The Pioneer Woman Cooks by Ree Drummond

The Pioneer Woman Cooks

#1 New York Times BestsellerGoodReads Choice Award Semi FinalistFor home cooks, nothing beats preparing a long, leisurely dinner for your family, stirring slowly, seasoning gradually, and savoring every flavorful step.Screeeeeech! Reality check! Okay, let's face it: With school, sports, work, obligations, and activities pulling us in a million directions, not many of us can spend that amount of time in the kitchen anymore! What we really need ar...

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TitleThe Pioneer Woman Cooks
Release DateOct 24th, 2017
PublisherWilliam Morrow Cookbooks
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Nonfiction, Food

Reviews The Pioneer Woman Cooks

  • Carol
    Just what I'd expect from The Pioneer Woman. Love her take on cooking and living.
  • Nicole
    61 Recipes Completed:Breakfasts: 8/11 RecipesGranola Bars (4/5)Amish Baked Oatmeal (3/5)Peachy Pancakes (2/5)Overnight Muesli (3/5)Mini Sausage Casseroles (3/5)Orange Vanilla Monkey Bread (4/5)My Mom's Muffins (4/5)Waffle Iron Hash Browns (3/5)Lunches on the Go: 8/9 Recipes BBQ Chicken Wings (4/5)Lemon-Basil Potato Salad (5/5)Apple-Celery Slaw (2/5)Pasta Salad in a Jar (3/5)Salad on a Stick (2/5)Beef Noodle Salad Bowls (3/5)Thai Chicken Wraps (3/...
  • Cyndi
    I think this is my favorite of her cookbooks, so far. Tons of terrific and easy recipes. Since I’m a regular cook and not a chef I am always on the lookout for easy recipes. For example there is a great granola bar recipe made with rice krispies. Chicken strips made with Cap’n Crunch and a stuffed pizza crust. Yum! 😋
  • Melodie
    I enjoy the Pioneer Woman's TV show and usually love her cookbooks, finding at least 3 or 4 things to make ASAP. Not so with this one. There wasn't a single recipe that I even considered. Very disappointing, Ree. I returned it! That almost never happens with a cookbook! I gave it 2 stars rather than 1 because of the nice pictures.
  • Mireille
    It's a really beautiful book. The amount of pictures make recipes really easy to follow even for n00bs like me. The cutesy tone and the real life anecdote work for me, but I can see how it could be grating for some. This was actually intended as a gift to a family member who likes cookbooks, but I might keep it after all, because none of the recipes come across as "healthy", and some of the ingredients may be a little harder to find up here in th...
  • Amy
    Let me tell you why I LOVE this book!First, Drummond uses regular, everyday ingredients -- sometimes she even uses store-bought cake mixes, etc!Recipes are organized in colo-coded sections: Breakfasts, Lunches On the Go, Apps & Snacks, Under 40 (less than 40 minutes to put together), Under 20, Take Your Time, Sheet Pan Suppers, Meatless Marvels, Sensational Sides, Bread Baby, and Sweets, Glorious SweetsRecipes within each section contain the serv...
  • Vicki
    I’m a big fan of Ree Drummond’s books and tv show. She’s a loving wife and mom, has some fantastic recipes, funny, and I love they clothes she wears! So when I saw this book was available at my library I put it on hold. Two days later I had it in my hands.There are photos and stories of her, her family & pets, and The Merc. The recipes have photos of each step which I really liked. I do wish the book included the nutritional info for each r...
  • ❄️✨ Kat ✨❄️
    Probably my new favorite cookbook, tbh. There are all sorts of recipes in here - main dishes, desserts, bread, etc. for everyone including the pickiest of eaters.
  • Fredrick Danysh
    Come and Get It is a delightful collection of simple recipes. Each recipe is accompanied by color photographs showing each step in the process. Also are some photos from Drummond family life.
  • Ashley Livermore
    I have always loved Ree's cookbooks but this one was very disappointing. For the sake of "fast cooking" she seems to have written a book that requires very little to no cooking at all. Real food has been replaced by pre-done ingredients and processed foods. I was so excited about this cookbook I preordered it. Too bad I can't return it.
  • Sarrah
    I enjoyed the writing much more than the recipes in this one. She is down-to-Earth and funny, but the layout (photos for every step!) doesn't lend itself to easy usage. The recipes are very handy and friendly and would be a great starting place for people without much cooking experience.
  • Lesa
    Actually, Ree Drummond's latest cookbook has one more subtitle. It's The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Come and Get It!: Simple, Scrumptious Recipes for Crazy Busy Lives. And, even if you seldom cook, this is a scrumptious cookbook to browse.Ree Drummond, blogger turned cookbook author and television celebrity, begins this latest cookbook with a collection of her favorite things. It includes her "20 Favorite Pantry Items", favorite freezer staples, refrig...
  • Ash
    A Visually Appealing Cookbook -- Cooking Made Easy Let me start by saying... I LOVE Ree Drummond. Her show, The Pioneer Woman, is my absolute favorite to watch. Her new cookbook is saving our meal times! We were stuck in a pattern of the same old recipes and/or take out. Cooking wasn't fun anymore and was becoming an unpleasant activity. We bought this book as our family Christmas present. I saw The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Come and Get It! Simple,...
  • DK Simoneau
    Loved the detailed pics for instructions. Liked her conversational style. Found inspiration for some recipes to try. Or even to create my own versions. Who wouldn't love a muffin top?!? Without the base. And the sheet dinners seem like they could be a life saver
  • Tena Edlin
    I just love these cookbooks. They’re beautiful, funny, and this one especially was filled with page after page of recipes I can’t wait to try. These cookbooks are made for cooking good food, but they’re also meant for reading and enjoying like any other book.
  • Karen
    This cookbook was actually fun to read! I really liked the pictures for the individual steps instead of just a typical recipe. When I try some out, I’ll come back and update my review.
  • Kristi
    I really enjoyed reading the stories and seeing the pictures plus I cannot wait to try numerous recipes out of the book. There are so many great ones and love her style of cooking. I did not give this book 5 stars because most of these recipes are on her blog or the Food Network so nothing new. It is nice having them in one place.
  • L.G. McFerren
    Love this cookbook. Easy to follow and very colorful. Plus who doesn’t love Ree Drummond!
  • Amy
    I love Ree and I enjoyed reading her little blurbs but the thing I’ve always liked about her cookbooks is how familiar everything is to my Midwest rural kitchen. This cookbook has too many recipes that my husband turns his nose up to. He’s not eating a roasted vegetable sandwich. There are a couple recipes I will make but it’s not going to be a go-to like her other cookbooks are
  • Meredith
    I found a few recipes I can't wait to make, but the rest seemed like something I've seen before.
  • Jessica
    Literally my favorite cookbook so far. Ever.The design, the simplicity of directions, the availability of ingredients, the tastiness of the recipes themselves... I love you, Pioneer Woman. You're the best.
  • Debbie Tollefson
    While I enjoy watching her show, this cookbook was a waste of my money. Very few things I would ever try, plus the commentary is just silly
  • J.S.
    Enjoy the range of recipes. Like that the recipes have photographs for each step. Only complaint is the cook/bake time does not appear at the start of the recipe. Most cookbooks I have show the bake/cook or even prep time listed along with the ingredients. With this cookbook, you have to read through all the steps to find out how long to cook/bake it. I'd rather have it listed at the start, so when I scan the recipes I'd know this is a recipe mea...
  • Connie Weiss
    I have found at least 20 recipes that I want to try!
  • Jocelin
    Another great cookbook for Ree Drummond. I loved the photography of the recipes as they were being prepared.
  • Leah
    I always grab her new cookbooks when we get them in at the library. (Librarian benefits, yessss!) I love how her recipes use every day ingredients and aren't super "fussy" (if you will.) The peach dumplings look really good... as does the no-bake white chocolate raspberry cheesecake... and the cheesy garlic pull-apart bread... and the everything else. :) Will definitely be trying some of these recipes! (Also, the ode to Charlie is so sweet.)
  • Minna
    I did see a few recipes I wouldn't mind trying. Obviously, little of this is particularly healthy and many recipes (if not most) rely on at least one convenience product. I was mildly amused by all the different recipes on how to roast things on a pan - c'mon people, it literally could not be easier; the only greater cookbook pet peeves I have are recipes for salads and sandwiches - and mildly put off by the plugs for the show and the store. It's...
  • Terri
    I couldn't resist Ree Drummond's "The Pioneer Cookbook: Come and Get It" when I saw it in the store! I love to cook! I bought it despite the fact that I definitely DON'T need more recipes!First of all, the physical book and its layout are glorious - including heavy, glossy pages filled with bright colors, luscious and helpful photos of each step in the process of making the savory recipes, and personal photos. It is well organized, and recipes ar...
  • Lindsey
    This is the most ridiculous of cookbooks. Recipes span multiple pages which is wicked annoying when you are actually cooking. Ingredients are in a different spot with every recipe, in bold, but you have to search for it. Bad.Pictures up the wazo that are horrific in and of themselves. A cookbook should make the food you are making look delicious! Why take a picture of a sandwich in plastic wrap that looks like it was sat on! Also, the readers are...