Undercover Princess (The Rosewood Chronicles, #1) by Connie Glynn

Undercover Princess (The Rosewood Chronicles, #1)

When fairy tale obsessed Lottie Pumpkin starts at the infamous Rosewood Hall, she is not expecting to share a room with the Crown Princess of Maradova, Ellie Wolf. Due to a series of lies and coincidences, 14-year-old Lottie finds herself pretending to be the princess so that Ellie can live a more normal teenage life.Lottie is thrust into the real world of royalty - a world filled with secrets, intrigue and betrayal. She must do everything she ca...

Details Undercover Princess (The Rosewood Chronicles, #1)

TitleUndercover Princess (The Rosewood Chronicles, #1)
Release DateNov 2nd, 2017
GenreYoung Adult, Fantasy, Fairy Tales, Fiction

Reviews Undercover Princess (The Rosewood Chronicles, #1)

  • Marochka
    Книга «Undercover Princess» – это роман жанра Young Adult в стиле городского фэнтези, который подойдет возрастной аудитории 15+ (в книге присутствуют намеки и прямые упоминания однополой любви и романтическая линия для 14-летней главной героини).Довольно необы...
  • Stef White
    I recieved this book from Netgalley for an honest review. So Thank You Penguin Random House UK and obviously Connie Glynn.Let me start off by saying I went into this book thinking it might be a little young for me. Being the ripe old age of 26, however that was so not the case this book engrossed me so much I read it in one sitting. I loved the character development, the relationship between Ellie and Lottie was just so cute. I adored the entire ...
  • Claire
    Thanks to NetGalley and Penguin Random House for the eARC.UNDERCOVER PRINCESS is a fun, adventurous tale with charming main characters and an intriguing mystery, but its downfall is the underdeveloped supporting cast, juvenile prose, poor world-building and contrived plot.I’m an absolute sucker for preppy boarding school mystery stories, so when I heard Glynn was writing THE ROSEWOOD CHRONICLES, I was hype immediately. I’ll preface this by sa...
  • Rosie
    During the weekend of SitC I was lucky enough to receive a proof copy of Undercover Princess. I was super excited to receive this and have been binge reading it since. So now i’m going to try and give a spoiler free review.As you start reading you very quickly find out about the school (Rosewood Hall) Connie has a way of describing the school beautifully, it makes you feel like you’re there whilst also making you want to be there. Also as you...
  • Jess
    It would be unfair to call this a book "review" - it's entirely unprofessional, incredibly biased, far too rambly and not at all critical because I'm still viewing this world through rose-tinted glasses. But I don't want to find fault in it, partially because I want to enjoy this at 21 as much as I'd enjoy it at 15, and partially because finding fault in it would take far too much effort on my part - it's wonderful. The book isn't officially rele...
  • Alannah Clarke
    When I first heard about this novel, I was excited about the storyline as it sounded like something I would have loved to read when I was younger. After finishing this book, I was certainly right; I probably would have loved to read this book when I was around the age of 12-15. On the surface, this book is a cute, fluffy, sugary piece of writing but underneath I think the author had good intentions about this novel. The two main characters who I ...
  • Katie
    Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Random House for giving me the opportunity to read this eARC in exchange for an open and honest review. I have quite a lot to say about this book, but I'll try to summarize my thoughts (without spoilers because this book isn't released until November 2017). I'll preface this by saying this wasn't my cup of tea. Overall, it read younger than the books I prefer to read despite (to my knowledge) being classed as yo...
  • Lette Rose
    I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of reading Undercover Princess 3 months before the official release date, courtesy of my wonderful friend Rosie, who picked me up one of the proof copies that were being given away at Summer In the City on the 6th of August.So here is my review, if that's what you want to call it, of Connie Glynn's debut novel 'Undercover Princess'.*First of all, each and every character in the book is so well developed. I ...
  • Samantha
    Verdict: A light and colourful read.Lottie is a hardworking student at Rosewood boarding school, who loves tiaras, the colour pink, and fairy tales. Ellie is the rebellious princess of Maradova, who joined the school to shirk her royal duties and listen to heavy metal. When a misunderstanding has all of Rosewood believing that Lottie is the princess of Maradova, the girls use this as an opportunity to swap lives, one gaining freedom, and the othe...
  • Michelle
    This book was a pleasant read, with a really strong story line, but slightly lacking characters in my opinion. It held a good pace, with the reader being introduced to Lottie just as she is about to depart for all of her dreams - Rosewood boarding school. I really enjoyed reading about the boarding school, as i enjoy reading any story about boarding schools (side effects of growing up dreaming of getting a Hogwarts letter), and it has a lot of hi...
  • Adele
    Many thanks for the ARC in return for an honest review.As a huge fan of Connie, aka Noodlerella, I was pleased to get hold of this book before it is released. On Youtube she funny, energetic and genuine, and all of this translates into her writing. I'm probably a bit older than the intended audience for this book, but I still enjoyed it regardless. I have always love books about boarding schools and fantasy, so this was a joy to read.The writing ...
  • Gemma McGee
    Undercover Princess was another book that I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of. I was looking forward to reading the book, as a little girl (and maybe not so little) it was always a fairytale dream to be a princess. The book follows Charlotte ‘Lottie’ Pumpkin as she takes her place at the infamous Rosewood Hall a prestige boarding school. Lottie is surprised when she finds out that her roommate is the Crown Princess of Maradova Ellie...
  • Joanne Myers
    Lottie has wanted nothing more since she was a child than to attend Rosewood High. Rosewood is a prestigious high school usually attended by princes, princesses and other children from influential families. When she manages to work her way to a scholarship at the school, Lottie has no that her life is going to change foreverI am an active reader of YA novels, but honestly while reading the first few chapters I did have a moment where I felt like ...
  • Eve
    Eleanor is a princess and knows what she wants, to go to Rosewood School but it's at first against her parents approval until she wins them round.Lottie is a girl from St Ives who's also heading for Rosewood after losing her mother but keeping alive her princess like thoughts and attitude.When Ellie meets roommate Lottie she's amused where as Lottie takes a dislike to her new roomie after she shows she doesn't respect her or her belongings, it's ...
  • Kim Shelley
    Firstly, thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Random House UK Children’s for allowing me to read this wonderful book before publication.The second I saw the cover of this book I absolutely knew I had to read it. The cover seriously has a WOW factor! Connie really did bring all the characters to life me and was unbelievably beautiful. The bond that grows between Lottie and Ellie is wonderful and together they truly are unstoppable.This book has a ...
  • Karen Barber
    Our main character, Lottie Pumpkin, has felt adrift since the death of her mother. Her answer has been to work hard to earn a scholarship to Rosewood Hall, a rather mystical school with a great reputation (and one that I sense Lottie/her family may face links with that will become clear later).In many ways Lottie is quite an immature 14yr old, but she becomes a much stronger character upon her arrival at the school. She is rooming with Ellie Wolf...
  • Mia Whittemore
    I received this book in exchange for an honest review form Penguin Random House UK Children’s and NetGalley. 'When fairy tale obsessed Lottie Pumpkin starts at the infamous Rosewood Hall, she is not expecting to share a room with the Crown Princess of Maradova, Ellie Wolf. Due to a series of lies and coincidences, 14-year-old Lottie finds herself pretending to be the princess so that Ellie can live a more normal teenage life.'Although most of t...
  • Karen Whittard
    Lottie has always loved fairytales for as long as she can remember. So when she starts at Rosewood Hall and she finds out that she is sharing her bedroom with Ellie Wolf the princess of Maradova. Lottie is over the moon and desperate to be friends with her. If this couldn't get any better all Ellie wants is to live a simple normal life. So through a series of lies and scheming Lottie ends up pretending to be Princess Ellie. But life isn't always ...
  • Sabina
    'Undercover Princess' is the first book in Rosewood Chronicles. It's a novel about an unlikely friendship between a real princess (Ellie) and a girl who loves fairy tales (Lottie). They both meet in a prestigious (and a bit magical) boarding school in England. But even though it's a book about princesses, princes and kingdoms it's definitely not what you would expect. 'Undercover Princess' surprises you with suspenceful turns of action and scenes...
  • Christian Brunschen
    Thank you to NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I liked this book, but is has issues. Some of the writing is a bit stilted, and there is a fair bit of telling-rather-than-showing. A fair number of characters are introduced but not fleshed out much. Some of the plot elements are not really looped into the narrative properly and just sort of appear with no seeming connection to anything else, and for even some of the...
  • Barker Jones
    Undercover Princess is a fantastic start to a new series. The two main Characters, Ellie and Lottie, are so well drawn I feel like I know them in real life, and the descriptions of the school and palace were so vivid I could easily picture them in front of me. I love the mystery ... can't say any more about that, of course! ... and the ending was satisfying while still leaving room for the next book.I really enjoyed this and I'll be looking out f...
  • Claire Henson
    I received an arc copy of this book from Netgalley for an open and honest review. I really enjoyed this book, I was pleasantly suprised. As I started reading it, I wasn't too sure what to make of it, I love ya stories but I was wondering is this perhaps too Ya for me...... But alas no I throughly enjoyed it, it was a tiny bit predictable at the end but the story was good, the characters well rounded and I loved the undertow of something supernatu...
  • Laura Gorman
    This is the prefect book for all teenagers and adults who loved fairy tales when they were younger. This has all the hallmarks of a fairytale: a princess, a villain (although their identity is unknown), a beautiful setting and an unsuspecting girl who gets swept up in it all. Lottie has dreamed of attending Rosewood her whole life but nothing can prepare her for what happens when she finally gets there.
  • Clara Owen
    [I received this book as an Advanced Proof copy, and will update with my thoughts once it reaches publication on the 2 November 2017]
  • Hannah
    I loved it. It has a bit of a Princess Diaries vibe about it and could half expect Anne to play Lottie if this had been around at the same time as the Princess Diaries books/films.
  • D.J.
    Lighthearted and good fun to read with serious messages woven throughout this YA novel. I'd like to know what happens next to the characters and plan to read the rest of the series.