The Crims by Kate Davies

The Crims

The Addams Family meets Despicable Me in the first book of this new trilogy, perfect for fans of Lemony Snicket and Pseudonymous Bosch!The Crim family is full of notorious criminals. Notoriously inept, that is. Uncle Knuckles once tried to steal a carnival. Great-Uncle Bernard held himself hostage by accident. Aunt Drusilla died slipping on a banana peel. But Imogen is different. She was born with a skill for scandal. A knack for the nefarious. A...

Details The Crims

TitleThe Crims
Release DateDec 5th, 2017
GenreChildrens, Middle Grade, Fiction

Reviews The Crims

  • Jen Naughton
    This story was a weird one. On the one hand, I liked the twisty-turny plot, and I'm a sucker for a secret double life as a plot device. On the other hand, this was a little confusing at points and a slow start. The publisher says it's a mix of Despicable Me and Lemony Snicket- I'll go with that.The Crim family is known for not only breaking the law but being bad at it, and they get caught every single time. Twelve-year-old  Imogen is the excepti...
  • Kat
    #Edelweiss #TheCrimsThe Crims has a Lemony Snicket type feel when you read it. It is odd and strange, but absolutely hilarious. They are the worst criminals ever and always get caught, but you can't help like the whole family. Imogen gets exposed at her fancy boarding school as being part of this lack luster family. She sets out to prove they aren't what they seem on the outside. I received an E-Arc copy of this book and found it utterly enjoyabl...
  • Sarah
    E-ARC provided by EdelweissImogen is living a double life- attending a fancy British boarding school even though she belongs to a well-known crime family. She's exposed, and goes back to the family in an attempt to prove the family is not what they seem to be. This funny story will appeal to students because of the sheer ridiculousness of many situations, and it looks like it is the first of a trilogy.
  • Munro's Kids
    A wacky mystery about a family of inept criminals, who finally pull of a heist. Or do they? It's up to the very-clever-but-gone-straight Imogen to figure out what really happened. Some pretty good twists through this story, and lots of super strange hi-jinks (some of which are not successful...). - Emilee