having said that...