Three Daughters of Eve by Elif Shafak

Three Daughters of Eve

The stunning, timely new novel from the acclaimed and internationally bestselling author of The Architect's Apprentice and The Bastard of Istanbul.Peri, a married, wealthy, beautiful Turkish woman, is on her way to a dinner party at a seaside mansion in Istanbul when a beggar snatches her handbag. As she wrests it back, a photograph falls to the ground—an old polaroid of three young women and their university professor. A relic from a past—an...

Details Three Daughters of Eve

TitleThree Daughters of Eve
Release DateDec 5th, 2017
PublisherBloomsbury USA
GenreFiction, Literary Fiction, Contemporary, Novels, Cultural, Turkish, Asian Literature, Turkish Literature, Adult Fiction, Feminism, Literature, Adult

Reviews Three Daughters of Eve

  • Elyse
    ZERO SPOILERS.....Am I just allowed to SCREAM to the world how TOTALLY ENJOYABLE THIS BOOK WAS TO READ? It’s soooooooooo GOOOD!!!!!! It’s incredibly- I mean INCREDIBLY ENGAGING and THOUGHT-PROVOKING!!!It’s just SOSOSOSOSO GOOD.... I’m dying to move right into ‘discussion’. Grab a ‘buddy’ - friend - group - and read this book ‘with them so that you will have the pleasure to discuss it. My poor husband! I’m chewing his ears off....
  • Tammy
    Peri, our central character, is a native of Istanbul who has a close relationship with her secular, hard drinking father and a tense relationship with her devout Muslim mother. The novel begins as the adult Peri makes her way to an ostentatious dinner party with her sullen teenage daughter. En route they have a dangerous and potentially deadly encounter that causes Peri to reflect upon what she is capable of doing. The rest of the novel alternate...
  • Sara M. Abudahab
    Elif Shafak never fails me. Every time I read something for Elif I love her even more, I can understand why some people don't enjoy her books, you have to pay attention to the details, to the conversations not to the events, and that's why she is my favorite author
  • Sherif Metwaly
    رواية مُفككة، شتتت أهدافها حتى ضلت الطريق، بلا أحداث تُذكر وتستحق أن نحكي لمحة عنها، بلا فكرة واضحة في ما قرأته من ثلثيها الأولين حتى فاض بي الملل، بلا شخصيات مرسومة بإتقان، بلا أي طعم ولا فائدة، فقط أسلوب سرد جيد، ولكنه وحده لا يبني رواية، ولن يكف...
  • Lucy Banks
    I received a copy of this book on Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review."I was always in that limbo between yes and no. No stranger to faith, no stranger to doubt..."4.5*I was really happy to receive Three Daughters of Eve on Netgalley, as I'd recently read an interview with the author and thought the book sounded fascinating. It certainly lived up to expectations. The book is set both in the past and the present, focusing on Peri as a stud...
  • Michael
    This is a compelling tale of a woman, Peri (Nazperi), who gets shaken out of her stable, well-adjusted mode of upper-class living in contemporary Istanbul by a random mugging event and by the responses she surprises herself by making. Here’s the effective hook in the first sentence of the book:It was an ordinary spring day in Istanbul, a long and leaden afternoon like so many others, when she discovered, with a hollowness in her stomach, that s...
  • Margitte
    1st of February, 2018. MY REVIEW(my previous message yesterday) I finished this book late last night and had to drive 800 km today, so did not have time to review it. Review will follow. This is a though-provoking, intense book. Loved the experience.Istantbul. The city that encompassed seven hills, two continents, three seas, and fifteen millions mouths. The book opened with wealthy 35-year-old Peri (Nazperi) who discovered that she is able to ki...
  • Amira Mahmoud
    بادئ ذي بدء الأربعة نجوم هذه ليست تقييم حيادي بالمرة بل تقييم بناءًا على أسباب وظروف شخصية بحتة؛ فهذه ليست رواية استثنائية ولا هي رواية دسمة على الرغم من عدد صفحاتها الطويل للغاية بل هي رواية قليلة الأحداث تعتمد على الوصف والتحليل أكثر من أي شيء آخ...
  • Doug Bradshaw
    Now and then when you finish a book, you get that warm feeling inside, that feeling of love and gratitude for an author who has been able to draw you into the life of another person, to explore the background and thoughts of someone from a totally different culture and upbringing, in a way that can help explain and explore some of your own deep thoughts and idiosyncrasies regarding God, religion, deep cultural beliefs, the immature jealousies of ...
  • Ron Charles
    Elif Shafak’s new novel reveals such a timely confluence of today’s issues that it seems almost clairvoyant. Sexual harassment, Islamist terrorism, the rising tension between the faithful and the secular, and the gaping chasm between the rich and the poor — all play out in the pages of “Three Daughters of Eve.” That hyper-relevance is one of the reasons Shafak is so popular in her native Turkey and around the world. The author, who now ...
  • Nada EL Shabrawi
    من أجمل أعمال شافاك, رواية عن المغتربين و المذبذبين و كل من هم في منزلة الـ بين-بين.
  • Emma
    The novel opens with a confession; told in a rather offhand manner, the character suggests to us that it could have happened to anyone if the circumstances were right. Even those who had lived a 'good life' beforehand, even us. Yet the tantalising nature of this beginning is quickly undermined by the dullness of the dinner party through which the story is told. It all feels so constructed, the author is TELLING ME SOMETHING IMPORTANT. I like Elif...
  • Odai Al-saeed
    عندما توسع الرقعة في محيطك الخالي تصبح الأوض جرداء قاحلة فمهماحاولت ملئها من أدواتك الفقيرة سوف تكون النتيجة سلبية باهتة ، مرة أخرى تسقط أليف في فخ النمطية والتمطيط الممل ومرة أخرى تذهب ساعاتي الغالية سدىً توقاً لأدب خلاق مختلفعرض يسيطر عليه الرت...
  • Britta Böhler
    Sadly, I didnt enjoy this one as much as I thought I would.
  • AnisaAnne
    Struggling through the clogged streets of Istanbul, Peri is driving through traffic to attend yet another stifling dinner party of the elite. With her almost teenage daughter in tow, she mistakenly throws her purse to the backseat, and with unlocked doors, someone from the outside grabs her personal belongings. Peri pulls the car over and runs. She confronts the beggar, but he divulges the contents of her purse to the ground. A photo slides out. ...
  • Rebecca Foster
    (3.5) My first from Shafak, and overall an absorbing story of religion versus secularism. The title trio are young women who meet as international students at Oxford, where they are all drawn to Professor Azur, a charismatic and unconventional don who teaches an infamous seminar on God. Shirin is a boisterous Iranian, while Mona is a feminist Muslim from Egypt. However, the novel’s focus is very much on Peri, from Istanbul. In the present day s...
  • Emad Attili
    Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy this book as I thought I would.The opening lines were encouraging, but then the flow of events became lame and boring. I thought there would be something unique at the end of the book but eventually I didn’t find anything special!I liked Elif Safak in Forty Rules of Love, but here I didn’t like her at all.Sadly, I don’t recommend this book! ‏Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy this book as I thought I would.T...
  • Kyriakos Sorokkou
    İnanca, inançsızlığa, arayışa, farklı kadınlara ve aşka dair baş döndürücü bir yolculuk.........Καλέ, ελάτε πίσω. Στα ελληνικά θα τα πω. Ούτε ένα αστείο δε σηκώνετε;Λοιπόν, μετά τον Παμούκ συνεχίζω το ταξίδι μου στη σύγχρονη τουρκική λογοτεχνία με την Ελίφ Σιαφάκ.Λίγο πολύ και η Σιαφ...
  • Ahmed
    لطالما عشقت أدب الحكايات، وعشقت كل حكاء وحكاءة استطاعوا أن يبوحوا بمكنون قلوبهم وعقولهم لينسجوا لنا حكايات خلابة تنقلنا لعوالم بديعة، وعندما تصف إليف شافاك نفسها تقول: إنها مجرد إمرأة تحكي الحكايات.الحكاية كما يجب أن تكون، جلسة تفريغ ذكريات مكثف...
  • Deniz Balcı
    Henüz kitabı bitirmedim ancak zihnimi sürekli olarak düşünceler böldüğünden bir şeyler yazma ihtiyacı hissettim. Eğer bu kitap Şafak'ın değilde, yeni bir Türk yazarın olsa idi, olumlu anlamda çok fazla sayıda eleştiri alacağını düşünüyorum. Şafak'ın son yıllarda değişen yazarlığı ve sivil hayatı; eseri okurken bir çok kez eseri garipsememe sebep oldu.Düşünün, Tanrı felsefesi yapan bir kitap bu! Tam da do...
  • Asghar Abbas
    A friend of mine who is like a brother in law to me, because he is, gave me this book. It's not really my cup of tea, opps mea culpa bro, it's well written enough so I read it. I mean, what else do you do with books anyway? It wasn't half bad. I read it and ala Jay Bauman and Mike Stoklasa from Red Letter Media, it was all right. Ah, if you are looking for one of those reviews from me then I am sorry. I hate to break it to you but people are disa...
  • Eric Anderson
    It's deeply frightening and upsetting how politically divided society is at the moment. When different factions are so convinced about the certitude of their own ideas and beliefs conflict is inevitable. Religion continues to be at the centre of many battles, yet in her new novel Elif Shafak creates the character of A.Z.Azur, a controversial Oxford professor who encourages dialogue across religious belief systems as he believes that too many peop...
  • Ömer
    4.6/5Yorumu için:
  • Ena Hasečić
  • Tuti
    loved this book! very intelligent, interesting and well-written on subjects of great actuality and also full of wisdom in its search for knowledge, for deeper understanding of what it is to be human, to be free. an excellent narrative and interesting, multilayered characters lead the reader through the fascinating story between istanbul and oxford, from the 1980s to present time, building up and coming together beautifully in a grand finale. high...
  • Reem ♥
    ثلاث بنات لحواء 3.5تقدّم شفق في هذه الرواية ثلاث صور لحواء وإن كانت برأيي صورة واحدة بثلاثة وجوه." الملحدة، المؤمنة، المترددة"فكل منا يحمل هذه الوجوه في مرحلة ما من مراحل حياته حتى ينتهي بها إلى وجه واحد فقط.القصة تتحدث عن بيري المرأة الجميلة فائقة ا...
  • Lamija Kljun
    Moj prvi susret sa Elif Safak. Čitanje ovog romana predstavlja divno putovanje od tradicionalnog Istanbula do Oxforda, kroz perspektivu mlade Peri, koja pronalazi svoj smisao u životu, kao i smisao tuge, nesreće, ljubavi, ljudske mržnje a ponajviše religije i Boga. Divno opisani likovi, posebno glavna junakinja, koju njen profesor opisuje kao osobu koju karakterišu tri strasti: 'želja za ljubavlju, potraga za znanjem i nepodnošljivo saosj...