Recovery by Russell Brand


A guide to all kinds of addiction from a star who has struggled with heroin, alcohol, sex, fame, food and eBay, that will help addicts and their loved ones make the first steps into recovery-This manual for self-realization comes not from a mountain but from the mud...My qualification is not that I am better than you but I am worse.- --Russell BrandWith a rare mix of honesty, humor, and compassion, comedian and movie star Russell Brand mines his ...

Details Recovery

Release DateOct 3rd, 2017
PublisherHenry Holt and Co.
GenreNonfiction, Self Help, Psychology, Audiobook, Autobiography, Memoir

Reviews Recovery

  • Emma
    I've never been a huge fan of Russell Brand, but even before reading this I thought it was pretty fair to say he's someone who just might have something to offer on the subject of addiction. Actually, I was surprised by just how disarming his honesty was in the book, the level of brutal self-reflection he achieves in his writing here, and clearly in his path to coping with various addictions, was both moving and inspiring. It's not easy taking a ...
  • Mel
    There is a little anecdote in the book where Brand is speaking with a counselor, a grueling session that has gone on and detailed the darkest parts of his life and the severity of his addictions. When she stops speaking she looks at him awestruck, and in that little pause, that on a sheet of paper is 2 tiny spaces, your mind reels with the thoughts that could fill pages... She simply tells him what a survivor he is to have found drugs. Think abou...
  • John
    Fantastic...I laughed, I cried, I nearly peed myself! Russell takes you on an expedition of self-actualization and wonder. He lays out a convincing argument espousing we are all just experiencing a temporary journey through what Prince would call "this thing called 'life.'" It is an absolute must read, and the new "Under the Skin" podcast (subscribe here! subscribe here!) is a must hear. Rusty you blimey done it again mate, I can't turn me head r...
  • Mustafa Hameed
    A very honest, sincere and well-written book with a broad appeal. I read it in a day, so quite an engrossing read too. Those who are easily put off by segues into Brandesque spiritual "claptrap", should not be put off from reading it. He has interpreted the 12-step programme to make it have wider appeal. If you suffer from addictions of any kind, its definitely worth a read.
  • Kate Taylor
    If you are even the slightest bit unhappy or dissatisfied with your life and want to make changes but don't know how, I urge you to read this book. It sets out the 12 Steps programme and how you apply it to your life in order for you to realise and recognise the patterns that you continually make that cause you unhappiness and how you go about re-programming your mind to avoid making them in future. Don't think that this book just applies to the ...
  • Noran Azmy
    Never has the controversial genre of Self Help been graced by a more beautiful, a more eloquent, a more truthful or a more effective addition to its aisles. Russel Brand is a poet, and a very human human being who is very good at understanding other human beings and calling them out. I'm not sure if it's entirely fair that I took a star away from this book; even in its beautiful prose, it's far from perfect, but it's still perfectly marvelous. Re...
  • Mohammad
    Throughout the entire book, I couldn't stop wishing for everyone I know to read this.I don't think there was anything i didn't know, but it had the things i love from self help books, plus the things i can tolerate from mystical books, and the things i like about new atheism, and some other stuff all in one place, organized and beautifully put.
  • Robin Drew
    Great read. I am a fan of Russell Brand. I haven't read any of his books until now. I really like how he is so honest and how he breaks down the steps w/o religion, but with an understanding that there is something at work that is larger than we are. I also bought the audio so I can listen to him on the way to school. I wish he would create a meditation CD as his voice is calming! I highly recommend this book! ❤
  • Christine Jolley
    Read the book. This is a great book for the road to recovery. Not a replacement for meetings but this is no different than hearing his experience strength and hope in a meeting. Inspiring and full of wisdom.
  • Alicia Huxtable
    Ok, to be 100% honest, up until I read this book, I always thought Russell Brand was just a moronic comedian.....this Book proved me more than a little wrong. It is a slap in the face to say the least. Everything Russell talks about in this book, or program, whichever you wish to call it, makes you take a step back and look at your life. Yes, it can be tough but, and I can say this honestly, it is an eye opener. He is so open and honest and raw t...
  • Lia
    started well, fizzled out at the end.I am often interested in social/consumer books about addiction as I work with drug addicts in my role as a pharmacist.Russell Brand is undeniably engaging. I really enjoyed his Revolution book from a couple of years ago.This started strong, with easy to understand, instantly engaging outlines of the 12-step as favoured by many AA type programmes. I cannot pinpoint what brought it down in rating for me, however...
  • Renee
    **Listened again and upgraded rating from 4 to 5 stars**As a person in recovery who did not use a 12-step program for support, I have always thought that 12-step programs were a little too prescriptive and dogmatic to be of use to me. However, I found Russell Brand’s personal spin on the meaning and benefit behind the rules of The Program (i.e. Alcoholics Anonymous) approachable, relatable, and practical. I believe this book (and its free onlin...
  • Faye
    The writing in this book was wonderful. I love Russell's way with words. There were times in this book I related so much to what he was saying it was extremely emotive for me - particularly those detailing his his day to day interaction with the world and how that lead him to feel. That to me is the beauty of reading when you can relate so heavily to the author. And Russell does not hold back on the truth or his own vulnerability which makes this...
  • Mohammad
    This is one of the best books on the 12 steps recovery I have read.
  • Michael
    Russell has a firm grasp on the 12 steps, a relatable life story and an outlook on life I enjoy hearing."If you don't choose to work a conscious program, you are being worked by an unconscious program."
  • Máté
    A very pleasant surprise. Puts the 12 Step program into perspective for anyone to apply for their life.
  • Rebecca
    I'm really glad I decided to grab this book on Audible... You don't need to be an addict to gain something valuable from this book. 5/5
  • Sophie
    Wow. A few months ago my mum told me about this podcast she had started listening to called 'Under the Skin' created and hosted by Russell Brand. I was intrigued by the things she told me about it and so started listening and was captivated by the guests he had on, the topics they discussed and the incredibly honest and vulnerable way he shared parts of his own story. Fast forward a few months and from listening to his podcast I learnt about Russ...
  • Candace
    Not everyone is a fan of Russell Brand, but I so appreciate his openness to publicly acknowledge his endeavours at personal growth and change, past and current faults, striving for self awareness and education. His sharing his personal experiences with 12 step programs and how he made it work for him has the potential to help a lot of people, or at least help others understand the people in their lives and in the world who are struggling with add...
  • Juvoni
    Brand lays out a poetic, vulnerable, humble and resilient book on the topic of facing our addictions. Using the lens of his experience dealing with multiple forms of addiction he revisits his journey through the 12-steps program and reframes it for a broader appeal. Acceptance, structure, intention and effort are a necessary part of working towards recovery, "If you don't choose to work a conscious program, you are being worked by an unconscious ...
  • Jordan Johnson
    I listened to this audio books in roughly two weeks and I must admit, it had a lot to do with my curious love for Russell’s voice. It soothes, it inspires, it transforms, anytime he speaks, I feel like I’m truly learning and growing as a human being.I would recommended this book to any reader who enjoys a sort of self-help, self realization type read. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had a severe addiction to drugs or alcohol (although if you ...
  • Kimberley Hope
    It's easy to skip over this book, thinking smugly, "well, I don't have any addictions I need to recover from. I don't need a program, let alone THE program." But Brand, in his sultry, slightly clairvoyant tone, elucidates us to the patterns of behaviour we might not recognize as an addiction. Laziness, procrastination, self-defeating and negative thoughts, egotistical pursuits, obsessive use of social media, over indulging in emotional eating, dr...
  • Jackie Hayter
    Not for sensitive readers: if you are looking for a wishy-washy 'everything will be ok if you stop drinking and follow God' kind of book, then look away. This is a raw, honest, profanity-laced book that re-works the 12 Steps. It's a bit self-obsessed, but it is refreshingly easy to read. If you love Russell Brand's eloquence as I do, it's a good read. And it is a reminder that we all have our own addictions and obsessions, and we need to do the w...
  • Janina
    I loved this book. I'm not addicted to drugs or alcohol, but we all have addictions to something, and this book became quite enlightening for me. It came at a time when I was trying to get rid of some bad habits, and helped me pinpoint the whys and hows and the phrase "one day at a time" took on a whole new meaning. Plus, Brand is simply brilliant at writing. Profound, funny and intelligent, this was a pleasure to read (listen to).
  • Charles
    Russell Brand thoroughly updates the “Big Book” for the modern reader. Gone are the cultish and stale edicts of AA replaced with a renewed calling to serve your higher self. For atheists and others who have an issue with traditional 12 step programs this is the invitation they have been waiting for. Sublime, smart and the highest form of service.
  • Rae
    A brutally honest and plain-spoken look at the power of addiction and how the 12-step program (whether you are a believer in God or not) can assist you to make changes in your behavior and relationships.
  • Genevieve Speegle
    I loved Revolution. I mean LOVED it. I recommend it to almost everyone I talk to. This one, while interesting and full of useful information, didn't seem as applicable to me personally as the other one. I'm sure it will be great for a lot of people, but it was only OK for me.
  • Amanda Hernandez
    I absolutely loved this book. I got it from the library and now I want to buy my own copy! He may seem to ramble a bit here and there, but over all it's an inspiring look into recovery from addiction of any kind and gives hope.
  • Catherine Hjertholm
    I believe that the majority of the world's population should read this book. It's one of those books that has changed my life, so do yourself a favour and read it (now!!!).