Holding the Fort (Fort Reno #1) by Regina Jennings

Holding the Fort (Fort Reno #1)

When dance hall singer Louisa Bell visits Fort Reno to see her brother, she is mistaken for the governess that the harried Major Daniel Adams is waiting for. Between his rowdy troops and his two daughters, he has more responsibility than he can handle alone. Eager for the opportunity, Louisa sets out to show the widower that she is a perfect fit.

Details Holding the Fort (Fort Reno #1)

TitleHolding the Fort (Fort Reno #1)
Release DateDec 5th, 2017
PublisherBethany House Publishers
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction, Romance, Westerns, Historical Romance, Christian

Reviews Holding the Fort (Fort Reno #1)

  • Hannah
    Aw, this was such a fun read! The story is lighthearted and very well researched. It was easy to like Louisa and to root for her and Major Adams to fall for each other. The two girls, Caroline and Daisy, are enjoyable youngsters as well.I have to say, that introduction between Louisa and Major Adams (him trying a stunt and landing at her feet!) was hilarious and one of the best/most memorable meetings I’ve read. I can always count on Jennings t...
  • Teresa
    Holding the Fort by Regina Jennings was such a fun book to read. I can't even say how much I enjoyed it. When you think about a dance hall singer posing as a Mennonite Governess, it would have to be hilarious. Louisa gets herself in more situations than you'd think possible with Major Daniel Adams, the head of Fort Reno, when she's posing as his daughter's governess. This book was such a joy to read. I highly recommend it!
  • Sarah
    Age Appropriate For: 15 and upBest for Ages: 15 and upI discovered Regina Jennings this year in reading Caught In The Middle. That book really impressed me. The next book I read by her, her very first book, wasn’t my favorite. Sixty Acers and a Bride had some wonderful elements but some content that I didn’t enjoy. Holding the Fort was fun and ranks between the other two books mentioned.Right off, I was a little worried about where this might...
  • Brittany
    Holding the Fort was a thoroughly delightful book! The story contained a nice balance of humor, serious dialogue, and questions of faith. I enjoyed the characters in this story, both the primary and secondary ones.Louisa was a likable character, even as she tried to uphold the ruse of being a governess. I appreciated that she kind of fell into that position and did not initially set out to deceive anyone. Once she found herself in that situation,...
  • Shantelle
    3.5 starsWhile Holding the Fort wasn't my favorite book by Regina Jennings, I must admit it was a pretty adorable story. The first book in a new series, THE FORT RENO SERIES, it was engaging, fun, and easy to read. I ended up liking all the prominent characters: Louisa Bell, the dance hall singer. Her trouble-making brother, Private Willis. The rather endearing Major Daniel Adams, a widower and father. And the major's two daughters, Caroline and ...
  • Jen.
    .Wow - what a gorgeous cover!! In between the gorgeous covers of this book lies an equally gorgeous story, one that will draw you in from the very first page.This book has some beautiful characters. Major Daniel Adams is one of the kindest, most gentlemanly heroes I've seen. Louisa Bell has such a sincere heart and desires the chance at a normal, respectable life. Private Bradley Willis and the Major's two daughters, Daisy and Caroline, round out...
  • Cara Putman
    Regina’s novels always have such fun characters and a sense of humor that is delightful. This one has that, but so much more. There’s a heroine who’s trapped between her past, and what she hopes her future will be. A hero who wants to be more than he is and who is tied to a formal status due to his rank in the US Army. The conflict and challenges between them are real…and humorous. And the possibility of love is sweet…and tangled. For t...
  • Susan Snodgrass
    'What did God think of her sitting in this chapel, pretending to be holy? He knew the truth. He knew she was no friend of His.'Louisa Bell, aka Lola Bell, sings in a bawdy house, even though she's never done anything but sing, but still she's treated like trash by everyone. She loses her job at the Cat-Eye Saloon to a younger, more desirable singer and realizes she has no place to go. However, her brother is stationed with the calvary in Indian t...
  • Maureen Timerman
    As soon as I turned the cover of this book the author had me walking in Louisa Bell’s shoes, and loving this girl. A big heart filled with compassion, and when she becomes homeless decides to go to her brother who is in the brig in Fort Reno.Be ready for a few chuckles and wonder how she does what she does, but with such a loving way, that faux pas are soon forgotten, but we do see what a great mind she does possess with her chess playing. Can ...
  • Lisa (Bookworm Lisa)
    What a hoot! This book is well written and a lot of fun to read.Louisa Bell comes from questionable beginnings. She feels that she can not make much of herself because of others decisions that affected her life. She doubts God and she doubts herself. A fortunate circumstance fell into her lap and she rose to the occasion and learned and grew as a person. She is a woman of integrity, grit, and intelligence - in spite of what others tell her.I love...
  • Amy
    Holding the Fort was such a joy to read. I cannot think of another book that had me giggling out loud as much as this one did in quite some time. It takes a special story to really be able to infuse humor into a romance during a time in history that was very stressful and could be deadly. I like that this story had such a quirky heroine. Her growth as a character and the transformation that she made in a world that often judged her and the wonder...
  • Sarah Monzon
    Reminded me a little bit of The Sound Of Music
  • Tima
    Louisa is a dance hall singer. When she receives a letter that her brother is in prison at the army fort, she worries about his reckless behavior. When she's fired from her job, she decides to head to the fort to save her brother from himself. Due to a huge miscommunication she's now working as a governess for two wild little girls. And their father, Daniel, is as full of secrets as she is.This was a fun book. The plot was well thought out and wh...
  • Julia Wilson
    Holding The Fort by Regina Jennings is a really fun historical Christian romance. It is the first book in the Fort Reno romance series and what a wonderful series it promises to be.The characters were realistic and well drawn. The leading lady is a delightful mix of confident yet vulnerable with a kind heart and an amusing personality.We all play roles in life. The person we present to the world may be very different from the 'real' us. Holding T...
  • Haley S
    Wow! I have found a new favorite book! And can I be honest with you? I did not expect to like it—like at all. I went into reading the book with a “I’m not going to like this book” attitude, but, boy, I was wrong. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t expect to like it. I mean, I didn’t really like the cover; it just isn’t my type. Or maybe I read a certain synopsis that I didn’t like. I have no idea.The main characters—and side c...
  • Cheryl
    The first in a series about Fort Reno. Louisa is a dance hall singer who loses her job and has no place to go except the fort where her brother is stationed. He is in trouble as usual and she wants to help. She is mistaken as the governess that the commanding officer was waiting for. She tries to act like a governess and help her brother.
  • Dawn
    Review soon.
  • Iola
    Lovely Lola Bell was raised in a saloon, but her singing voice has meant she’s managed to keep from working upstairs. Except now she’s been fired, and no one in town is going to give a saloon girl a respectable job. Then she hears her brother—her only family—is in trouble. She has no choice but to become Miss Louisa Bell, find Bradley at Fort Reno, find a respectable job, and hope her past never catches up with her.Major Daniel Adams is a...
  • A.M. Heath
    What I Loved: I always enjoy a military setting, so I was smitten with Hold the Fort from the moment I had first heard about it. Jennings incorporates military life at a western fort along with historical details about the conflict with the relocated tribes in the area. I learned some things along the way which is always a treat. With this as a backdrop, she adds in a beautiful romance, two charming girls, and one sweet talking hero. And then the...
  • Amy
    Running a Kansas Fort on the frontier with Indian Territory, and with two daughters in desperate need of training and education, Major Adams agrees to hiring a governess. Anything to stop his mother in law from pulling his girls away, she thinks that Fort Reno is no place for growing girls. She's sung her last song as a singer & performer at the Cat Eye Saloon. Replaced by a younger, albeit less talented model, Louise 'Lola' Bell is suddenly unem...
  • Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews
    When you are in the mood for a trip to the old west, life in a fort, and a sweet story about faith, love and forgiveness then this should be one of the books you pick up to indulge that feeling.While this book is labeled as western Christian romance, it is not heavy on the religious aspect.  There is the right balance of faith/religion, love, action and the wisdom of two young ladies.This story touched my heart in many ways.  Louisa was way out...
  • Phyllis
    It is amazing how much I still learn about the West while reading fiction after all these years.  Regina Jennings packed so much history into Holding the Fort, written about the actual military fort, Fort Reno.  It is clear she did a lot of research for this book, and yet not a minute of the book was dry or uninteresting.When I read the description of this book, I honestly expected to find the premise a little unbelievable.  It seems like mist...
  • Christian Fiction Addiction
    With fun loving characters, laugh out loud moments, and a whole lot of heart, "Holding the Fort" is another winning novel from Regina Jennings. Louisa is a zany, likeable young lady who will surely win your heart within a few pages of becoming acquainted with her. Her desire to look out for her brother is a sweet one, and the misunderstanding that results in her becoming a governess makes for some highly interesting moments. Some of the scenes, o...
  • Rachael
    I really enjoyed the story (though I had some small initial hesitation, even having loved the author's previous works--nothing good ever comes from lying about who you are). But it's delightfully funny, it's sweetly romantic, and it's a marvelous example of grace--everything I've come to expect from the author, while at the same time tackling a difficult subject.Anytime the main character is masquerading as someone they're not, no matter how inno...
  • Vera Godley
    Sometimes it is good to just kick back, relax, and indulge in a fun, light, tickle-me-pink story that still holds a good, clear message of the goodness of God and His forgiveness. Holding the Fort is just such a book.Typically I don't care for wild west stories that involve dance hall girls but this one is different. The heroin of this story is a young woman who is the result of a single mother that lived a low life in the dance hall environs. Bu...
  • Michelle Kidwell
    Holding the Fortby Regina JenningsBethany HouseBethany House PublishersChristianPub Date 05 Dec 2017I am reviewing a copy of Holding the Fort through Bethany House Publishers and Netgalley:In this book we meet Louisa Bell, she never wanted to be a dance hall singer but desperate circumstances beyond her control forced her into making that decision. She receives a little help from her brother in the Calvary, but lately he’s been getting himself ...
  • Sandra
    I love Regina Jennings and have read several of her books. I can count on her for a laugh or two. She has written some of my favorite lines of all times. In Holding The Fort after the Major has fallen off his horse riding barefoot, Louisa has his head in her lap. He awakens and thinks he is dreaming or imagining her. He jumps up, gets back on his horse and rides away. "She couldn't shake the image of him riding away, hunched over, barely able to ...
  • Suzie
    When Lovely Lola Bell (aka Louisa Bell) finds herself out of a job, she decides to check on her brother stationed with the cavalry at Fort Reno. While there, she can straighten him out and perhaps find a new job. But when she arrives, she’s mistaken for the governess to Major Daniel Adams’s daughters.The way Louisa and Daniel meet is both original and a touch humorous. Their second meeting is even better considering neither of them quite know...
  • Kella
    With summer right around the corner, I needed a lighthearted read to match that sunny feeling in my soul. Holding the Fort was the exact book I was searching for! Spunky, fun, and downright giggly, Regina Jennings’ latest novel had me in stitches long into the night as Louisa navigates rowdy troops, endearing students, and a handsome Major who is way too keen for his own good. Get ready to be giggling for hours with this latest, sweet story! I ...