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Whether or not you've had time to write your own reviews, here's a chance to review your entire 2017 reading and post it under this title so that others can see what your reading year was like. Together, all the reviews of 2017 on Goodreads should make an interesting and varied catalogue of books to inspire other readers in 2018.For those of you who don't like to add titles you haven't actually 'read', you can place 2017 on Goodreads on an 'exclu...

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  • Emily May
    Well, it's been quite a year! I'm a little late posting this, but I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant and feeling about to burst so that is my excuse for everything :) My 2017 on Goodreads has been a bit of a whirlwind. I've read a lot of great books, some not so great books, and in the year's final quarter I was invited to the Goodreads HQ and took part in an interview for the Goodreads blog. Oh, and I met Margaret Atwood because this year wasn't wo...
  • Bookdragon Sean
    This review marks the end of my fourth year of goodreading! 222 books & 70000 pages = 2017I’ve read so many books this year, some great and some terrible, though I’ve learnt so much and gained so much. I finished my undergraduate degree, started a master’s degree and undertook some freelance review work. It’s been so much fun! So here’s my breakdown: -My top five:1. Siddhartha is beautiful and wise, one of the best pieces of fiction I ...
  • Mischenko
    You can also see this at https://readrantrockandroll.com/2017/...This has been one incredible year of reading. Even though I joined Goodreads in 2008, I didn't remain active, and this year has been my first full/active year here. I've thoroughly enjoyed discussing reviews, learning about new authors and books, making new friends, and increasing my TBR up to 13,559!This year I started my own book blog which includes most of my book reviews and muc...
  • Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin
    The year with medical & family has been not that great but here's hoping for a better 2018My book reading has been awesome! I have read a lot of amazing books! And this will probably go on forever as I am not going to sit here for hours doing it right now. Lol FAVORITES: (In no particular order) My Reviews are listed under the title.1) Life In Outer Space2) Final Girls3) The Rook4) The Dragons Of Nova5) Heir of Novron6) Red Sister7) Oathbringer8)...
  • Annet
    So I used this place as a wish list during 2017, and I'm hoping there will be a 2018 on Goodreads soon that I can start to plan out my year. 2017 was a good year for me. After summer I did have less time to read due to a Master studies I started, which is taking up a lot of time next to my job but did manage 70 reads. This year, probably a bit less. But... the good part is, the studies are very challenging indeed and I do try to keep reading in b...
  • Luís C.
    This year I just read (by author):Émile Zola - 5 booksMario Vargas Llosa - 4 booksJorge de Sena - 4 booksJosé Régio - 4 booksJose Maria Eça de Queirós - 4 booksVergílio Ferreira - 4 booksJosé Saramago - 3 booksErnest Hemingway - 3 booksThomas Mann - 2 books
  • Melanie
    Let’s be real, 2017 was kind of a garbage fire year for our world, but at least we had some good books! I had a pretty good reading year! I’m very happy with the 130 books that I read, and I feel like with each year I get better and better at picking out books, and requesting ARCs, that I am confident I will at least enjoy, therefore, my average rating tends to get higher and higher. ➽ And thanks to the amazing Brock at Let's Read, here are...