A Fatal Collection (Keepsake Cove Mystery, #1) by Mary Ellen Hughes

A Fatal Collection (Keepsake Cove Mystery, #1)

Callie Reed makes a long overdue visit to her aunt Melodie, who lives in a fairy-tale cottage in quaint Keepsake Cove, home to a bevy of unique collectible shops on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Just as they're beginning to reconnect, Callie discovers her aunt's body on the floor of her music box shop. Grief-stricken, Callie finds she can't accept Melodie's death being called accidental. How could her strong and healthy aunt take such a fatal fall? A...

Details A Fatal Collection (Keepsake Cove Mystery, #1)

TitleA Fatal Collection (Keepsake Cove Mystery, #1)
Release DateNov 8th, 2017
PublisherMidnight Ink
GenreMystery, Cozy Mystery

Reviews A Fatal Collection (Keepsake Cove Mystery, #1)

  • Carrie
    Callie Reed hasn't seen her aunt Melodie for ten years since her father passed back when she was in college. With one thing or another getting in the way ever since Callie had been putting off that visit. Now however with her relationship up in the air she decided to take the time to head to the quaint little Keepsake Cove that got it's name for it's collectible shops and Callie's aunt Melodie had opened a music box shop. After arriving Callie an...
  • Linda Langford at Chatting About Cozies
    Keepsake Cove is an enchanting town filled with irresistible collectible shops and a cafe that serves delicious meals. I can easily picture myself strolling through the streets and oohing and aahing in the shops. It backs up to a small bay area and the storefronts remind one of beautiful scenes from a Dickens novel. The protagonist, Callie, arrives to visit her Aunt Melodie, 'Mel', who owns a lovely music box shop, House of Melody. Callie's Grand...
  • Karen
    I finished A Fatal Collection on October 20th, and I really enjoyed it. I requested to review this book based first on its cover and then when I read the discription i wanted to read it even more. I enjoyed this book which is the first in a new series about Keepsake Cove, a town that is made up of touristy type specialty shops and has a very cozy feel, that is when the neighbors are all getting along. I was surprised at the twists and turns and n...
  • Fred
    A Killer Collection is the first book in the Keepsake Cove Mystery series.Another wonderful cozy series from Mary Ellen HughesCallie knows that she owes her Aunt Melody a visit and with the break up with boyfriend, she feels that this is the perfect time for a visit. So she jumps in her car and heads for Keepsake Cove. Keepsake Cove is a quaint area of the little town of Mapleton on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and is home to numerous shops featuri...
  • Lisa Morin
    Visiting a small town like Keepsake Cove sounds wonderful. It would be so much fun to visit all the shops, then stop into the Keepsake Cafe for a veggie sandwich.Callie Reed is a fun loving character who I look forward to getting to know.After deciding to visit her Aunt Melody, Callie is looking forward to visiting her shop, House of Melodies in charming Keepsake Cove.For Callie, the visit is short lived as she stumbles upon her aunt's body. Aunt...
  • Jessica Wilhoite
    This was a great first installment in a new cozy series. I really enjoyed meeting Callie, along with the rest of the residents of Keepsake Cove. This was one of those mysteries that start right from the beginning - Callie visits her Aunt Melodie, who owns a music box collectible store, and she finds her dead the first night of her visit. Callie sets out to find the killer, but it is someone she would never expect it to be and the reason why is ev...
  • Linda
    When problems crop up in Callie Reed's personal life, she decides to take a long overdue trip to Keepsake Cove in Maryland to visit her Aunt Melodie. But the visit soon turns tragic when Callie finds her aunt's dead body the next morning, the apparent victim of an accidental trip and fall. Callie is further surprised to learn that her aunt has made her the sole beneficiary of her estate, including her cottage and the adjacent shop, House of Music...
  • The Cozy Review
    Callie Reed is visiting her aunt, Melodie at her cottage in picturesque Keepsake Cove. Home to a bevy of collectible shops on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The morning after her first night with her aunt, Callie discovers Melodie’s body on the floor of the music box shop. Grief-stricken, Callie doesn’t believe that Melodie’s death was accidental, but she’s not sure why. It just doesn’t make sense. How could her robust and healthy aunt tak...
  • ☆~BookishDani~☆
    I want to thank NetGalley and Midnight Ink for providing me with an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review. I appreciate this opportunity.Publication: 11/8/17Synopsis: Callie makes an overdue visit to see her aunt Mel at Keepsake Cove. Callie is considering breaking up with her toxic boyfriend Hank and needed to see her Aunt. When Callie arrives in Keepsake Cove, the two women reminisce and bond over all the good times. Aunt Mel shows Callie her ...
  • Peggy R
    This is the first in a new series by Mary Ellen Hughes and I found it to be a very enjoyable read. It has a charming setting, likable characters and a good mystery. I liked that it was set in a quaint town where the keepsakes stores are all located in one section. I found Callie to be a very likable character with the determination to continue her aunts legacy (a music box store) after her death. The circumstances give Callie a chance to start ov...
  • Betty
    The first book in the Keepsake series and a new author for me. I enjoyed the book but I found it hard to rate. It lacks one of the elements to be a cozy, no police involvement. It is not really a novel. There are suggestions of paranormal factors. The description of the areas will put you right into the setting. The thought of a small section of a village that has a series of stores denoted to different collections is inspiring. The concept that ...
  • Darcysmom
    I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley for free in exchange for an honest review. Keepsake Cove is an ideal location for a cozy mystery series. It is a small town on Maryland's Eastern Shore that has a cottage tourist industry based around collectibles shops. The owners of these shops are interesting folks whose further character development will add richness to the series. Callie Reed is visiting with her Aunt Mel, owner of House of Melod...
  • April
    I enjoyed my first visit to Keepsake Cove and meeting Callie (Calliope) and hope to read more from the series in the future. This is a great cozy mystery and I'll admit it took me a bit to decide who I thought the suspect would end up being. I figured it out towards the end, but it was still a surprise in a way. The story flows nicely and the author's description of the town and shops definitely sounds like a place I'd love to come across while t...
  • Ashley Searcy
    A good start to a new cozy mystery series!Callie (Calliope) Reed has come to visit her aunt Melodie and her music box store in the village of Keepsake Cove where every shop sells some type of collectable. The day after arrival Callie finds her aunt dead in her store. The death is ruled an accident and Callie soon learns that she has inherited her aunt’s music box shop and quaint cottage. Callie starts settling into her new life in Keepsake Cove...
  • Leith Devine
    I really enjoyed A Fatal Collection, the first book in the new Keepsake Cove series. It's a well written cozy with a good plot and interesting characters. Keepsake Cove is a town with shops that sell collectibles of all kinds, and it sounds like a place I'd love to visit.Callie Reed comes to Keepsake Cove to visit her aunt Melodie, who owns a music box shop. While she's there her aunt falls and is killed. Callie is suspicious of her aunt's sudden...
  • Julie
    I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in return for an honest review. I enjoyed my visit to Keepsake Cove, and look forward to going back in the future. Callie starts out by planning on visiting her Aunt Melodie at her aunt's music box shop during a turbulent time in Callie's life, but her aunt dies. The death is ruled accidental, and Callie inherits all of her aunt's belongings. Callie quickly makes herself at home, but has questions abo...
  • Ronda
    I truly enjoyed meeting the cast of characters in Keepsake Cove, and frankly, would totally enjoy a visit to a place just like this--well, without murder. I sincerely hope this was the first in a series, and that future installments have us getting to know each of the characters a little bit better.What would make it really pop for me would be if the story included some information about music boxes and their history at the end. Future installmen...
  • Christa
    This makes a really good start for a new cozy mystery series. I liked the main character and thought that the storyline was great! Callie Reed visits her aunt in Keepsake Cove, Maryland. This town is the location of manyunique collectible shops. Soon after her arrival, Callie discovers her aunt's body on the floor of her music box shop. Grief-stricken, Callie finds she can't accept Melodie's death being called accidental. How could her strong and...
  • Sally Hannoush
    The cover is great! I love the cute town within the town. It makes me want to visit. The story gave me a great sense of belonging. I enjoyed the relationships changing and growing- it made me care about the characters more (even the grumpy ones.) The writting is good and the mystery is solved. Good read!
  • DelAnne Frazee
    Title: A Fatal Collection - A Keepsake Cove Mystery Book 1Author: Mary Ellen HughesPublisher: Midnight InkPublished: 11-8-2017Pages: 288Genre: Mystery & ThrillerSub-Genre: Fiction, Suspense, Cozy Mystery, Women Sleuth,ISBN: 9780738752198ASIN: B01MR8L4ISReviewed For NetGalley and Midnight InkReviewer: DelAnneRating: 4.25 StarsCallie Reed makes a long overdue visit to her aunt Melodie, who lives in a fairy-tale cottage in quaint Keepsake Cove, home...
  • Nancy
    My thanks to Netgalley and the Publisher for an opportunity to read an advanced copy of this book.A Fatal Collection is the first book in the new Keepsake Cove Mystery series. Taking its lead from Lorna Barrett’s Booktown series, Keepsake Cove, on Maryland’s Eastern Shore is the home to small specialty shops, with descriptive names, that cater to tourists looking to add to their hobbies and collections.Callie Reed has returned to Keepsake Cov...
  • Witchy
    Ramblings:This series should be pitched to Hallmark Movies & Mysteries! If they can give viewers Garage Sale Mysteries, then surely, the network can give us Keepsake Cove Mysteries.Summary:After her aunt's untimely death, Callie Reed is ready to turn over a new leaf. That means leaving behind a self-absorbed boyfriend and an apartment in Morgantown. Life does seem brighter as she learns the ins and outs of running Aunt Mel's music shop. Unfortuna...
  • Paula Ratcliffe
    In this book Callie Reed needing a break from her boyfriend goes and visits her aunt Melodie her only connection to her father's family. Melodie lives in quaint Keepsake Cove in a cottage where she sells in her shop music boxes inheriting her love of them from Callie's grandfather. Including a music box he handed down to Melodie who will someday hand in down to Callie. Later the same night Callie finds Melodie dead and can't buy the cops theory o...
  • Laura M
    rom the author of the Craft Corner Mysteries and the Pickled & Preserved Mysteries, comes the first book in the new Keepsake Cove collection. In A Fatal Collection, Callie Reed makes a visit to her aunt Melodie (Mel, for short) at her music box store, The House of Melody. Their reunion is short-lived, however, because Callie soon finds her Aunt Mel dead in her shop. The authorities believe it was an accident, but Callie isn't so sure. Then she is...
  • Erin L
    Set in fictional Keepsake Cove, MD, A Fatal Collection is a fairly standard cozy mystery entry. The setting: a small community with a tourist-based economy. The shop owners are believable and have the expected conflicts - both personality and more. When our main character's aunt is found dead, it's ruled accidental, but Callie doesn't buy it and she soon finds a handful of likely suspects and a love interest or two.I like the author's writing sty...
  • Laura Hannaway
    *3 1/2 stars*This I thought this was a solid beginning to a new series. The main character, Callie Reed is a 29 year old whose unhappy with a lot of her life choices to date. After her aunt's death she inherits a music box shop and a cottage and uses this opportunity to start life afresh.I liked a lot about her character, I thought she was friendly and warm, eager to succeed but happy to acknowledge the superior knowledge of others when called up...
  • Sunshine
    I received an ARE of this book on NetGalley from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions/thoughts expressed are my own.What a darling read! I love cozy mysteries that have such wonderful details. I guessed the whodunnit at about 86% of the way through for sure. It was a fun read with a distinctive cast of characters.I both liked and disliked that there was a little bit of the supernatural included. Some parts added to...
  • Jenny Houle
    I received a free ARC of this book from NetGalley for an unbiased opinion.A FATAL COLLECTION is the story of a young woman, Callie, who visits her aunt with a planned short vacation, in an attempt to sort out questions she has about the direction of her life. The first night of her trip, though, her aunt accidentally falls and hits her head, dying from the impact. Callie is suddenly left the sole inherited in her aunt's will, leaving her not only...
  • Lynne
    Callie visits her Aunt who runs a Music Box store in a quaint community called Keepsake Cove. They hardly have any time to visit before tragedy strikes. Aunt Mel leaves Callie all her possessions, including her shop. Callie does not believe her Aunt's death was accidental. Callie doesn't really snoop, but she does meet the residents of Keepsake Cove and tries to understand them and figure out if one of them could have wished her Aunt harm. But wh...
  • Laura Reading
    I am always excited when favored authors begin a new series.This one has so many elements that I love including a community of shop keepers with specialty items, making them a small town to themselves. The shops have personalities as do the shopkeepers.I felt all started out innocent enough, giving a gentle introduction when wham! On the first night, dear Aunt Mel is murdered. Callie's life is disrupted and she is given a fresh start, just not on...