The Lying Woods by Ashley Elston

The Lying Woods

Owen Foster has never wanted for anything. Then his mother shows up at his elite New Orleans boarding school cradling a bombshell: his privileged life has been funded by stolen money. After using the family business, the single largest employer in his small Louisiana town, to embezzle millions and drain the employees' retirement accounts, Owen's father vanished without a trace, leaving Owen and his mother to deal with the fallout.Owen returns to ...

Details The Lying Woods

TitleThe Lying Woods
Release DateNov 13th, 2018
GenreMystery, Young Adult, Thriller, Mystery Thriller

Reviews The Lying Woods

  • Chelsea Humphrey
    I went into this book expecting a light, mysterious read, based on Elston's fierce following, but I had no clue it would be THAT good. Seriously, how have I not come across her books before now? I need to immediately scour her backlist and catch up on all her other books that I've missed thus far. When I saw the description for this one pop up on NetGalley, it was one of those moments where I hit the button based on a pretty cover and a vague, an...
  • megs_bookrack
    The Lying Woods follows teenage protagonist, Owen Foster, in the aftermath of his Father being exposed as a white-collar criminal. Mr. Foster steals millions of dollars from his company - the largest employer in town - and leaves Owen and his mother behind to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. People in the town are furious, they believe Owen’s Mom knew what he was doing and they begin threatening her and Owen. Forced to leave his pos...
  • Stacee
    November 2018 finished copy read: I am a huge fan of Ashley’s words, so I was all over the chance to read this story as a beta reader last year and I was especially excited to revisit the finished copy. Owen is a great MC. He’s confused and rightfully angry and hurt and I enjoyed being in his head while he was navigating a new life. The flashback chapters with Noah are great and I loved seeing the same setting in different times. There’s a ...
  • Jane
    I really loved this book. That’s about as eloquent as I’m capable of being after that emotional rollercoaster.
  • Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)
    I love a good mystery, especially one that is shrouded in family secrecy and lies. The Lying Woods was so much fun. Great characters that were hard to resist and a storyline that flashed back and forth from present day to the past that was just as captivating and shrouded in mystery as the present day mystery. I loved how not only the stories but the characters themselves intertwined and came together. With shocking discoveries and revelations, t...
  • Ashlee » Library In The Country
    Guys. I rarely read anything outside of fantasy and science fiction but I loved this book. It was absolutely riveting and had me feeling all sorts of emotional and questioning everything. Despite being a mystery, this was a totally atmospheric book that had me feeling some serious Raven Cycle vibes. You don't want to skip this one!This story follows Owen Foster, who discovers his father has vanished and embezzled millions from his company and its...
  • Jay G
    Want to see more bookish things from me? Check out my youtube channel: Stars *Thank you to the publishers for the copy in exchange for my honest review* Owen Foster has everything he's ever wanted but, one day it's all taken away when he discovers that his father skipped town after stealing all of the money from the employees working for the oil company he owns. Now, Owen must face the after math of h...
    I can honestly tell you that I had no idea what to expect going into this one, but that was a good thing! While it starts off a little slower and it took a number of chapters before I warmed up to the main character, it’s definitely a really well-written contemporary mystery. It builds up really well to the big twists and turns, and I was very impressed.
  • Michelle
    Review also found on my blog here: https://booksonthebookshelf.wordpress...Thank you to Disney Hyperion and Netgalley for my eARC copy of this book.Forced to leave the elite boarding school he has attended for the past several years, Owen has no choice but to withdraw from the school and return to the family home with his mother. Owen and his mother are shunned from the members of their community as a result of the crimes his father has committed...
  • Niki
    I believe this officially makes Ashley Elston my favorite Young Adult Thriller writer. Possibly favorite YA author period. Not only are her mysteries twisted and surprising every time, her teenage characters are so real and it always surprises me. My number one pet peeve in YA mysteries is teenage characters who act like they’re 35 and totally capable of anything, screw adults and the police. Elston’s characters are not like that. They do the...
  • Brittany (The Book Addict's Guide/Novelly Yours)
    Initial Impressions 9/9/18: This was an interesting read! At first it read a little more realistic fiction than mystery/thriller but the end was really packed with punches! There were some clues and the mystery along the way but it wasn't really about investigating and discovering like a lot of mystery/thrillers are, so when reveals and twists started popping up, it was a huge surprise! The ending was really interesting and I loved how it all cam...
  • Resch Reads
    4.5 STARSI immensely enjoyed this book, as my first Ashley Elston book, it blew me out of the water! Ashley truly has a craft for flawlessly combining overlapping story lines, tangled emotions, and complex characters into a cohesive story that hooks the reader and leaves you captivated and wanting more. Once I started the book, I couldn't put it down. I was hypnotized by the endless questions, when one was solved, not only would another pop up bu...
  • Nicole Hewitt
    This review and many more can be found on my blog: Feed Your Fiction AddictionI always think I don’t really like mysteries, but then I read a book like this and it blows me away and I just want MORE! I have no idea how to review this book without giving things away, so I’m actually not going to say much at all except that I read this in one day (practically in one sitting), and I LOVED every minute of the reading experience. Okay, at the very...
  • Lisa Mandina
    The synopsis of this was definitely one that sounded good, but concerned me as one I wasn't quite sure how much I would like it. However my doubts were definitely misguided, because I really enjoyed this one. The author did a great job in throwing in lots of hints and clues throughout the story, including chapters from Owen's father's viewpoint. Obviously those chapters were there to help you figure things out, or to at least add details to the s...
  • Skye
    Anything Ashley writes gets auto-added to my "must-read" list. Her books are all awesomely suspenseful YA.UPDATE 5/2/18:So I just got done reading the ARC...Go preorder it. Now. I'll wait.Man, this book was frickin fantastic.
  • Grace (gracefulreads)
    3.75-4 StarsWow.Owen’s story is not the only story in THE LYING WOODS. It is told in alternating chapters of Owen’s present-day high school experience in Lake Cane and two other teens’ experience there before Owen was born. THE LYING WOODS is a not a frightening thriller like I had expected, but a slow, calculated mystery. From the start, readers are left to wonder whether Owen’s father is truly guilty of all that he is accused. The dynam...
  • Kristi Housman Confessions of a YA Reader
    I wasn't quite sure what to expect going into this book.  I requested it because it was listed as a mystery.  I feel like it was so much more though.  It wasn't a mystery in the same way as some of the books I read.  This one had such a focus on relationships, especially family.The story is told by Owen, but there are sections after Owen's that go back into the past and are told by his dad.  These start off with his dad meeting and working f...
  • Amanda Falk
    Wow, this book was fantastic!Owen Foster is only worried about the next prank his friend is going to pull on him at the prestigious boarding school he attends when he gets news that will change his life forever. His dad has been accused of embezzling money from his company and flees town, leaving Owen and his mother to take the blame for what he has done. Owen moves back home to a small town in Louisiana where many of the people have been financi...
  • Christy
    I think I’ll forever be addicted to Ashley’s books. Full review to come.
  • Kathy Martin
    Owen Foster's life makes a U-turn when his mother comes to his elite boarding school and tells him that his father has embezzled from his company, bankrupting it, and leaving his local investors and employees broke too. His father has disappeared leaving Owen and his mother to take the blame and be the target of many of the people in town who lost their livelihoods when Owen's father disappeared. Owen has to leave his friends behind and go back h...
  • Kristin
    When Owen is yanked out of his boarding school and told about his father's transgressions, he's hurt and confused. It doesn't help that all the kids and even adults of his hometown despise him and his family over what his father did. As if losing your house and belongings isn't enough, Owen finds out that his mom has been getting threatened by someone in town. With no one to trust and no place that's really safe, Owen finds solace in helping a pe...
  • Emma
    Grade: C-An ARC was provided by Miss Print's ARC Adoption Program in exchange for an honest review.The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: After quite enjoying Elston's This Is Our Story, I was excited to see what The Lying Woods would hold. While it's an interesting read, it doesn't have the same drive and thrill that This Is Our Story did.The story is narrated by Owen in the present day and a guy named Noah back in 1999, both of whom form a working re...
  • Allison Covington
    First, I’d like to thank NetGalley for the ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.Owen Foster has everything he could possibly want: He attends a prestige boarding school, spends holidays traveling, and has a great group of friends....until one day, everything changes. His mom shows up on campus to bring him home because his dad has run off with millions of dollars betraying basically his whole home town. Since his education was fund...
  • Angie Crabtree-Liezel and Angie's Book Blog
    This book surprised me. I was a little bit hesitant to read it. I’ve been going through a suspense/ fantasy kick and I have to admit this one didn’t sound like my cup of tea. I have never been so wrong in my whole life. This book was fantastic. It even had suspense in it. I couldn’t put it down. From the very first page I was held captive by the story. I became so invested in these characters that it was sad when the book was over. I surpri...
  • PinkAmy loves \u0026#x1f495; books\u0026#x1f4d6;, cats\u0026#x1f63b; and naps\u0026#x1f6cf;
    Oh Ashley Elston, your books keep getting better and better.Owen’s mother pulls him out of boarding school with the news his father has fled town with half the town’s money. Seems his father ran a Ponzi scheme. Now Owen’s mansion has been seized and his mom has been getting threats. Back at public school, classmates treat Owen like he’s the thief. Past and present collide when Owen starts working for Gus, the same man his dad worked for w...
  • Teri
    After reading a couple of heavy sci-fi/fantasy books, I was in the mood for an intriguing mystery.  I'd never read anything else by this author, but rest assured, I plan on correcting that. I finished this book in less than two days (while I was supposed to be working on several other projects), but just couldn't put it down.  The dual narrative between Owen and Noah is done so well, and goes about revealing the layers of secrets at a perfect ...
  • Gayanna Weddle
    This book was great!
  • Rebecca Allen
    I wasn't sure I was going to connect with a character with Owen's privileged background. But the privilege is stripped from him right at the start of the story and he's placed in one painful situation after another. Neighbors gawk and the paparazzi snap pictures whenever he leaves the house, whispers and stares follow him through the school halls, there's an uncomfortable distance between him and his best friend from grammar school, his only pote...