Shadow Girl by Liana Liu

Shadow Girl

The house on Arrow Island is full of mystery.Yet when Mei arrives, she can’t help feeling relieved. She’s happy to spend the summer in an actual mansion tutoring a rich man’s daughter if it means a break from her normal life—her needy mother, her delinquent brother, their tiny apartment in the city. And Ella Morison seems like an easy charge, sweet and well behaved. What Mei doesn’t know is that something is very wrong in the Morison ho...

Details Shadow Girl

TitleShadow Girl
Release DateDec 19th, 2017
GenreYoung Adult, Mystery, Contemporary, Fantasy, Paranormal

Reviews Shadow Girl

  • Rebecca McNutt
    Shadow Girl is an interesting book, but a little cliche. It's a very generic haunted house tale that boasts a lot of mystery but really doesn't have much of anything mysterious or suspenseful at all in its plot. Some of the characters were very obnoxious too, making it a book that I just wanted to quickly finish.
  • Sarah
    (I received an advance copy of this book for free. Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss.)This was a contemporary story about a girl staying in a haunted house. Mei was a nice girl, and she worked so hard to try and get somewhere in life. She also really cared for her family, and was irritated by the way her brother behaved.The storyline in this was about Mei being hired as an academic tutor by a rich family, and being asked to move into their su...
  • Dani - Perspective of a Writer
    Check out more reviews @ Perspective of a Writer...Mei is an academic tutor saving for college. She takes the job helping Ella as she gets to meet her father, Mr. Morison a powerful man in the financial industry and as a bonus she gets to spend the summer out at their vacation home on Arrow Island. But things are not as easy going as they appear. She is annoyed by Henry, her charge's brother, she is taken advantage of by Nessa, her boss and then ...
  • Maria (Big City Bookworm)
    --Initial Post Reading ThoughtsWhile Shadow Girl has an intriguing premise, it sadly fell a little short for me. I was really excited about the fusion of contemporary and mystery/suspense, but unfortunately it didn’t work very well in this case. There was a lot that was left unexplained and not in a good way. I did like the contemporary aspects of the novel though!--What I LikedThe mystery. I really did enjoy the mystery of this story…until I...
  • Hollis
    DNF at 49%It's been a long time since I DNF'd a book but unfortunately SHADOW GIRL wasn't something I could force myself to push through. Sure, I only had an hour and twenty minutes remaining but I just couldn't do it. For a book that was pitched as a paranormal mystery thriller, there was little plot to that affect. Instead we got to experience a rehashing of what the role of an academic tutor meant, watch our protagonist flip flop between likin...
  • Cassandra
    I have mixed feelings about this book.You know those books that have nothing technically wrong with it? The plot is cohesive and moving. The characters have a distinct voice and drive. The characters are even likable and struggle and change and grow. But there just seems to be some key piece missing. Some spark of life. It just lulls from event to event.That was unfortunately this book.It was a relatively simplistic and cliche kind girl is hired ...
  • rachel • typed truths
    Shadow Girl was a poorly paced borefest. I do not understand why this is being pitched as a paranormal mystery when it was so clearly not. The supposed ghost lore is mentioned only a handful of times, and even then, it is not a focus of the story. It was not remotely spooky. There are a few bumps and wails in the night, but they could - and were - easily explained away. It was mostly driven by the fact that Ella, Mei’s student, claims her room ...
  • Amy
    If you are looking for a suspenseful, paranormal mystery, this isn't the book for you. If you are looking for an interesting, broken, (Asian!) heroine in a YA novel that is light on the romance and angst, yet emotionally tumultuous, this is probably for you. My recommendation: go in with no expectations and enjoy! I didn't particularly like this book at first, but it grew on me. The writing is first-person present and full of short, abrupt senten...
  • Hafsa Sabira
    Abstract: Mei is a lower-middle class Asian-American teenager trying to live up to the high performance expected from her and concentrates solely on earning some extra money for her college and her family. So, when she receives an offer of being an educational tutor to Ella Morison, the ever-so-quite and strange child of muliti-billionaire Morison household, she leaves for Arrow Island for two months without any hesitation.Soon she meets with Vic...
  • Adiba Jaigirdar
    I'm kind of conflicted about this book because there wasn't necessarily anything bad about it, but it really wasn't what I was expecting. The book's blurb promises a mystery and a ghost. Both of which you kind of get but... not really. They're kind of in the background to everything else happening in the book, which is Mei dealing with her own issues - such as giving into her boss' demands too easily, trying to appease a young girl who believes i...
  • Christina (Ensconced in Lit)
    I liked this a lot better than I thought I would. It falls in a weird mix of YA contemporary with ghost story so I think that's why it doesn't get more buzz. I liked the main character and the side characters. It does end a bit abruptly however. It is a fast enjoyable read otherwise.
  • Lissa {rabidreadings}
    The mystery was the driving force for me as I wasn’t a fan of any of the characters. I needed to know what was happening, why it was happening, was there actually something happening?! I’m like a dog with a bone when it comes to unanswered questions so Shadow Girl hit all the right marks with the mystery. Right up until the end.. where I was left wanting more regarding the conclusion.In many ways the thing that may interest the reader is the ...
  • Llinos
    This was a heck of a page-turner – I was totally hooked by the gothic creepiness and the increasingly oppressive atmosphere of the Morisons’ island. I loved how that atmosphere echoed the way Mei felt trapped in her family life, and the way the ghost story paralleled and linked together with Mei’s personal journey. An evocative and memorable read.Read the full review at Starship Library
  • Jay G
    Want to see more bookish things from me? Check out my Youtube channel:*I was sent a copy of this by the publisher in exchange for my honest review* One summer, Mei is hired by a wealthy business man and is required to stay on Arrow Island with the family while she tutors Ella. As the summer progresses, she becomes interested in Ella's older brother, Henry. She also notices that at night, mysterious noises ...
  • Michael
    I bought this book at the promise of supernatural/horror mystery, but sadly it isn't really that at all in the end. There's genuine creepiness when the story is focused on the supernatural, yet it just fails to capitalize. It could have been a disturbing look into the history of the island and the first family, but it is only grazed upon. Mei's relationship with Ella as her tutor was the one true highlight, and any time it shifted away I just fel...
  • Emmy Lou
    The ending threw me off a little, but I still really enjoyed this book.
  • Jill Hughes
    I thought this was going to be a lot more haunted and creepy than it was, but I’m still not disappointed.
  • Alice Hartman
    I have just finished reading the very wonderful book Shadow Girl. and I cannot wait to tell others about what an awesome this book is. I must admit that I have been reading very slowly the past few days as I wanted to hold on to this story for a very long time. This book is a combination of mystery, romance, adventure and one surprise after another. The characters are true to life....with a few exceptions which I will not reveal right now. The au...
  • Jessica
    Spooky ghost books are not my cup of tea, but I loved this. I liked how spoken Chinese was handled - straightforward translation, no tacky fumbling with context clues or exoticized italics. I loved Mei's inner life and her relationship with her mother. So many little details were so real -- from the heavy sense of duty to listening to her mother move around the house and peeling fruit for her. There were so many moments where I was like oh, that'...
  • Christine
    #ownvoices This was all over the place. Plot holes, loose ends... I think she was trying to do too much and it didn't work unfortunately.2018 AtY "own voices"
  • Taylor
    wow!! that was extremely sucky!!!! this is not a book. this is a giant massive list . The main character is some negative girl who is the most boring narrator to ever exist. she is so annoying and you dont even see her name ever in the book except the back cover. the only good thing about this book is the cover. it's supposed to be a ghost story, right?? wrong. there is less that 2% of paranormal activity in here. WHat a let down. instead, its t...
  • Jeraca
    I received this free eARC novel from Edelweiss in exchange for my honest review. Mei has been working one way or another for the past few years and has everything planned out. First she started as a camp counselor and learned how to deal with hyper, wild children. Then she would talk to those kids parents about how she was doing tutoring throughout the summer and throughout school, getting those same kids that she has already learned about their ...
  • Kim Dyer
    This book probably isn't what you are expecting from the blurb and, due to that, I think it's likely to disappoint a lot of people. While it pitches itself as a supernatural mystery, it really isn't. The potential ghost isn't mentioned all the much and, beside a few nightmares, there aren't really any spooky goings on.Really, it is a contemporary fiction that focuses on a teenage girl from a poor background who becomes a live-in tutor for a very ...
  • ElphaReads
    I love a good haunted house story, as living in a home that has the remnants of the dead sharing the space is creepy as all get out. As someone who has possibly lived in a strange house in the past (I WANT TO BELIEEEEEVE), I really enjoy stories that let me relive that time without having to actually relive it. So I, of course, requested SHADOW GIRL by Liana Liu when I heard that it was an Own Voices novel that had a haunted house premise. Mei is...
  • Jennifer
    Honestly, I'm not really sure what this book was supposed to be about. The ending just fizzled out, leaving a lot of hanging threads and a feeling of "who cares?" Her time with the family comes a very abrupt and strange end, and the last chapter at college just came out of nowhere too.Certain elements I felt were odd - she agreed to stay for an entire summer in a remote place with a family she didn't know, tutoring a child she hadn't met. I'm not...
  • • s t a r k i s s e d ☆
    really? nobody else felt like they were reading a high school story that hadn’t been proofread? there were so many instances where i found myself thinking, “that felt super repetitive. there are a bunch of different words that could have been used there instead.” in fact, i read the exact same sentence describing getting to and from Arrow Island three times in this book. THREE. “The trip takes seven hectic, stressful, sweaty hours.” - p...
  • Alice
    4.5 stars I loved it, but I thought the ending with Eleanor being freed was anticlimactic. This was a really fast read. I finished it in one sitting. I'm also happy to report all the semicolons were used correctly. Mei is an amazing character and I related to her so much. Even down to being mistaken for Amber. Coincidentally, this week my name was incorrectly written as "Ellen." My name is Alice LMAOOOO. I thought Mei's conflict with the nice, po...
  • Danielle
    With a description that alludes to Jane Eyre, I couldn’t resist checking this out. Sadly, the supernatural elements in this story were a tad exaggerated. It’s less of a gothic and more of a coming-of-age. Overall this was a nice, quick read. Mei was relatable, especially her internal struggle regarding selecting a major/career path. I will say, as a technical critism, in writing this review I had to look up the main protagonist’s name, and ...