The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck by Bethany Turner

The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck

Becoming a Christian is the best and worst thing that has ever happened to Sarah Hollenbeck. Best because, well, that's obvious. Worst because, up to this point, she's made her very comfortable living as a well-known, bestselling author of steamy romance novels that would leave the members of her new church blushing. Now Sarah is trying to reconcile her past with the future she's chosen. She's still under contract with her publisher and on the ho...

Details The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck

TitleThe Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck
Release DateOct 3rd, 2017
PublisherFleming H. Revell Company
GenreRomance, Christian, Christian Fiction, Contemporary, Fiction

Reviews The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck

  • Toni Shiloh
    Bethany Tuner’s debut novel is the quintessential rom com. I laughed out loud so much my husband questioned my sanity and of course the actual hilarity of the book. And I smiled so many times I was pretty sure my cheeks were going to get stuck in that position.This is such a great Christian rom com and it touches on sooo many issues. For one, what’s next after praying the salvation prayer. The other talks about Christian fiction and what read...
  • Melissa
    Debut author Turner has an incredibly unique voice that draws readers into the story and won't let them go until the gorgeous conclusion. This is a modern Christian novel that touches on realistic subjects and themes and shows how any situation can be directed back to God. The romance is both scorching-hot and completely appropriate, which is a difficult task to pull off, yet Turner does so amazingly. The novel is filled with humor, stellar chara...
  • Madison
    Hilarious. Honest. This novel takes everything you think you know about Christian fiction and totally shakes it until you have something so wonderful, delightful, surprising, and authentic, something that captures the agonising (and sometimes embarrassing) beauty of life and love.Newly divorced, Sarah Hollenbeck turns to writing to fill the gaps in her life. When poetry doesn't work out, she tries romance. And surprisingly has huge success. Now a...
  • Alyssa
    Bethany Turner has made a fan for life. The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck tells the story of an author who becomes a Christian all the while still having a contract with a publisher that wants her to write what is described as a scandalous novel. A novel she thinks she can't write now. Sarah also begins to attend a new church where she meets the Pastor and immediately has feelings for him. The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck touches on many iss...
  • Tito
    I'm a picky reader. I'm picky about characters, I'm picky about plot, and I'm picky about writing. In order for me to enjoy a book, those three things have to be done to my satisfaction. With this book, it was. I. Loved. It. It's funny too because I ordered it online last minute, but didn't have any high expectations. Well all I can say is, I was impressed. The writing was solid, and I laughed quite a few times throughout the novel. There wasn't ...
  • Sarah Monzon
    I wish I were better at writing reviews so I could do this book justice. First off, I have to say, I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I love the voice of the author. I love the unique premise (seriously, I'm tired of reading the same plot over and over again). I love the humor in it. I love watching how someone stumbles around figuring out "how to be Christian." I love the bravery of the author and Revell (the publishing house) for stepping out of the "box" of C...
  • Mikal Dawn
    Review to come. But believe me. Just go buy the book already. I DIE. 😍❤😍❤
  • Raechel
    4.5 stars (really good, but would recommend for ages at least 18 and up for content). Review:This book was adorable. The writing style was truly so great, and I was just drawn right in by the first chapter. It was so...readable. :) The style felt so unique and yet still so familiar to my own. And the story - oh my goodness, I had so many giggles throughout it. This was a book where I literally laughed out loud. Which then caused my family to ques...
  • Maureen Timerman
    From the beginning to the end of this book I could feel that the author had placed God’s hand on the main character, took awhile, but it was heart warming adventure.Forgiveness and turning the other cheek is really shown here, and you are going to be on a wonderful page-turning read once you turn the first page. It isn’t easy to offer forgiveness, and especially when the pain was really offered to hurt someone you love. Great lessons here, fr...
  • We love
    Everything happens too fast (boom - a best friend, boom - a Christian, boom - love at first sight, boom - engaged & married. The End.) The story idea was an intriguing one, but just very little character development.
  • Lili Marcus
    *I was given a copy by the publisher and the author thru Netgalley and for that I am deeply grateful Thank you so much. I really find it hard to write a review for this. This is a story of a divorcee named Sarah; her life after her divorce and her journey towards Christ. How she gave up poetry and be a novelist instead. And not just a mere novelist but an erotica Romance Writer. With her bestseller three books, everything seemed okay but she know...
  • Courtney Clark
    You know those books that seem to release with a blog and social media craze equivalent to a 7-year-old piñata frenzy? Yes? Well, The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck debut novel by Bethany Turner is one such novel that lives up to its hyped expectations. One search or visit to any of Bethany's social media channels can result in hilarious interviews, videos, and quotes all showing her refreshing style (I highly recommend doing so).This story i...
  • Susan Snodgrass
    I really tried to like this book. I truly did. I had heard loads of good buzz about it and thought that it sounded very interesting, so I wanted to read it. I realize I'm the odd man out here, so to speak, because the reviews are generally good. But I was very disappointed in this book. The book is marketed as Christian fiction, but I didn't really find all that much inspiration in it. Sarah Hollenbeck has just been divorced from her cheating hus...
  • Anne
    From the moment I read the back cover blurb, I knew I’d love this book. I was right. In fact, I’m putting The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck on my top ten book list for 2017. The story is original, honest, funny, heartwarming, angsty, and oh-so romantic. Being an author who has written content I’m not proud of, I could relate to Sarah and her situation. I truly enjoyed this book from start to finish! Bethany has mastered the art of writing...
  • Janet Ferguson
    What a fresh style! I enjoyed every second of reading this book and laughed almost the entire time. It's very different for inspirational fiction in that it deals with physical desires in a funny but realistic way.
  • Laura
    THE SECRET LIFE OF SARAH HOLLENBECK is a first-person, chicklit style book. Reeling from her divorce, Sarah is struggling to find her identity apart from her ex-husband's trophy wife. So she joins book clubs. And in the process discovers she can write. And she begins to make friends. Unfortunately, her best friend is judgmental and drops her like a hot potato when she learns Sarah writes steamy romances. But Sarah's friend returns. And leads her ...
  • Nicole
    The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck (2017) by Bethany Turner is a phenomenal stand-alone novel. This may be one of the BEST books I have ever read! This novel was just released on October 3, 2017. This book comes in all forms including eBook, and is 297 pages in length. With a full-time job and a very busy five-year old, this story took me three days to read. I received a free copy of this novel directly from the publisher, Revell of the Baker Pu...
  • Amy
    The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck was a story that blew me away. It made me laugh and it made me cry. I enjoyed how the author wove into the story spiritual truths like forgiveness of sins and love that never fails. We first meet Sara before she becomes a Christian. She has hit a really rough patch in her life. Her husband had been cheating on her and they divorced. To find an outlet she joins a book club. What I really liked about that is she ...
  • Fiction Aficionado
    If making people laugh was prohibited by law, Bethany Turner would be on Interpol’s Top Ten Most Wanted list. Come to think of it, causing people snort with laughter SHOULD be prohibited by law, in which case I’m going to have to report her anyway, because the humour in this book occasionally took me so much by surprise that my laughter kind of exploded involuntarily. And I don’t necessarily mean through my mouth . . .Sarah Hollenbeck is a ...
  • Alysha
    I’m not gonna lie...I was not going to finish this book. While the idea was cute, unique and fun, I just felt it was leaning HEAVILY towards mainstream fiction. The romance was SO fast, and I normally never complain about that. But something about it felt wrong, even though they were technically doing it right. It got a bit steamy in a few places...I did enjoy how they kept God as the forefront of their relationship, and the characters had some...
  • Amy
    The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck is my first introduction to Bethany Turner’s work. I thought the book was okay. I liked Sarah but I felt her story was a little rushed. Did not find it as a believable one. What I did like the most, was the humor. That is what kept me reading on. I, also, like the element of how to move on from one’s past and learning to forgive yourself. I would give this book 3 stars.I received this book from the publishe...
  • Kate
    Turner writes with a strong first-person voice that will keep readers involved in the protagonist's life. It owns moments of insightful spark, particularly through the voice of Sarah's best friend, Piper. Through the friendship, Sarah is encouraged to make difficult decisions rooted in her new-found faith. In the particularly difficult life-moments, Piper is a refreshing force that doesn’t shy away from wise counsel that is delivered, often, wi...
  • The Book Posh
    Will falling in love with your pastor complicate your life? In The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck we join steamy romance novelist turned Christian, Sarah Hollenbeck, on this journey to find the answer. I enjoyed the idea of this book and appreciated the "wholesomeness" of it, but I felt that the story moved too fast. I love to read a story that is built upon a solid foundation and this story was lacking in that area. In this book Sarah goes to c...
  • JaneReads
    Review can be found here .The first person point of view telling made me feel like I was sitting down having coffee with Sarah as she was personally telling me her story. I really enjoyed this perspective. Sarah is in a transition period in her life trying to figure out to go from a steamy romance novelist to a new Christian and how to transition her writing with her new life. She then literally runs into Pastor Ben and feels an instant attractio...
  • Rachael
    I wouldn't call the entire book laughing-out-loud funny, because there's way too much thought-provoking and seriously moving moments throughout the story, but there were moments I laughed so hard tears were leaking out of my eyes. And moments when my eyes were leaking for entirely different reasons.What impresses me most about the book is the very honest feel to it--you have a woman who is lost and unloved, who is trying to find herself again. Af...
  • Traci Sanders
    Full disclosure: I received an ARC copy of this book. Let me preface this review by saying that I was first introduced to this author's work in her adult romance series, Abigail Phelps. I fell in love with her writing from there. Her quirky sense of humor and ability to write an steamy scene without actual sex was quite impressive to me. So, when this author sent me a copy of this book and informed me that she was moving in a different direction ...
  • Helen
    Sarah Hollenbeck has recently divorced her husband. He has cheated on her though out their marriage and had not shown affection to her for a long time. She decided to become an author. She wrote stories filled with steamy romance that quickly became very popular. When she becomes a Christian, she attends church with her friend. She bumps into the pastor in the hall and starts to fall for him. He is a widower with a little girl, and he develops fe...
  • Trisha Robertson (Joy of Reading)
    The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck is written in first person point of view. The beginning build-up, for me, was a little slow. The part where Sarah decides to be a Christian and give her heart to God in one brief paragraph and was so sudden, I had to go back and read it again, because I glossed over it the first time.I enjoyed the friendship between Sarah and Piper. Piper is such a level-headed, character, she really adds to the story and gives...
  • Nicole
    Wow,wow, WOW! THIS IS GOOD STUFF! I opened up this book expecting a cute contemporary romance, but this book put into words some very real struggles that many authors avoid in the Christian fiction market.We are introduced to Sarah, who having been betrayed by love, turns to writting explicit romance novels. She comes to know the Lord, and is now conflited by how she will keep the contract with her publisher and not go against her new faith. She ...