Calling My Name by Liara Tamani

Calling My Name

Taja Brown lives with her parents and older brother and younger sister, in Houston, Texas. Taja has always known what the expectations of her conservative and tightly-knit African American family are—do well in school, go to church every Sunday, no intimacy before marriage. But Taja is trying to keep up with friends as they get their first kisses, first boyfriends, first everythings. And she’s tired of cheering for her athletic younger sister...

Details Calling My Name

TitleCalling My Name
Release DateOct 24th, 2017
PublisherGreenwillow Books
GenreYoung Adult, Contemporary, Fiction

Reviews Calling My Name

  • Lola Reviewer
    Such an elegant book.The cover is elegant, the writing is elegant, the atmosphere is whimsical and contemplative, the heroine is lovely, almost angelically so. Reading the whole story is just a pleasurable experience you won’t soon forget. Liara Tamani has written here a very beautiful story about growing up amongst family members that do not always understand you. Although religion is important to Taja, unlike her parents, she feels the need t...
  • Candace
    This is a quietly beautiful book. It's lyrical, soft and easy. It's a story that spans time with only light theme within it. There's no urgency and what kept me reading was the beautiful writing. While not in verse it had a similar feel to it. It has a theme of the MC being in a religious family and feeling those pressures to always be good. If I were to complain it would be that I wish it had expanded on this more. But that is largely because of...
  • Tiffany Nichols
    Loved this book! Having 3 daughters, I find it especially important expose them to books with main characters with whom they can relate. Not only is it a beautiful story, but the author does such an amazing job of transporting you right into the main character's shoes. We need more positive books like this! Great read!
  • Shenwei
    a poetic coming of age story that portrays emotions in a viscerally engaging way. Taja's adolescent confusion, curiosity, and conflicted feelings about sex and her religion are captured very well.that all said, there were some really cringe-worthy microaggressions here and there that put me offTWs: body/fat-shaming, ableism, transmisia, slut-shaming/misogyny, racism-the most prevalent microaggressions were body/fat-shaming, and it was kind of hyp...
  • Jamie
    I received an Advanced Reader Copy at Book Expo 2017. A beautifully written coming of age story. We follow Taja from middle grade up through high school graduation. We experience all her firsts. We follow her as she tries to figure out who she is and what she believes. I especially loved her spiritual journey as she discovers how she wants to experience God, not just in church but in and around her.Highly recommend.
  • Rachel Strolle
    Quiet and beautiful. Reminiscent of Sandra Cisnero's HOUSE ON MANGO STREET
  • Jeanie Phillips
    Sometimes you need a nice coming-of-age story about a girl figuring out who she is inside and out. This was just that and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Perfect for readers who loved Jacqueline Woodson's Brown Girl Dreaming.
  • Lydia
    I was surprised at how many parts of this book I could relate to in my own childhood!
  • Rita H.
    Loved this book! Gorgeous writing!
  • Amanda Zirn
    I devoured this in one sitting! A strikingly unique and literary YA read. Older readers will be taken back to those emotional, frazzled, heartbroken, confusing adolescent memories (in the best way possible) while current YAs will definitely, definitely be able to relate.
  • Cristin
    Calling My Name is individual stories about Tara, a girl growing up in Houston from the time she was in middle school until she graduated from high school.The writing was phenomenal in this book. I enjoyed all of the imagery and descriptions. The characters were mostly developed and it had a good plot.I felt the story overall was a little bit disconnected. Most of the times, the story skipped a few months ahead and it was hard to understand when ...
  • Jenna Monaco
    Five stars just doesn't seem like enough for this stunning debut. All I know is how I felt at the end; weightless. I was captivated from beginning to end, finishing the book in less than 24 hours. The words felt like lyrics to a song my soul had been yearning to hear for a very very long time. You are missing out if you don't read this. Incredible.
  • Veronica
    Beautifully written. Very honest and just open. I loved it!
  • Ellen
    So good and so relatable, especially as an introverted black women who grew up in Houston in a religious household. I can't wait to see what else Liara Tamani writes!
  • Shana Powell
    Beautifully written book. A loving and entertaining journey. Highly recommend! :))
  • Trin
    Another adult novel disguised/mis-marketed as YA. The owner of my store likes to theorize that certain books get put in YA because they're not "good enough" to be adult; in general, I couldn't disagree with this more (and actually think it's a fairly offensive assumption on her part), but in this case...maybe. It reminds me of Another Brooklyn, except nowhere near as good.