The Gender War (The Gender Game #4) by Bella Forrest

The Gender War (The Gender Game #4)

Continue Violet and Viggo's journey in the ELECTRIFYING fourth book of The Gender Game series!Pre-order now.

Details The Gender War (The Gender Game #4)

TitleThe Gender War (The Gender Game #4)
Release DateFeb 9th, 2017
Number of pages401 pages
GenreRomance, Science Fiction, Dystopia, Did Not Finish

Reviews The Gender War (The Gender Game #4)

  • Libbie Buchele
    Getting weakerOnly George RR Martin should do a series of more than three books. This could have been wrapped up by now. I don't think the pov's in this story really work - the voices of the two characters are too similar, so it just makes the story more awkward, especially since their two societies seem so similar that there's no interesting reactions to each society
  • Katie
    I really really liked this book. It was great! Its action packed and I love how they built more on Viggo and Violets relationship. You really grow to love those two! It definitely ended on a cliffhanger though sooooo I can't wait to read the next one!!!!
  • Jayme Teague gauthier
    I just love Violet and Viggo!
  • Jade Marie
    Intense can not even cover this book!! The war is on and it had me holding my breath through out the whole book!! Violet has done a lot of growing up through these books and it is refreshing to see her lead like she does. I can not wait until the other book is released!! I am sitting on pins and needles wondering and guessing what will be happening next!!As always Bella, you took this book way past my expectations and delivered a wonderful, excit...
  • Brittany
    This is difficult, because I'm not sure if this is an, "it's not you, it's me," thing, my general dislike of later series books due to lack of character/relationship development (my favorite part of any book), or if this book was actually not that good.Truthfully, I haven't finished it yet. Possibly I wont ever. Possibly I will and this rating will change, but here's my biggest problem: VIGGO. I used to love you. You used to be interesting, but n...
  • Judy Lewis
    ABSOLUTELY RIVETING !!!Title: The Gender WarSeries: The Gender GameDesignation: Book Four of Series, Full-Length Novel (App 400 Pages), Not A Standalone, Cliffhanger AheadAuthor: Bella ForrestGenre: Fantasy/Science Fiction/Action/Adventure/Young Adult RomanceReading Platform: Kindle UnlimitedMy Rating: Five Divinely Entertaining Stars*****Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! I love, love, love this series! I've been a diehard Bella Forrest fan for several years ...
  • Katie
    WHAT! YOU DO NOT END A BOOK LIKE THAT! I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS! I know I only have to wait two weeks for the next book, I've waited much long than that, but why? I need it right now because that ending was just awful (in a good way), and there's so much at stake and I just need to know that my babies are going to be okay. Is that too much to ask?The Gender War start off immediately where the last book left us. Violet and Viggo have been taken...
  • Kelly
    Good 4th book in the series except I HATE having to wait until March 31 to have access to the next book in the series!!!! This book leaves us after Tabitha had threatened Violet's family and she had gone to the palace to confront Tabitha and rescue her family. Viggo finds her unconscience and performs CPR long enough to get her breathing again only to wonder if she will actually survive her injuries.The book starts out with Viggo and Violet havin...
  • Beth Martin
    After being sorely disappointed by the third book in this series, I tempered my expectations for the next installment. I still found myself a bit disappointed by the end.Book 3 ended with an unexpected twist. Unfortunately, the big reveal didn't really impact anything. Desmond and her allegiances don't play a role in The Gender War at all. Instead, we follow Violet and Viggo and their fellow liberators as they try to prevent a war between the two...
  • Scarlett
    So I have mixed feelings about this book and really this series in general. I feel like it started out strong, I actually really like the story and characters for the most part. But each book gets weaker, simply because the story is so dragged out. I found myself skimming a lot. This could easily have been a trilogy and I would have been much happier. But now there's at least one more book after this one and I really really hope she doesn't conti...
  • Sabrina Thompson PA
    This is the 4th installment of this series and should be read in order. As usual, this story picks up right where the 3rd installment left off. It was fast-paced and riveting, grabbing me from the first line of the first page. I adore Violet and Viggo’s relationship, and was quite happy that their journeys keep progressing. They are best together. I also enjoy all the subplots and other relationships that are starting to develop, particularly b...
  • Patti
    Violet and Viggo are caught in the middle of the Matrian-Patrian struggle. This journey gets really intense in this episode. Each character embraces their role in this struggle, although some find the decision the hard way. As normal, I remained glued to the pages while this brilliant writer played with my emotions. I always feel I just read the greatest book in the series, until the next book comes out and claims the title once again. And here I...
  • Kerri
    Another great addition to the Gender Saga What can I say..... Bella knows just how to keep us coming back book after book. Great characters, crazy plot twists, incredible nail biting edge of your seat battles....and let's not forget deep loves and seething hatered for certain vile evil characters.
  • Jenna
    You mean I have to wait an entire month?This is another great book. I was so afraid that it was going to end the way another very popular series of the same genre did though… I can't wait to read more.
  • Virginia Cupps-matter
    Excellent SeriesYou MUST read all of them! The Gender Game books are awesome on their own, but to know the characters even more, their history, is spectacular.I seriously couldn't stop reading each one, sleep was def deprived lol.Violet and Viggo's tale continues. The struggle to survive, to make things right, just oozes out of the pages. Sad to wait a few more days for their story to continue....but I will. Great book for sure!!!
  • Marlene
    I went from 57% to 64% this morning and then I just had QUITE enough. The self-righteousness and virtue signaling of these characters now has me hoping the resistance wins and they all get shot. I am done!
  • Melissa
    This book had more action than the first 3 which made it more interesting and fun to read.
  • S Jackson
    Awesome!!!I can't stop reading this series. Violet and Viggo are great together. Once you start reading you can't stop. Can't wait for the next book.
  • Tracey Milito
    WowThis was such an action packed book. I really enjoy this series. Love the characters and this story. Can't wait for the next one.
  • Melissa
    Cannot wait for the next book!
  • David Hirsch
    Good easy readThis is the 3rd book. It's an easy quick read. It kept me engaged and entertained. A good series, similar the hunger games.
  • Kimberly Taiwo
    OMG!!!!!!OMG!!! My mouth is still on the floor. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, she gives me this. This book is amazing; I laughed, I cried, I gasp in shock, I absolutely love it!!!!
  • Tammara Harris
    Dystopian devastationseries takes you to world where you learn sometimes doing the wrong thing is only way to make things right
  • Angela
    The story is still fun and exciting, but I'm like 5 books in with no end on sight! This series could have been wrapped up by now! Not sure I'm going to go any further with this.
  • Christina
    Never a dull momentThis 4th book in the series was intense and has a great cliffhanger! I can't wait to find out how everything unfolds...lucky for us fans that Bella Forrest does not make you wait too long. I am truly amazed at how fast she can get these books out to us! It must be her magic power ;D such a talented author. I've read every book she has out so far and look forward to reading the new series coming soon.
  • Karen A. Woodruff
    Fun story that's not like the rest!Such a great story. I love the characters and the storyline. Love how it's different from the zombie, vampire, etc stories out these days. Can't wait to find out how the story ends.
  • Leanne Hardy
    I REALLY hoped this was the final in this series they have slowly been going down hill this one has really let the saga down and I will not be reading any more of the set the author is just dragging things on now and it has gotten boring :( very disappointed this would have worked as a three part series I feel the author is being cheeky bringing out another installment every month!! So far I haven't had to pay for them thanks to Kindle but at the...
  • Sharon Beck
    AmazingOMG, I so love these book's and I can't put them down. Viggo and Violet are so perfect together. I even shed a few tears at the end. Can't wait for the next one.
  • Abbi
    *Contains spoilers* - You have been warned.Another fantastic installment of The Gender Game series.Bella kept us locked into the world of Matrus and Patrus and the rising war between them and leaving us with a gripping cliffhanger as always. Her descriptive writing was amazing as always, I can feel the pictures being painted in my mind as her words describe the scene. It was something I fell in love with very early on and I still adore now. She h...
  • Nancy
    War and romanceExcellent and can't wait for the next book finally viggo has proposed and violent has accepted but will there be a wedding as war rages threw the land fast-paced and exciting with plenty of action and romance