The Mosaic by Nina Berkhout

The Mosaic

Twyla Jane Lee has one goal. To finish senior year so she can get out of her military hometown of Halo, Montana. But to graduate, she needs to complete forty hours of community service, and that means helping out a rude and reclusive former Marine named Gabriel Finch.A young veteran of the conflicts in the Middle East, Gabriel spends his days holed up in a decommissioned nuclear missile silo on his family farm. Twyla assumes he's just another doo...

Details The Mosaic

TitleThe Mosaic
Release DateSep 5th, 2017
PublisherGroundwood Books
GenreArt, Photography, Fiction, Young Adult, Young Adult Contemporary

Reviews The Mosaic

  • Barbara
    Senior Twyla Lee has always considered her hometown of Halo, Montana, to be a dead end, and she and her boyfriend Billy Goodwin have plans to move to California for a better life. Billy's not a local, and he has his parents' financial backing and dreams of cooking his way to fame. Although Twyla enjoys taking photographs just like her grandfather, she has floated through school, barely passing and participating in few extracurricular activities. ...
  • Heather Pearson
    Twyla has her life planned, knows what she wants and the guy she is going to do it all with. until she meets Gabriel, and injured war veteran. Her community service stint is supposed to be a one of , no strings attached. At first she dislikes Gabriel, but over time she starts to meet the real man behind the solitary, don't need any help image he presents. This community service arrangement brings out the worst in her seemingly perfect boyfriend.T...
  • Jen
    This is a really powerful book about a girl who just wants to get out of her close-minded, dying military town in the middle of Montana. She and her boyfriend dream of going to California where she will get away from the military industrial complex and take easy pictures of the surf and people's weddings.But before then she has to complete community service with a terse Marine veteran who is more complicated than he seems. Will he burst Twyla's w...
  • Abigail Troppmann
    It was simply breath taking. An incredible contemporary piece that explored the depths of humanity through real characters. Slow to begin with, but once Gabriel's secret is revealed to Twyla, you cannot put it down. Genuinely an eye opener. Incredibly thought provoking, and an absolute must read if you don't mind your heart breaking and then rebuilding itself all over again.