Your Name. by Makoto Shinkai

Your Name.

Mitsuha, una ragazza di provincia, e Taki, giovane di Tokyo, sconosciuti entrambi delusi dalle loro quotidianità, si ritrovano un giorno a vivere in sogno una la vita dell'altro. Lasciandosi dei messaggi per il "risveglio" inizieranno a comunicare e a conoscersi, cercando di capire la loro strana relazione e il legame che li unisce e si rafforza notte dopo notte, sogno dopo sogno, mentre incombe il passaggio di una misteriosa cometa...Una storia...

Details Your Name.

TitleYour Name.
Release DateJan 18th, 2017
GenreFantasy, Novels, Light Novel, Sequential Art, Manga, Young Adult, Romance, Contemporary

Reviews Your Name.

    decided to learning japanese just because this book i never read something beautiful like this before ❤❤
  • Maria Clara
    Me ha encantado leer esta novela, hermana del anime del mismo nombre. Divertida, fresca, dulce, maravillosa.
  • Magdalen
    Somewhere along the way, I had also begun to wish for something, not knowing exactly what that something was. Well that was a fascinating and emotional roller coaster! I watched the film yesterday and when I saw there was a novel too I knew I had to read it.Japanese people shall never seize to impress me with their abilities to create such epic masterpieces! First of all the film was excellent· the art, the plot, the music and generally the ...
  • Sara Bow
    Absolutes Jahreshighlight !! 10 Sterne ❤ Absolutes Jahreshighlight !! 10 Sterne ❤️
  • حسام عادل
    الله على الجمال :)
  • Laura Evlolle
    Dieses Buch war so so schön und auch wenn ich die Story schon wegen des Filmes kannte, hat es mich total gepackt und mitgerissen. Haaaach. ♥ Dieses Buch war so so schön und auch wenn ich die Story schon wegen des Filmes kannte, hat es mich total gepackt und mitgerissen. Haaaach. ♥️
  • Giada Ventieri
    "Il motivo è che ho sentito che da qualche parte ci fossero dei ragazzi e delle ragazze come Taki e Mitsuha. Questa è ovviamente una storia di fantasia, eppure credo che da qualche parte esistano delle persone che hanno vissuto esperienze simili e provano sentimenti simili ai loro. Che hanno perso figure o luoghi importanti, e che hanno deciso mentalmente di lottare lo stesso. Persone che continuano a tendere la mano verso qualcosa che non poss...
  • Yukino
    Bello bello bello.La trama la sapevo a tratti, non ho voluto apposta informarmi, perchè volevo evitare i soliti spoiler.E ho fatto bene! si perchè mi aspettavo un'altra cosa, più o meno e quindi mi ha piacevolmente stupita.Trama: Mitsuha Miyamizu, una studentessa delle superiori che vive nella piccola cittadina di montagna di Itomori, nei pressi di Tokyo, è stufa della sua vita monotona: vorrebbe essere infatti un affascinante ragazzo della m...
  • Kayla Dawn
    Einfach super schön und außergewöhnlich :)
  • Sarah Dorothea
    2 out of 5 stars! ⭐ OUR MARCH 2018 BOOK CLUB READ: I was just not impressed by that book. It was hyped up so so badly that I just had really high expectations... The layout of the book was so weird and I had difficulty in finding out when the narrator changed. I guess the manga as such would have been better, but this month’s book from our book club was another disappointment. What the romantic fantasy novel is about: Mitsuha lebt in einem...
  • Raghdaa Morad
    What kind of sorcery is this😍♥This is my first time ever reading a Manga and oh my what an amazing experience i haven't been hooked in a book like this for a very long time ,, The story is very sweet and adorable i couldn't help but watch the anime too and it lefts me with a very beautiful feeling why can't this kind of colorful magical events be in our gray dismal reality!! I absolutely recommend the manga and the movie (read/watch) it I pr...
  • Isa
    Básicamente es la película y no tiene mucho más. Así que si tenéis que elegir entre leer esto y ver la película yo me quedaría con la película sin ningún tipo de duda.
  • Neil (or bleed)
    I liked the idea of Your Name. It is like a time travel/paranormal/magical fantasy blended into one and it's up to you which one you want to choose. I chose the time travel one so I've looked (me being an intellecteual jk) for some "technical" or even not-so technical explanation about the time travel (and body-exchange) phenomena in this book. Sadly, I think I haven't read one? Thus, I've just reflected my dismay on the rating i.e. 3 stars. Lol....
  • শুভঙ্কর শুভ
    অসাম। চমৎকার।বইটার নাকি পিডিএফ পাওয়া যায় না। লিংকে গিয়ে দেখুন এবার।
  • Elisabeth
    Das Buch ist wirklich einzigartig und es hat mich völlig zerstört. Ich habe nun Angst vorm Film, muss ihn aber unbedingt sehen, auch wenn vielleicht noch mehr Tränen fließen, als beim Roman.
  • Bine
    Ein schöner Roman mit interessanter Erzählweise und einem sehr schönen Setting.Der Roman hatte es anfangs ein wenig schwer, mich mitzureißen und die Charaktere kamen zunächst nicht wirklich an mich heran. Als ich mich jedoch in die Geschichte und die Erzählweise eingefunden habe, habe ich es sehr genossen, den Roman zu lesen. Irgendwann will man einfach wissen, wie es ausgeht. Die Geschichte war schön erzählt, ich mag generell Körpertaus...
  • Pardis
    Hitoha Miyamizu: Treasure the experience. Dreams fade away after you wake up.__________Mitsuha Miyamizu: Musubi? Hitoha Miyamizu: Musubi is the old way of calling the local guardian god. This word has profound meaning. Typing thread is Musubi. Connecting people is Musubi. The flow of time is Musubi. These are all the god's power. So the braided cords that we make are the god's art and represent the flow of time itself. They converge and take shap...
  • Makhda
    Kimi no Na Wa by Makoto ShinkaiI only watched the anime. Absolutely gorgeous. One of the best anime I've ever seen!
  • Miriam
    This had interesting ideas but the writing was dull, perhaps due to the translator. And the repeated groping of the boobs got old fast.This worked better as a movie. It was very appealing, visually, so it wasn't as noticeable where there were weaknesses elsewhere.
  • Angigames
    Conto i Giorni che mi separano dall’uscita del DVD di Your Name. Per non sentirne troppo la mancanza mi sono decisa a leggere il romanzo da cui è stato tratto il meraviglioso film d’animazione. Confesso che avevo una certa fifa a leggere questo libro. Temevo di rimanerne delusa in qualche modo. Beh… SONO STATA UNA POLLA!Shinkai non ha solo il dono dell’animazione, ha anche quello della scrittura! In pratica è un genio!In 180 pagine ries...
  • Lucía Cafeína
    Me enamoré tanto de la película que necesitaba más, y aunque no me ha saciado, esta novela ha sido algo que me hacía mucha falta, además, no es solamente el guion novelado como ha pasado en otras ocasiones, no, aquí encontramos sentimientos, pensamientos... detalles que en la película se pierden... es precioso, para qué enredarme más. Pero la peli es mejor.
  • Alexandria
    Kimi no na wa racconta la storia di due ragazzi giapponesi di diciassette anni, Taki e Mitsuha.Taki vive a Tokyo con il padre, è affascinante ma assolutamente imbranato con le ragazze. Ha due migliori amici, Tsukasa e Takagi, che condividono con lui la passione per l’architettura.Taki lavora part time in un ristorante italiano, Il giardino delle parole (riferimento a un’altra opera di Shinkai), e ha una cotta per una senpai (una ragazza più...
  • Ivy
    REZENSION KANN SPOILER ENTHALTEN2018, das Jahr, in dem ich mir vorgenommen habe, auch lesetechnisch meinen Horizont zu erweitern; in dem ich meine Komfortzone noch ein Stückchen mehr verlassen und mich Büchern und Werken widmen möchte, die eben nicht in mein gewöhnliches Beuteschema fallen. Mein erster Schritt in diese Richtung? Auf Empfehlung einer guten Freundin habe ich mir Your Name von Makoto Shinkai gekauft, ein Buch, das eigentlich ein...
  • Flor
    The feels guys, the feels.
  • Hasnat Sakin
    We met. We finally met. By the time I think that I’m about to cry, tears have already started falling. He sees that and smiles. I return the smile as I weep, and take a deep.breath of the fresh spring air. And then, at the same time, we open our mouths, harmonizing our voices like children doing a cheer.“Your name?Holy shit. You've got to be kidding me. I've watched Japanese anime tv series and read manga before. So I thought I should read a ...
  • Luisa
    I fili si congiungono e prendono forma, si torcono e si intrecciano; a volte si sciolgono, si spezzano e si uniscono di nuovo.Sulle note dei Radwimps cerco di mettere insieme due parole per descrivere ciò che ho provato leggendo Your name, ma è un'impresa abbastanza difficile.Onirico. Surreale. Mistico. Nostalgico. Spirituale.Non esistono termini migliori per definire questa storia.Avendo già visto il film, appena ho avuto in mano il romanzo m...
  • Avery TheLibrariansDaughter
    That day when the stars came falling... ...It was like a scene from a dream... ...Nothing more or less... ...Than a beautiful view... The soundtrack of this movieIs literally an eargasm, omgAnimation is A+Soundtrack is A+Characters are A+Story is A++I feel like you need to watch/read this knowing nothing about the plot because trust me, this is amazing. Honestly, even if you don't like anime you would like this.
  • Heidi
    It's the first book I've read in Japanese and the level was a little high for me so I can't really say how good the writing is, but I enjoyed the story and I FINISHED IT!
  • Melisa
    ICH LIEBE ES!!!!
  • manda
    04 Feb. '17 Ugh. I can't even. Don't talk to me right now. 05 Feb. '17 goodreads | more reviewsI still can't.If you can't find the manga anywhere, do yourself a favour and watch the anime.Just do it. It is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. And if you've read my other reviews, you'll know I'm one of the most heartless, a-romantic reader you'll ever find.