Macbeth by Jo Nesbø


Set in a dark, rainy northern town, Nesbo's Macbeth pits the ambitions of a corrupt policeman against loyal colleagues, a drug-depraved underworld and the pull of childhood friendships.Get ready to helter-skelter through the darkest tunnels of human experience.

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Release DateApr 5th, 2018
GenreFiction, Mystery, Crime, Retellings

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  • Jeffrey Keeten
    ”There is only so much a man can take before he gives in, before he breaks every tattooed oath and does everything---absolutely everything---he thought he would never do. For eternal loyalty is inhuman and betrayal is human.” The Sam Worthington and Victoria Hill Scottish Gangster version of Macbeth (2006) is my favorite Macbeth and probably the closest cinematic version to this novel.Inverness.1970s.Setting: Run down industrial town with tox...
  • Debra
    "You’re a better man than me, Macbeth."Jo Nesbo's Macbeth is his contribution to the Hogarth Shakespeare Project. This book started slowly for me. Which is funny because the book opens to action but nevertheless it was S-L-O-W. There is a lot going on all at once and there are a lot of characters with their own agendas. I found I put this book down a lot in the beginning and turned to other books but kept coming back to this one. As I said I st...
  • Carol
    What a cast of ruthless psychotic killers! Is anyone NOT a cold blooded assassin in Jo Nesbo's reimagined take of Shakespeare's MACBETH? Is there even a hero to root for? Well, you'll have to read it to find out. Having not experienced the classic myself, I have nothing to compare to, but will surely be reading it sooner than later. My interest is now peaked!DARK and DEADLY from start to finish, I could not believe the betrayals....the backstabbi...
  • Barbara
    3.5 starsThe Hogarth Shakespeare project invites current writers to update Shakespeare’s plays, setting them in modern times with modern characters. "Macbeth" by Jo Nesbø is a retelling of Shakespeare's play "Macbeth", which was set in the Middle Ages. The original story centers around a high-ranking Scottish military leader named Macbeth who - urged on by his ambitious wife Lady Macbeth - secretly murders the King so he can take the throne. A...
  • Matt
    First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, Jo Nesbø, Hogarth, and Crown Publishing for providing me with a copy of this publication, which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review.Contributing to the Hogarth Shakespeare collection, Jo Nesbø has created a modern retelling of the Bard’s Macbeth. Set around 1970, the story opens with a police raid on a local gang running narcotics. When the authorities bungle things exquisitely,...
  • Sandy
    When I was in high school, I was that weird girl in your english lit class who actually liked Shakespeare. The Hogarth Shakespeare project gave 8 authors a chance to recreate one of the Bard’s classic plays & when I heard Jo Nesbo was taking on MacBeth, I had to read it. And he’s done a remarkable job.It’s a daunting challenge. After all, we already know who did what & how it ends. But Nesbo has given it a modern facelift by turning it into...
  • Abby (Crime by the Book)
    Full review to come! For now, find my top 3 reasons this book belongs on your 2018 TBR here: COW. This book is freaking brilliant. It’s a dense read to be sure - but that is NOT a flaw. In fact I think that’s necessary in order to capture the moral complexity of Shakespeare’s play. This book has action thriller scenes, political machinations, and Nesbø’s trademark superb character development....
  • Joseph
    I have heard quite a bit of praise for Jo Nesbo in the past and saw this as a chance to evaluate the author. I loved the setting and the descriptions. 1970s gritty is perhaps my favorite setting for fiction. I grew up in the 1960s and 70s in a very gritty city myself. I really like the start of the book but after a while, the Shakespeare seemed forced into the story. It was like the story and the Shakespeare were fighting each other for dominence...
  • Dave
    For several years now, modern authors, acting under the auspices of the Hogarth Shakespeare Project, have reimagined Shakespeare's classic plays some 400 years after he wrote them. Before reading this book I was entirely unfamiliar with either the Hogarth Project or any of Nesbo's books. Let me be entirely frank when I say that Nesbo hit a grand slam with this amazing noir-filled literary masterpiece. For those who know MacBeth, it's all here fro...
  • Emma
    This is a brutal, blood soaked reimagining of Shakespeare's classic play. And when I say there's some death in it, I seriously mean it, once the book gets going you'd be forgiven for thinking there might not be anyone left by the end. Of course, if you've read Macbeth, you know how at least three of the characters end up (everyone always remembers the main three). Still, that does nothing to negate the constant sense of danger that pervades the b...
  • Dimitris Passas
    Μετά την απογοήτευση που μου προκάλεσε η ''Δίψα'' σκεφτόμουν ότι εάν ο Jo Nesbø δεν δοκιμάσει να ανανεώσει τόσο την θεματολογία των μυθιστορημάτων του όσο και να αλλάξει σε μεγάλο βαθμό την αφηγηματική του πρακτική, πολύ γρήγορα θα χάσει τα σκήπτρα το...
  • Dennis
    Joe Nesbø's Macbeth is a standalone retelling of William Shakespeare's Macbeth with a modern day, Joe Nesbø crime fiction spin that we all love and respect from the Stephen King of police drama novels. The novel starts sets the stage in the 1970s, in a destitute, crime and drug ridden town in rural Norway, where the townsfolk are ruled by addiction. Both drug ring leaders, Sweno and Hecate, are the supreme leaders of the organized crime and d...
  • BAM The Bibliomaniac
    Netgalley #92018 Reading Challenge: involves a heistMany thanks go to Jo Nesbo, Random House especially Hogarth, and Netgalley for the free copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review.I recently learned about the Hogarth series and had to have ALL THE BOOKS. Macbeth is the latest in the series. Nesbo is well known for his Harry Hole thriller series, Nordic noir. This was just superbly written. It was quite easy to follow the Shakespeare ...
  • megs_bookrack
    A tour de force of brutality & ambition!!! I was so excited when I discovered that the Hogarth Shakespeare series was adding Macbeth to its line up. It is my favorite of all the Shakespeare tragedies and I was looking forward to seeing how Nesbo would give it a modern twist. I have never read any of his books before but had heard very good things. He certainly did not disappoint - this soared above even my highest expectations.The action takes pl...
  • Kasa Cotugno
    I was excited to learn that Jo Nesbo had been tapped to provide the latest in Hogarth's updated Shakespearean series, and he did not disappoint. With his trademark attention to detail, even to the most minuscule, he brings Macbeth into the 1970's literally with a bang. Having seen many productions of the original, it is the play I'm most familiar with, and Nesbo's signposting of characters in the choice of their names was spot on in this depictio...
  • Roman Clodia
    The combination of Shakespeare's Macbeth and Nesbo' s dark brand of crime writing should have been a match to die for - but somehow this novel just doesn't work for me. The most successful of the Hogarth series (and imitative adaptations and appropriations more generally) take the Shakespeare text as their starting point but invest the appropriating text with a life of its own: that's what made Atwood' s Hag-Seed: The Tempest Retold and Jacobson'...
  • Tiffany PSquared
    "The days crawl in the mud, and in the end all they have accomplished is to kill the sun again and bring all men closer to death."A modern re-telling of a classic tragedy featuring a man, Macbeth, who is trying to make a name for himself in a no-name town.Jo Nesbo reimagines Shakespeare's character of Macbeth as a police officer in the 70's working in a drug-riddled city that is also filled with corruption. When we first meet Macbeth, he's likabl...
  • Tanja Berg
    En helt okej fritt-stående Nesbø baserad på Shakespeares "Macbeth". Eftersom jag inte läst originalet är det svårt med avancerade jämförelser. Jag hade aldrig köpt romanen baserad på det som stod på bokens baksida - maktkamper och narkotikamafia är inte sånt jag läser frivilligt om. Undantag för Norge största författre som följer berömda fotspår, förstås. Den största överraskningen är hur fort Macbeth mister fotfästet. J...
  • Dana Aprigliano (TheVaguelyArticulateReader)
    *I would like to sincerely thank Crown Publishing, Hogarth Shakespeare, and NetGalley for providing me this novel in exchange for an honest review.* I’m a really big fan of Hogarth Shakespeare. I just love the idea of a well-done modern Shakespeare adaptation, and for as many modern adaptations there are in existence, there are only a few truly well-written, well-conceived, and decent ones. I sincerely believe that Jo Nesbø’s Macbeth is one ...
  • Toni Osborne
    A Hogarth Shakespeare tragedyMs. Nesbo is the latest bestselling author to have been commissioned to retell a tragedy originally written by Shakespeare and to spin the tale in a modern way for the a 21st century audience, he chose Macbeth. “Macbeth “is a thriller about the struggle for power. In Mr. Nesbo’s version the main character “Macbeth”, is the leader of a Swat team in a coastal city where crime is rampant. After a drug bust that...
  • Susan Johnson
    I wish I liked this better than I did. It is just so dark and depressing. that I was out of sorts for several days after reading it. It is the retelling of Shakespeare's Macbeth. This one is set in a modern industrial city in Europe where lawlessness has been allowed to run unchecked for years. Macbeth is head of the SWAT team that is working under Duncan, chief of police, to clean up the town. As they struggle against motorcycle and rival drug g...
  • Marjorie
    This is the re-telling of Macbeth, which Jo Nesbo has chosen to set in the 1970’s. The police department in a drug-infested industrial town is determined to bring up standards and make the place a decent one for its citizens. The new Chief of Police, Duncan, is determined to bring the reign of one of the leading drug lords, Hecate, to an end. Hecate has plans of his own. He intends to manipulate Macbeth, who is head of SWAT and who has a checke...
  • Tomáš Fojtik
    Neznámé místo, sedmdesátá léta. Společnost se vzpamatovává po vládě policejního šéfa Kennetha, za jehož panování město upadlo do chaosu a zločinu; drogová mafie si tu vytvořila svůj stát ve státě. Nový náčelník Duncan se však rozhodl toto město zlepšit. Pomalu se mu to začíná dařit, byť mafiání mají stále silné slovo, a důvěra lidí v politiku a věci veřejné není kdovíjaká. Jeden z jeho podřízen...
  • Joyce
    3 starsThis book is Jo Nesbo’s contribution to the Hogarth Project of re-telling Shakespeare’s plays. Luckily for the reader, Mr. Nesbo chose to do it in crime-writing style. I didn’t like this book as well as Mr. Nesbo’s other works, but perhaps that it just me. It is set in the 1970’s. Macbeth is in charge of a team that pursues drug kingpins. The town they police is a run-down semi-industrial area that has little to offer. One of the...
  • Megan
    Before this book, I have never read anything written by Jo Nesbø. Recently I've heard a lot about him and his work, due to The Snowman releasing in theatres, and as a result, I put him on my TBR. Then a coworker of mine brought to my attention a group of authors who have been asked to reimagine Shakespearean plays, Margaret Atwood among them. While looking up more information on Hogarth Shakespeare I learned that Macbeth had been given to Jo Nes...
  • Lori
    This retelling places Duncan has chief police commissioner in a once-important industrial city infested with drugs, organized crime, and corruption. All the major players have roles in the police leadership. When Duncan dies, Macbeth, the head of the SWAT team, succeeds him as commissioner. The Norse Riders fill the role of a gang. The setting did not work for me. I'm not a fan of gritty noir novels, and this take on the classic Shakespeare fit t...
  • Egor Mikhaylov
    Бодрая и брутальная шекспировская сага про коррумпированную полицию и всемогущего наркобарона. В целом pleasure, хотя в основном и guilty
  • Margaret Sankey
    I read this to practice my Norwegian, which is good, because this is Nesbo, never a subtle writer to begin with, clumsily hammering the plot of McBeth into a the hellscape of a deindustrialized Scottish town over-run by drug lords and corrupt cops. The plot is paint by number from Shakespeare, with the effect of making the Bard's rich characters into cardboard standups, especially Lady McBeth, who is now a mob moll.
  • Claire Kittridge
    Dark and fun! MacBeth starts off very strong then slows down for a while and picks up steam (and a steam engine!) for a cinematic finish. Characters are well drawn and set in a blurry time and place in post WWII Britain (Scotland?). Lots of bloody killing and a nice twist toward the end. A nice homage to a classic, with cool touches like keeping the names of Shakespeare's characters.
  • Molly
    Jo Nesbo takes on Macbeth as part of the Hogarth Shakespeare project. Very good solid read, it has the grittiness of a Nesbo book, with characters familiar to readers of Shakespeare. Well worth the time.