The Final Fight (Fighting, #7) by J.B. Salsbury

The Final Fight (Fighting, #7)

When life brings you the perfect person at the worst possible time… On a weekend visit to Las Vegas to visit his brother, Marine Braeden Daniels meets a woman who challenges him in ways he can’t deny. The best part is she wants what he wants. No strings. No feelings. Just fun. AJ is a Las Vegas performer who is finally living her dream. Growing up poor, she’s determined to succeed at any cost. No one will stand in her way—not even a hot M...

Details The Final Fight (Fighting, #7)

TitleThe Final Fight (Fighting, #7)
Release DateOct 23rd, 2017
GenreWar, Military Fiction, Romance, Contemporary Romance, Sports and Games, Sports, Contemporary

Reviews The Final Fight (Fighting, #7)

  •  Sonya ♕Chatterbooks book blog♕
    I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve read a book from the fighting series I’m seriously smacking myself right now because I forgot just how good they were! I feel like I need to go back and savor every last word from the previous books that I did read and hold on just a little bit longer because this really was the Final Fight. If you’re familiar with the past characters then you know that Braedan Daniels is the younger brother...
  • ✿
    JB Salsbury is one of my five go to authors that never ever fails me. Her writing is raw, unfiltered, diversely layered, and very relatable. From parental issues, abuse, rape, selling of the flesh; to self-identity crises, personal tragedies, devastating loss and redemption; this series covers a wide range of issues.In the latest and final novel in its series, The Final Fight, focuses upon two fighters. And no, I don't mean in the traditional s...
  • Betul
    **ARC provided in exchange for an honest review**3.5 starsThe Fighting series by J.B. Salsbury is one of my favorites and has a special place in my heart. I read the first book four years ago, and have been a fan of the author ever since. It was bittersweet when I heard that this book would be the last one in the series. I have been through so much with the characters and I love them. I loved that they all were present in this book, it made me wa...
  • Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤
    4 starsI enjoyed this one a lot and now I want to read the rest books in the series.It was sexy and passionate.I devoured it, the characters were great and I really felt their intense connection.“I don’t need promises. I only want to live in this moment with you, whatever that means, and not think about tomorrow or a week or a year from now.” The story kept my interest until the end.Overall it was a great story.    
  • AJ
    ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!I loved EVERYTHING about this book! I laughed, I cried, I swooned, and I felt everything in between! JB Salsbury has given us another emotionally intense story with a romance that is just perfection. I freaking loved it!While I am sad to see this series come to an end, I’ve been really looking forward to this book, and it’s a very worthy end to a collection of wonderful, character-driven stories, finishing the series with...
  • Hms
    WOW what an end to one of my favorite series.
  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    Amazing is the word that came to my head when I read the last word. J.B. gave us a tough subject but she handled it beautifully. There are many people that have loved ones that have gone through what Braeden went through. And though I have not dealt with something that deep I can only imagine that if they have people like AJ (Adeline), Blake, Killian and the rest of the family that it might make it a bit more manageable. AJ's life has been anythi...
  • Jen
    Jen reviewing for KinkyGirlsBookObsessions I'm so sad to be seeing this series come to an end but hot damn did it go out with a bang!Ever since book 1 I have become attached to every book in this series. JB gives us an ending that does this series justice. Fans of military romance, you'll want to jump on this as soon as it's live! Such a beautiful story of true love and overcoming your demons and coming out on the other side. I honestly didn't th...
  • J. Grayland
    Marine Braeden Daniels is on a weekend visit to Las Vegas to visit his brother and enjoy some R&R while he awaits his next posting, when he meets AJ a Las Vegas performer and they hook up for a night of fun with no strings attached until Braeden leaves on a six month tour overseas. Braeden Tells AJ to get on with her life without him and follow her dream because he has no idea what their future will hold, only neither of them were prepared for ho...
  • Tpagirl
    The Final Fight was the eighth book in the Fighting series by JB Salsbury. I may now have a new favorite book in the series.Braeden Daniels was the brother to Blake Daniels, book two, Fighting to Forgive. I loved how it started, Braeden was rebellious within the confines of his dad, the General’s, rule. “Yes sir and No sir” as expected, but then he paved his own way. Totally confident alpha. And then it just got better, I fell in love immed...
  • Ellen ✦ Book Bellas ✦
    JB Salsbury is my go-to author for sweet and sexy Alpha heroes and The Final Fight did not disappoint!! I absolutely adored this story and read it in one sitting. Passionate and funny and sexy and heartfelt. Don't miss this fabulous conclusion to the Fighting Series!! Back to Las Vegas, the Final Fight does not so much focus on the fighting world as it does on the experiences of our war heroes. All of my favorite characters make an appearance tho...
  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    Over the past 4 years JB Salisbury has made me laugh and cry with her Fighting series. She's given us sexy Alpha Males and sweet sassy heroines who fight for love. The Final Fight, the last book in the series, is no different. I was immediately drawn into their story and once I started reading it I didn't put it down. Braeden and AJ have a quick and easy chemistry-with or without clothes on. It was evident they were perfect for each other but tim...
  • ♚Julia ~ The Romance Rebels ♚
    I still remember all the feels Fighting For Flight gave me like it was yesterday. The Fighting series has been one of my favorites, and I have been a die hard fan of J.B. Salsbury's ever since. I am so incredibly sad that this is the end to an incredible series. To see all the characters from previous books, made my heart bleed and damn near teary eyed. I just wanted to go back and start the series all over again, after finishing The Final Fight....
  • Naughty Mom Story Time
    The Final Fight is most definitely the most emotional story of the entire series. For Braeden and AJ they’re faced with overcoming obstacles that get in the way of their career paths as well as the quickly growing relationship they build. With an easygoing friendship and undeniable sexual chemistry things move much quicker between than than anticipated. A beautiful end to such an addictive and unforgettable series!!!
  • Beenah (Next Chapter Book Blog)
    And just like's done. The series I fell in love with so long ago, is done. And now, I'm beating myself up for reading this book so fast. Can I multiply the amount of stars I give by 20?? It deserves more than five that's for sure. I laughed, cried, and got angry all because of the characters in this amazing story. I was a mess. I would find myself putting my iPad down to take deep breaths. I had to take breaks just to gather my thoughts...
  • Becca
    JB Salsbury brings her unforgettable Fighting series to a close with another epic and angsty romance. The Final Fight is Braeden and A.J.’s story and it was everything I’d hoped it would be and so much more. Their journey was sweet, sexy, and full of surprises. The author had me riding one heck of an emotional rollercoaster as I fell hard and fast for this great new couple. A.J. fit right into the Fighting world, proving to be the perfect mat...
  • Kirk
    I’ve read all the books in this series and every one of them has moved me in some way. Each couple’s story definitely hasn’t been easy, and at times it’s been heart wrenching. I fell completely head over heels for Blake and Layla in Books 2 & 5 and don’t even get me started on Rex, Cameron, Killian and the rest of the boys! In this final instalment we have Blake’s brother Braeden Daniels and AJ, a performer in a Vegas show. I knew Bra...
  • Kerry Fletcher
    I really do not want to say goodbye to this series. I will not say goodbye to it. If i'm actually forced to say goodbye? I actually couldn't imagine a more perfect end.Brae Daniels *sigh* i only have to say his name and i go all giddy with delight! Rex is my man of this series. He has been since the day he broke my heart. I can now say though Brae is my joint number 1. Sinfully gorgeous not just on the outside but inside too. He took my heart. He...
  • Rebecca
    It’s fitting that the last book in J.B. Salsbury’s Fighting Series is titled The Final Fight because that moniker encompasses what each and every hero and heroine in the series has had to do in order to ensure that when the final metaphorical bell rang, they were the ones left standing…the ones who never gave up despite their underdog status or the chances of them winning being a long shot…the ones who never backed down, always pushing th...
  • Piper Reagan
    The Final Fight... Where do I even begin? It's listed as the seventh book in the Fighting series by JB Salsbury (which I've read and loved each book this series has to offer) And even though I highly recommend reading them all... you don't have to in order to enjoy Braeden and AJ's story. So don't hesitate to dive right in... OK... back to the good stuff.The book opens with a confident/cocky-sexy Marine, Braeden Daniels, who meets AJ Pines, a Las...
  • I Dont Get Sundays
    I hate when a series ends. I hate when you fall in love with these families and the author says ‘this is it’ however I loved the way JB took us out. This one kept you on your toes. You didn’t know where she was going with this one. Will Braeden return to Vegas and sweep AJ off her feet? Will AJ begin dating someone else to break Braeden’s heart? Will they have a reason to see each other again? These are all questions you will ask yourself...
  • Shawna (Blue's Books)
    OH MY GOD. i can’t see through my tears as i type this review. i am so not ready to see this series end and i’ve been dreading reading this book because i knew, that after i finished that would be it. one of my most favorite series in the entire world would be over. but i’m so at peace with it’s ending that i can’t help but smile. smile that JB, this amazing author with such a beautiful gift, has given us so many books to cherish and re...
  • Kara
    ... I hope this isn't the last of them. I love my fighters
  • Mary at USAT's HEA
    The Final Fight is an emotionally impactful, poignant and memorable love story that stayed with me long after I finished reading it. J.B. Salsbury knows how to break my heart, but she always sews it back together and leaves me a satisfied mess. Just as Braeden and AJ’s no-strings hookup evolves into something more, Braeden is deployed, and fate leads them in directions they, nor I, ever imagined. There are twists and turns, pain and triumph, an...
  • Romance Ever After Book Blog
    “ARC sign up is coming soon,” she said.“Time to sign up for the ARC,” she said.Why haven’t you signed up for the ARC,” she said.Why haven’t I signed up for the ARC? Because I’m not fucking ready! That’s why!I’m not ready for the end of this fighting journey with these fighting boys who have been a part of my life for years. For fuck sake Jonah was the reason I started reading this genre. Blake made me laugh. Rex made me cry. C...
  • Brianna at Renee Entress's Blog
    5 Stars!JB Salsbury is special. I fell hard many moons ago for this Fighting series and since then I've devoured, loved, and lived these books. And while I'm sad (and a little happy for Braeden) to see the final book finally here, it went with a huge bang and I can only hope of glimpses in the future.What happens when life brings your forever to you...but it's at the worst time possible?The Final Fight was a sexy, emotionally charged romance that...
  • Jenny
    Braeden was a great wrap up to the series. While he isn't a fighter per say ... his story is about his own fight. In war, in life. AJ was a great match :) I enjoy her need for success while pushing herself to the limit. The story takes an unexpected turn and that's when the true fight starts. I was really surprised and sad ... it felt so tragic. I loved the end and of course, the HEA. I am sad the series is over but it was a great ride.
  • Love N. Books
    Pet’s $0.02These two killed me in the best way possible.If there was ever a couple that were meant to be together, they were it…and they fucked it all up, epically.I kept hearing from other readers that this book made them cry….like, a lot…and maybe I just have a cold, dead heart, but while it did have angst galore…it didn’t make me cry. I will not deny there were a few scenes where I got something in my eye, especially between Blake ...
  • Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog)
    "I want to bathe in her moans and cleanse my soul with her laughter." I'm a big fan of this author's work. She never fails to touch my emotions and leave me with a smile at the end of each amazing story. The Final Fight, AJ & Braeden's story, is no different. She put me through the wringer, as she always does, but I wouldn't change a thing. It's all part of the journey, or in this case, the fight. AJ is new to Las Vegas. It's always been her dre...
  • Bookgasms Book Blog
    I'm still trying to come to terms with my feels after finishing my read of The Final Fight. You see, I've been with this The Fighting Series gang from the very first word of Fighting for Flight and I'm a bit devastated that the series is ending. But, man, what an awesome ending it is! In The Final Fight we get Braeden and AJ's story. Braeden, if you recall, is Blake's younger brother and an active duty Marine. The military is all Braeden wants, w...