Cloaked in Shadow (The Dragori, #1) by Ben Alderson

Cloaked in Shadow (The Dragori, #1)

Romance. Magic. Lies.For fans of elves, shapeshifters and elemental control.Zacriah Trovirn is concerned with two things in life: hunting and dodging Petrer, the boy who broke his heart.Heartbreak becomes a distant concern when Zacriah is taken to the Elven capital of Thessolina, where he is forced into King Dalior’s new legion of shapeshifters. But Zacriah isn’t a shapeshifter. In truth, he doesn't know what he is.Zacriah joins forces with n...

Details Cloaked in Shadow (The Dragori, #1)

TitleCloaked in Shadow (The Dragori, #1)
Release DateDec 18th, 2017
PublisherOftomes Publishing
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Glbt, New Adult, Young Adult Fantasy, Romance, M M Romance, High Fantasy, Paranormal, Fiction

Reviews Cloaked in Shadow (The Dragori, #1)

  • Elizabeth Sagan
    Cloaked in Shadow made me think of Throne of Glass and ACOTAR and a lot of set-up books that put things in place before the shit hits the fan. It felt like setting up a chessboard, which makes me so much more curious about the sequel.*I had high expectations when I started reading it. And I can honestly say they were met. It was a really nice and enjoyable read.*I want to point out 2 things, though. First one, the world-building. It isn’t that ...
  • Kylie Holiday
    BLATANT SEXISM. The female characters are portrayed horribly!!! Saw this book in the Goodreads newsletter and noticed the impressive ratings, and I LOVE LGBTQ fiction. But please do NOT believe the hype!!! This story is sexist in the worst way, delegating most of its female characters to one dimensional 'bitchy bimbo' stereotypes while the equally one dimensional male cast of Mary Sues receive the rest of the fantasy tropes. This is NOT acceptabl...
  • JD
    An Elf nicknamed "Zac". That's enough to DNR for me right there. Let's break down the synopsis now: the author puts "feeding his family" and avoiding a love interest into the same priority category. Seriously? Wtf is with the cover art? It looks like something that would belong to gay fantasy fanfic featuring an Elf that works part time as a go-go dancer in a gay club in Orlando. And I say that as a gay guy living in Orlando. YA- can't we demand...
  • Christine Spoors
    I haven't been reading much fantasy recently, but Cloaked in Shadow has definitely reminded me why I love the YA fantasy genre so much. This is Alderson's first book and I absolutely love the world he created.I really liked the main character Zacriah, it's always interesting to read from a male POV in YA fantasy as it's not something we see as often. He is such a likeable character and I liked that he is flawed, and remains so throughout the book...
  • Michelle van der Lans
    actual rating: 2.7Disappointing. I've been looking forward to this book ever since it was announced but no. I'm not going to write a review on it, not going to say any more. I hope others enjoy it but I honestly didn't and won't pick up the sequel.(I should add though that despite everything, I'm glad this book had the LGBT character. As someone who's LGBT herself, I'm always hoping for more LGBT books and characters. I'm also certain Sarah J Maa...