Paperbacks from Hell by Grady Hendrix

Paperbacks from Hell

Take a tour through the horror paperback novels of the 1970s and ’80s . . . if you dare. Page through dozens and dozens of amazing book covers featuring well-dressed skeletons, evil dolls, and knife-wielding killer crabs! Read shocking plot summaries that invoke devil worship, satanic children, and haunted real estate! Horror author and vintage paperback book collector Grady Hendrix offers killer commentary and witty insight on these trashy thr...

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TitlePaperbacks from Hell
Release DateSep 19th, 2017
PublisherQuirk Books
GenreHorror, Nonfiction, Writing, Books About Books, History, Art, Reference

Reviews Paperbacks from Hell

  • Char
    A book about the period of time when the horror genre ruled the paperback racks at the bookstore? A book about the period of time in my life, (about Carrie's age, in fact), when I felt like an outsider, and horror made me feel included? Sign me up! Luckily, Quirk books and NetGalley did just that, and here we are.This book is a reference book, a guide to life and times in the United States in the 70's and 80's. Things going on in the world and in...
  • Kealan Burke
    Absolutely fantastic. Like a slighter DANSE MACABRE, PAPERBACKS FROM HELL zeroes in on the rise of horror paperbacks in the 70s and 80s through to its decline in the 90s. I especially appreciated the attention given to the cover artists responsible for some of the truly masterful and evocative covers that had me grabbing these books in my formative years.Well worth a look, but be warned, you'll immediately want to go on a book-buying spree after ...
  • Cameron Chaney
    Imagine you are in a used bookshop. It’s dimly lit, obviously, with dusty tomes creating houses on the floor perfect for guests of the smaller variety. Rats? Possibly. Evil Nazi leprechauns? That’s crazy talk! But do watch your step… just to be safe. As you venture further, you say to yourself “I should turn back. All the new releases are in the shop’s front window, baking in the sun. I have no business with these musty old things. Yuck...
  • Joseph
    Paperbacks from Hell: A History of Horror Fiction from the '70s and '80s by Grady Hendrix is the history of the paperback horror novel. Hendrix is the author of the novels Horrorstör, the only book you'll ever need about a haunted Scandinavian furniture superstore, and My Best Friend's Exorcism.In the mid-1970s I would go to the corner store, a Lawson, and raided the book rack. There was always a carousel of books near the front counter. Horror ...
  • Nenia *The Flagrant Liberal* Campbell
    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || Amazon || PinterestGiven my love for vintage novels of all kinds, you can imagine my reaction when I saw that vintage font peeping at me on Netgalley with its classic Gothic serifs, and red-black contrast. It looked exactly like a horror novel from the late 70s/early 80s. "What on Earth is that?" my inner book goblin cried. "I must have the precious!"It turned out to be a meta-book published by Grady Hendrix, t...
  • Jennifer ☼
    This book is astonishing.First of all, Paperbacks from Hell is a gorgeous book. All of the pages are in full color, and every aspect of this book is high quality. You could call it a coffee table book, but there's a lot more to Paperbacks from Hell than just the stunning paperback images.Paperbacks from Hell is divided up into the major categories of horror fiction that were prevalent in the 70's and 80's. Topics like 'Hail, Satan', 'Creepy Kids'...
  • Bob Milne
    As the cover blurb says, take a tour through the horror paperback novels of the 1970s and ’80s with Grady Hendrix . . . if you dare! Paperbacks from Hell: The Twisted History of '70s and '80s Horror Fiction is a gloriously grotesque trip down nostalgia lane that works on multiple levels.First off, let's talk about the visuals. Browsing through all those bold, garish, blood-soaked covers is worth the price of admission alone. There are so many c...
  • Amy
    Paperbacks from Hell is not the sort of book I would normally gravitate towards, in general I don’t real much non fiction and I rarely read a horror novel. But when I was a kid, mainly from around nine to thirteen I read a ton of R. L. Stine, Christopher Pike and the southern gothic horror of V. C. Andrews. When I was offered a review copy of this book I thought it would be a great opportunity to revisit some long forgotten authors, but I didn...
  • Chandra Claypool (wherethereadergrows)
    When I received this book in the mail, I may have squealed just a little bit. Ok, I'm lying, I squealed a LOT! As a huge lover of horror, I dropped everything I was doing and started flipping through this book and could NOT stop! I finally put it down and then kept picking it back up and running my fingers through the pages and devouring each page with my sharped toothed eyes. The '70s and '80s were prime with paperback horror novels that you don...
  • The Haunted Reading Room Lifetime Lovecraft
    Review of PAPERBACK FROM HELL by Grady HendrixHorror nostalgia rocks in author Grady Hendrix' exceptional and thoroughly entertaining recounting of two of horror publishing's most fervent decades, the 1970's through 1980's. Mr. Hendrix clearly loves and knows his topic, and for readers who also have reveled in novels produced in this period, memories will awaken. Perhaps among readers who don't know these books, inspiration might arise to search ...
  • Jeff Strand
    This book filled me with an urgent need to read every '80s horror paperback in existence, so I guess it did its job. As a reader, I was a bit late to the game, getting really into the non-King/Koontz stuff around the Dell Abyss era, so though I have a solid working knowledge of the horror paperback boom, this book covered plenty of books I'd never heard of. A thoroughly entertaining look back at an era most horror fans wish had never ended.
  • Ben Arzate
    Full ReviewOne of the problems is that there was so much happening during the horror publishing boom that it often felt like Hendrix had to gloss over many parts of it. Despite that, this remains an essential read for horror fans. There are a lot of books I'll be tracking down after reading this. I hope that this book will help to renew interest in many of these books and will them back into print, or at least get them re-released as ebooks
  • Kinksrock
    I received this book through Giveaways, and was very excited about it.If you are a fan of 1970s and 1980s horror paperback fiction, you will want to get your hands on this. You remember those books? They were always prominently displayed in drugstores and convenience stores. They had great covers. And they were full of fun, weird, scary, and sleazy stories. This book reviews the history of those books, and the author points out that many of these...
  •  Martin
    I knew if I ventured into Grady Hendrix’s PAPERBACKS FROM HELL (2017, Quirk Books) two things would eventually happen: I would...
  • Nick Cato
    Full review at http://thehorrorfictionreview.blogspo...
  • Jessica T.
    (goodreads giveaway... bla bla bla) I fucking loved this.... When I was a kid my mom would read horror novels at the kitchen table.. My love of reading started with my childish desire to read these crazy looking books. By the time I was old enough to read them my mom had either loaned them out or gotten rid of them. NOT COOL. Paperbacks from Hell has given me an opportunity to find some of these novels... The book is filled with illustrations... ...
  • LK
    This book was a stroll through the paperback rack at the grocery store by my childhood home.
  • David Sodergren
    Oh, like this book was ever gonna get less than five stars from me!Any fans of vintage and pulp horror need to check this out for recommendations of books they might have missed, or just for the entertaining prose and fascinating stories.
  • Barry
    NOTE: This review originally appeared on New York Journal of Books: Hendrix has been making quite a splash in horror fiction over the past few years with his comedic horror novels Horrorstör and My Best Friend’s Exorcism. However, with his new book, he breaks into nonfiction territory, taking a passionate glimpse into history of the horror genre itself. A thoughtful examination of two decades that s...
  • H.
    Grady Hendrix is’s resident expert on horror. He is responsible for the Great Stephen King Reread and a more recent series, Freaky Fridays. It is the latter hilarious exploration of 1970s/1980s paperback horror novels that led to this book. Paperbacks from Hell isn’t just a fix-up of blog posts, though. There is a wealth of additional information, including dozens of book covers. (Hendrix has also written two horror novels of his own,...
  • Daniel
    This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book. Rated 5.0 of 5This book seems targeted right at me.As a book buyer and a bookstore employee growing up in the late 1960's/early 1970's through today, I have fond memories of the plethora of horror books that were published during this time, often with awesome, creepy covers that called out to the book-buyer and let you know immediately what sort of story would be found on the inside. No...
  • Jessica
    Thanks to Quirk Books for the copy in exchange for my honest review!Are you a fan of horror? Specifically the awesome 70's and 80's decades of horror? Well, PAPERBACKS FROM HELL by Grady Hendrix (author of MY BEST FRIEND'S EXORCISM and HORRORSTOR) is everything you've been looking for.With his witty and hilarious commentary, readers are brought through the iconic 70's and 80's horror stories, but these are the ones that flopped. I really enjoy th...
  • Andrew Nette
    I loved Grady Hendrix’s soon to be released book, Paperbacks From Hell: The Twisted History of ‘70s and ‘80s Horror Fiction. From the opening, his discussion of John Christopher’s totally bizarre 1966 novel, The Little People, about an assortment of unsavoury individuals who spend a weekend in an Irish castle which is also inhabited by evil Nazi leprechauns (‘the Gestapochauns’) to the last few pages, the dying days of American mass m...
  • Gene Heinrich
    LOVED this book! When I first received it I thought - well, I will just pick it up every now and then and read a little, look at the great covers of horror books past but that sure didn't happen. I couldn't put it down. It was such a fun read, and it was great to relive some of my youth (I remember seeing and reading many of these lost treasures). Now, for the negative... ready???I ended up with a giant list of most likely out of print books that...
  • Trey
    If you were literate and curious in the 80s - or by some quirk of fate, are literate and curious in this century - this book is a treasure map of the forgotten forbidden delights that await you in used book stores and flea markets. Here be the weird shit.
  • Jim Lay
    Review to follow
  • Kitten Kisser
    I love this book! The author has an amazing sense of humor & as a result the book is a pleasurable learning experience. I wasn't born yet for some of the books, but for many others, the author gave me a bit of history that explains the insanity of my childhood. Too many times to count my jaw would drop while reading through this entertaining book as I realized that this (& this, & this, & yes this too!) is why my family did the things that they d...
  • Andrew
    To say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover was probably never less relevant than with horror paperbacks from the 70s and 80s. This time period offered the most insane covers, enticing you to untold nightmares inside. In those days of pre-Internet, pre-blogs, and widespread reviews you’d find a book just by browsing the shelf. A cover that stood out would make all the difference. It seemed as though artists had free reign to sell the book ...