Come Home Already! by Jory John

Come Home Already!

From the creators of Goodnight Already! and I Love You Already!Duck wants to hang out with Bear.But Bear’s gone fishing for a whole week.What will Duck do while Bear is gone? How will he survive without his best pal?!

Details Come Home Already!

TitleCome Home Already!
Release DateDec 5th, 2017
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Animals, Humor, Storytime, Funny, Adventure, Fiction, Juvenile

Reviews Come Home Already!

  • Traci
    When you want alone time but someone is always around, you don't know how to act or think when you get the alone time. So which is better, having more time alone or having someone around? COME HOME ALREADY! explores this questions using humor and vibrance.Written by Jory John, illustrated by Benji Davies and published by Harper Collins.#PB #animals #friendship #loneliness
  • Amanda
    Poor Bear. He just cannot win; either Duck is all up in his business, and Bear cannot get any rest and relaxation. Or Bear strikes out on his lonesome to get his much needed rest and relaxation and everything falls apart. Poor Bear.
  • Kat Harrison
    "Come Home Already!" is a sweet, kinetic story about how opposites attract in the realm of friendship. In the plot, Bear shoves off for a one-week solo fishing trip--craving the prospect of solitude--but Duck isn't quite sure what he'll do without Bear for an entire week! I especially gravitate to Duck's personality, who is a bit all over the place, as opposed to Bear's realism and methodicalness. Davies' drawings really stand out and I especiall...
  • Lisa
    As much as Bear doesn't seem to like Duck they sure do make a pair. The expression in the pictures is fun and hilarious. The story is sweet and full of Tude. In spots it is a little wordy, but the story flows and the reader does not notice the small paragraphs. They have quippy little conversations. This could be fun to do for a bedtime, or a storytime. There is a teaching moment in the story. Bear went on a "vacation" without Duck because Duck a...
  • Linda
    I adore finding another bear book to share and to love. It’s not a “new” story, but Jory John has written one full of chuckles that shows no matter how we might like a bit of ‘alone’ time from a friend, it’s also good to have that friend arrive at just the best moment. Bear decides to go out by himself for a bit of camping and fishing in the woods. Duck soon discovers he’s all alone. My goodness! He doesn’t know what to do. At the...
  • Cornelius Library
    If you have ready any of Jory John's prior books in this series, this one will not disappoint! Duck is excited to hang out with Bear, but Bear is on a fishing trip. A fishing trip?! Duck, saddened, tries to find ways to entertain himself for a week while Bear is gone, but he misses his friend. Bear on the other hand is excited to be out in nature, away from Duck. Pretty soon, he discovers he doesn't know how to put up a tent, or fish really, he f...
  • Juliana Lee
    Bear just wants to be alone with his own thoughts and do a little fishing. But he can't put up the tent and it starts raining and getting dark and he's scared. When Bear left, Duck was frantic. What would he do without his friend Bear. So Duck takes off in search of Bear. Luckily Duck finds him and Duck knows how to pitch a tent and roast marshmallows and tell stories. So Bear is 'stuck' with his pushy friend and neighbor, but he doesn't mind as ...
  • Jodi
    I received a copy of COME HOME ALREADY! at ALA Annual and, as a big fan of GOODNIGHT, ALREADY!, I had high expectations – It's such a fun read, with familiar laugh-out-loud moments between unlikely friends Bear and Duck in a whole new story. Bear sets out on a solo camping retreat and his determined friend Duck, disappointed with being left behind, sets off on the adventure to find him. It's fun, silly, and has a nice message about friendship t...
  • Jillian
    Probably my least favourite of the three so far - but that is NOT to say that this isn't a good book! It's just that the other Duck and Bear books are such fun! This one feels.... well, it's got more of a plot, but less substance, if that makes sense. It seems a bit dragged out, but I did like the adventure aspect of it. (Though if Bear is going to his favourite camping spot....why does it seem like he's never done it before?)Bear's facial expres...
  • Sheri
    Friends need space in this story so Bear goes fishing without his friend. Things don't go well for Bear but Duck finds him and helps out. Then Duck decides he will always be with there for bear wherever he goes. And that's a problem?? Read this fun story and why Bear feels as he does. Deadpan humor.
  • Pug Cake
    Another silly, amusing and entertaining book about Bear and Duck. I looked forward to, and enjoy being along for, the ride on their cute antics (in this case it was camping), so I did chuckle a few times! However, I do feel like Duck is getting awfully clingy. I mean, poor Bear had to leave for a week just to get some breathing room from him! Sheesh!
  • Mikey Golczynski
    Easily the most laugh out loud funny of the three of them. The illustration of duck popping out of the bushes, the smiley face carved into the tree stump, Oh I loved it and so did the school I read it to.
  • Karen Johnson
    So funny! We all have that one friend (or we ARE that friend) who is annoying and pesters and talks, but you love them anyway? The illustrations are great too. Detailed without being too much.I just loved this book.
  • Quintina
    Duck wants to hang out with bear. But Bear's gone fishing for a whole week. What will Duck do while Bear is gone. How will he survive without his best pal?Come Home Already! is a laugh out loud story of two unlikely friends who can't live without each other. Great for storytime!
  • Brittany
    A cute book about an annoying duck that goes to find his neighbor (bear) who has gone off on a camping trip. This would make a really cute read aloud! *Side note, what kind of bear doesn't know how to catch fish...and why does he use a banana for bait. The world may never know.
  • Carrie Gelson
    Fantastic book to talk about needing independence and alone time - but not too much of it!
  • Beth
    so funny!
  • Samantha
    Such a sweet story of friends.
  • Jolyce Abernathy
    Cute, funny and very similar to his other Bear and Duck stories. Goodnight Already will always be my favorite.
  • Bridgette
    I can hear my storytime kids giggling at duck and bear. This book teaches that even though people get on your nerves you can still miss them a LOT!
  • Allison
    Not quite as funny as the others in the series.
  • Kathryn
    Funny and cute
  • Becky
    I just really didn't care for it. Nothing about it stood out. Duck and Bear may simply not be my cup of tea.
  • Pam
    Bear goes camping and discovers that being alone can be difficult. Goose is sad that Bear is gone so he sets out to find him. The friends camp out for the night and have a wonderful time (mostly).
  • Mary Lee
    Bear's softening up a bit. He was glad when Duck tracked him down in the forest and camped with him.
  • Maureen Agnes
    Super cute. Made me actually laugh out loud. Reminded me of Pig and Elephant - that type of opposites attract duo friendship.
  • Caitlin Ostberg
    I didn't really get the point of it.
  • Kelly
    Poor Duck...missing his friend, Bear. Love Jory John's books.
  • Sam
    Bear has gone fishing. Duck misses him. Bear misses Duck. They set out to find each other.Duck, alas, is super annoying.
  • Josie Stewart
    I love these Bear and Duck stories by Jory John and Benji Davies. Always good perspective.