Behind the Song by K.M. Walton

Behind the Song

A song to match everyone's heartbeat.A soaring melody, a pulse-pounding beat, a touching lyric: Music takes a moment and makes it a memory. It’s a universal language that can capture love, heartbreak, loss, soul searching, and wing spreading—all in the span of a few notes. In Behind the Song, fourteen acclaimed young adult authors and musicians share short stories and personal essays inspired by the songs, the albums, the musicians who move t...

Details Behind the Song

TitleBehind the Song
Release DateSep 5th, 2017
PublisherSourcebooks Fire
GenreMusic, Young Adult, Anthologies, Short Stories

Reviews Behind the Song

  • Christy
    I am all about music, YA, and anthologies so BEHIND THE SONG was sure to be a hit for me. This incredible anthology hit it out of the park. A few reasons I loved Behind the Song (and I think you will, too):Each author is at their complete best. I've read or interacted with most of the authors (though not the musicians) so I have a sense of their personality and these stories just have so much heart. Their stories were so their own that I couldn't...
  • Lea (drumsofautumn)
    Full video review here!I was so excited to pick up Behind the Song but found myself disappointed with most of the short stories. I was expecting this anthology to not only have essays and short stories inspired by certain songs but that the theme in the stories itself would be music too and because that wasn't the case, I felt very underwhelmed by this overall.I found a lot of the short stories to be super absurd and weird. I wasn't expecting to ...
  • Jessica White
    I'm giving this 3 stars only because the editing was so terrible and I had to regularly try to decipher words, hoping the finished copy is cleaner! Otherwise, 4 stars.What a great anthology!! The idea behind this anthology was music. Do you ever hear a song and picture the story the music is telling? Well this is an entire book of just that, short stories describing the songs. It features many, many authors and just as many musicians. Some storie...
  • Sionna
    *I received this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review* 3.5 starsI always request anthologies assuming I'm going to love them, but I usually don't. I specifically requested this one because I love music, yet there were so many songs here I didn't know, but for someone dedicated, I am sure that might be a good thing since they can explore new music. I was so SHOCKED to read a story inspired by 2NE1!!! That was the highlight for m...
  • Dedra
    I was provided an e-galley of this novel from the publisher through Netgalley.One of my favorite things to do when I'm reading a book is find out if it has a playlist, or if it doesn't, make one of my own. So when I read the synopsis of Behind the Song, I wanted to read it so bad. This little collection of stories has a perfect mix of fun, heartfelt, and magical tales. And while there are some stories I enjoyed more than others ("Suburbiana," "Yo...
  • Jolene
    I LOVED THIS BOOK! I only wanted to read this book because of one of the fourteen authors, David Arnold. I loved his other two books so much that I was excited to read anything by him, even if it was a short story. Thankfully, the other authors were just as good! All of these stories had a specific song connected to it. Whether, the story was about how a song was written, how a song inspired them to write the story, or as simple as the song being...
  • Merry
    What an awesome Idea to pair music with short stories. We all feel more creative when we connect to our favorite music. So why not write down the stories that the music leads us to. This is exactly what an amazing group of YA authors and musicians have done. Starting a new story was like moving through your favorite song playlist on a lazy summer afternoon.
  • Alexis Stankewitz
    I wasn't familiar with some of the songs,but this collection was extremely interesting to me,both as an avid reader and an avid music fan. I especially loved the story "City Girl" by E.C. Myers. (I would love if he expanded on the story to make it novel-length,if not a trilogy). A definitely interesting collection.
  • Anna
    There are some absolutely stunning pieces in here while others don’t quite work well. There’s an art to short stories that is different from the art of novel creation, and some of these don’t measure up.