Brooding YA Hero by Carrie Ann DiRisio

Brooding YA Hero

Have you ever wished you could receive a little guidance from your favorite book boyfriend? Ever dreamed of being the Chosen One in a YA novel? Want to know all the secrets of surviving the dreaded plot twist?Or maybe you're just really confused about what "opal-tinted, luminous cerulean orbs" actually are?Well, popular Twitter personality @broodingYAhero is here to help as he tackles the final frontier in his media dominance: writing a book. Joi...

Details Brooding YA Hero

TitleBrooding YA Hero
Release DateOct 17th, 2017
PublisherSkypony Press
GenreYoung Adult, Contemporary, Humor

Reviews Brooding YA Hero

  • Cait • A Page with a View
    Oh, this was hilarious and SO necessary. If you've been following the Brooding YA Hero Twitter account, then you'll have a general idea of what to expect here. Total sass and affectionate ridiculing of the books we all love, while at the same time highlighting some VERY IMPORTANT THINGS. It's told from the POV of Broody, who's trying to write his own story since authors currently aren't all picking him to be the quarterback, prince, vampire, or w...
  • destiny ☠ howling libraries
    "Young adult fiction is potential captured and frozen - a bright bolt of lightning caught on the page for everyone to read. It is both universal and incredibly personal, changeable and yet constant."If you've ever visited the Brooding YA Hero twitter bio, you're already familiar with the snark, irony, and self-aware sense of humor that comes with the writing. This book does not disappoint at all in that sense - it's cute, humorous, and fun from s...
  • Julia Ember
    I was lucky enough to read and early version of this. I loved it. Simultaneously critically on-point, subtly political, hella feminist and fucking hilarious. This will delight Broody's twitter fans and serve as a how-not guide to tropes for burgeoning YA writers.
  • alice (arctic books)
    I adore @broodingYAhero on Twitter, and I was so excited when I found out there was going to be a book. This novel is so much fun; it included a bunch of lists that encapsulated many heroes, including the main character, love interest, villain, and everything in-between. There were many fun quizzes, and a LOT of tea was spilled. If you want a good laugh or a break from the cookie-cutter contemporaries and fantasies, be sure to check this one out....
  • Josh
    It's hard not to fall in love with Broody.I got to check out the first couple chapters, and if you're a fan of Broody's twitter feed, you're going to enjoy this. Can't wait for the rest!
  • Nikki (Book Allure)
    I received an ARC from Skypony Press in exchange for an honest review. “Did I do something wrong?” Well. That was a given. He usually did at least fifteen things wrong per book, but only in a swoony, romantic way, where all could be fixed when he took off his shirt. I expected Brooding YA Hero only to dissect every YA character I have ever read about–which it did–but I wasn’t expecting a plot! The story is about Broody McHottiepants wri...
  • Ann Mellor
    I love this account!!! I can't wait for this book!
  • Angelica
    Ever since my friend showed me the Brooding YA Hero twitter page, I knew I had to read this.This book is a satirical breakdown of how most YA novels are written and it brilliantly points out many topics that definitely need to be discussed. It is a criticism on the harmful tropes authors use in YA, making fun of lazy writing and cliched development. It also speaks a lot about the stereotypes and plain lack of diversity that goes into writing YA,...
  • Nikki King
    I've been chosen as one of @broodingYAhero's street team members for their new book called Brooding YA Hero: Becoming a Main Character (Almost) as Awesome as Me. If you don’t know anything about the swoonworthy guy, you should head on over to @broodingYAhero on twitter to get a taste for his tweets. You won’t regret it, and soon we’ll be in competition for his attention. I first met the amatory and effulgent character when I first joined tw...
  • Silvana [The Book Voyagers]
    I was so excited for this book to be quite honest. It is just a super cute idea and we all have a soft spot for Broody in our hearts. He always spills tea in his Twitter and calls out authors/storylines/plots/tropes use in books and defends many stuff as well. This book is a mix of that. It's like a fun How Not To guide to write main characters.Expect lots of fun quizzes, recipes, A LOT spilling of tea and Broody is here to reveal all the secrets...
  • Dvorah
    I was very fortunate to get an ARC of Broody's new book, and oh my gosh, guys. This book.The premise is deceptively simple: Twitter's very own brooding book boyfriend is going to teach us how to become a Main Character. But there are so many layers. It's one part self-help book, two parts social commentary, with a dash of writer's guide and lots of sass.Perhaps most impressively, it pulls off a consistent humor, all while moving between three di...
  • TheBibliotheque
    "And your clothing budget will skyrocket because every time you pose dramatically for a book cover, all your buttons will fly off"Carrrie Ann DiRisio, I seriously wish we were best friends.This book is something else. Something brilliant, something loaded with the most delicious irony and something absolutely hilarious. If you are one of these YA readers that even if they appreciate the perfection of the YA hero, they often roll their eyes at all...
  • Laura Anderson
    I was lucky enough to score an arc of this book, and I could NOT. STOP. LAUGHING. And thinking.The sentences are quippy and quotable, and the characters are laugh-out-loud hilarious, but that's all just trappings to a truly thought-provoking and challenging satire on the books we love, the books we hate, and the books we love to hate.The book begins as Broodie McHottiepants is dumped by an Author, so he comes to the conclusion he should probably ...
  • Ronni
    This book is an absolute joy. Broody is a wonderful main character, laugh out loud funny. But the book isn't just a tongue-in-cheek look at YA tropes. It also touches on some major issues, but in a very sensitive way. In addition, there are such neat sections, such as fun quizzes.I also like how Broody breaks down parts of books, story structure, and fandom into fun, bite-sized pieces. I have the ARC, so I didn't get to see all the lovely artwork...
  • Stacy Fetters
    "At the very least, don't you want to spend more time with me when you're awake and not just when I'm romantically/ creepily/ obsessively watching you slumber from outside your window?" We have all seen Broody's twitter and we all fell madly in love with him. With his peckish good looks and his one liners that would melt the underwear off the Queen. Most of us craved more of this sensation. Now is your chance to get an even closer look at him in ...
  • Lexie
    I fully and happily admit that Blondie DiMeani is my favorite character (sorry Broody). Which probably means I'd wind up as the evil ex in a book, but hey its not like THAT turns out to be a bad thing..This was a lot of fun. While not a traditional novel, it entertained while it picked fun at some very obvious issues in Young Adult (and let's face it, non-YA) novels.
  • Shenwei
    4.2?hard to review this since it's a cross between a narrative and a satirical guide. it was laugh out loud funny in many places but also I think the narrative part could have used better pacing bc I felt it was cramming a lot of the character development for Broody and Blondie and discussion of underrepped/marginalized voices toward the latter half. some of those parts about diversity in YA were a little awkwardly worded. I'll probably revisit t...
  • YA and Wine
    BROODING YA HERO: BECOMING A MAIN CHARACTER (ALMOST) AS AWESOME AS ME reads like part satirical writing guide and part YA narrative. The combination of the two elements is funny, entertaining, and an absolute delight to read.This book is the perfect read for writers and book bloggers. Broody brilliantly points out some major tropes and plot devices in YA fiction, and while the tone is light and satirical, it also sheds some light on the things th...
  • JM Cabral
    Full review to come as on-sale date approaches. For now, I'll leave my short blurb:"With all things considered, Brooding YA Hero is a great contemporary novel that tells the story of a main character that just wants to be seen not only for his chiseled abs or his manly perfume, but also for the unique and humorous way that he presents himself and his story to future readers. It's informative, it's entertaining, and it has heart. After reading thi...
  • Gretal
    I loved this so much. It was just so clever and everything. I'm really glad this was a book. I can't wait to pick up the finished copy and see all the illustrations.