The Saboteur by Andrew Gross

The Saboteur

February, 1943. Both the Allies and the Nazis are closing in on attempts to construct the decisive weapon of the war.Kurt Nordstrum, an engineer in Oslo, puts his life aside to take up arms against the Germans as part of the Norwegian resistance. After the loss of his fiancée, his outfit whittled to shreds, he commandeers a coastal steamer and escapes to England to transmit secret evidence of the Nazis’s progress towards an atomic bomb at an i...

Details The Saboteur

TitleThe Saboteur
Release DateAug 22nd, 2017
PublisherMinotaur Books
Number of pages416 pages
GenreHistorical, Fiction, Thriller, War, World War II

Reviews The Saboteur

  • Tina Panik
    Gripping and intense, this WWII tale is based on real missions from the era. Nordstrum is a charming and confident protagonist, who you'll root for as his successes and sacrifices mount in proportion to the danger within his mission. This would make a fantastic movie!This was an ARC.
  • Ms. Just One More Book (Kris Miller)
    “A true man goes on until he can go no further, and then he goes twice as far." ~ Andrew Gross (Excerpt from THE SABOTEUR)Were it not for the act of a few brave souls on a top secret mission, Germany might have won the war. A closely guarded secret at the time, was that in the years leading up to 1943, the German's were closer than anyone realized to making the atomic bomb. In England, a secret committee called the SOE (Special Operations Execu...
  • Mike
    To prevent the Nazis from developing an Atomic bomb, a small team of Norwegians embark on a daring secret mission.An action-packed World War II thriller.
  • Joan
    I love to read historical fiction that makes me feel I am actually learning what really happened in the past. This is how I felt while reading The Saboteur by Andrew Gross. Before reading I didn't read the back or any plugs telling me what the book was about, rather I went completely on the fact that it was written by Andrew Gross. Of course I knew from the cover it would be WWII historical fiction or even historical thriller. I was surprised whe...
  • Lisa Cleveland
    I fully expected this book to put me to sleep, audio books often do. Not this one! Excellent story, and I loved the readers voice.
  • DP Lyle
    Deuterium. D2O. Heavy water. The key to making the atomic bomb. It’s WWII and the race to create a fission bomb is on. Who will win? The US? Germany? This is the background for Andrew Gross’s wonderful new novel, The Saboteur. Drawn from actual events, events that changed to course of the war, the story follows Kurt Nordstrum (based on the real-life hero Kurt Haukelid) and his team of saboteurs who are charged with destroying the NAZI’s hea...
  • Carol
    The Saboteur by Andrew Gross is a extremely well done historical fiction story based on true events. The Nazis are racing to develop an atomic bomb and they are producing heavy water for it in a remote area of Noway. The main character is Kurt Nordstrum. Andrew Gross had me very proud of my Norwegian roots by the end of disc #1. Persistence, endurance and bravery were emphasized as being Norwegian attributes in this story. Kurt Nordstrom and his ...
  • Diane Saul
    This is a great historical thriller that is based on actual events during WWII. The Nazis are coming very close to developing the atomic bomb. They are producing heavy water at a plant in Norway. The plant is well protected in a valley that is too narrow to be successfully bombed. The only way to stop them is to send a team in to destroy the plant and any heavy water that has been produced. A group of courageous Norwegian men end up tackling the ...
  • Nissa
    This book was phenomenal. I disappeared into this book like I would have in a good movie. In fact I could see the movie play as I listened to the book. I was sad when it ended. It was one of those books that makes you savor each word. After having listened to the audiobook version, I definitely want to read the printed version. A gripping plot that keeps the reader involved all the way. Great stuff. If you like Gross and you enjoy WWII set novels...
  • Madame
    It was a pleasure enjoying the cd version of this novel. It felt like I was immersed in an action-packed war film. A story filled with exhilarating tense moments.An endearing protagonist that performs a soldier’s duty, while experiencing gut wrenching raw emotions barely held in check during intervals of extreme conflict. There are copious gripping dilemmas. Narrated masterfully, engrossing the audience thoroughly into this historic piece of li...
  • Tom Rogan
    Goodreads giveaway winner...Thank you!
  • Patrick Ewing
    Very good.
    Andrew Gross's "The Saboteur" is a work of historical fiction based on events that occurred during the Second World War. As early as 1939, German scientists were engaged in atomic research and several years later, Niels Bohr, the Danish physicist and Nobel laureate, warned the British that "the Nazis were on the verge of obtaining a devastating weapon." A committee in England known as the SOE, or Special Operations Executive, dispatched teams of ...
  • Sharon May
    Thanks to NetGalley, Minotaur Books, and Andrew Gross for the opportunity to read his latest thriller - will not disappoint!In my mind, no one can write a WWII thriller like Andrew Gross. Following up on The One Man, which was excellent, his latest book is based on a true story of a Norwegian resistance fighter during WWII. He is picked to lead a team to destroy the threat of the development of the atomic bomb by the Germans in an old factory in ...
  • Beth
    Andrew Gross writes one heck of a book. I first encountered his writing with James Patterson and have followed his solo career with glee. The Saboteur is a sequel to The One Man, about one man and the holocaust. This books remains set in WWII, and the fight is again against nazis, who are building a bomb in Norway. A race against time, a battle against true villains, and a cast of characters so well written you can climb inside their skin. What m...
  • Ben Ostrander
    I received a copy of this story and enjoyed it very much. Narrator Edoardo Ballerini did an amazing job of accents, inflections and voices for this character dense book. A better than satisfying war story that is both gripping and realistic in its portrayal of World War II as it happened in Scandinavia. Excellent story and performance.
  • Ashley
    I won this book as a Goodreads giveaway . Ballerini's performance reading The Saboteur is truly equal to Gross's writing. A perfect pairing!