A Rift in the Earth by James Reston Jr.

A Rift in the Earth

A Rift in the Earth tells the remarkable story of the ferocious "art war" that raged between 1979 and 1984 over what kind of memorial should be built to honor the men and women who died in the Vietnam War. The story intertwines art, politics, historical memory, patriotism, racism, and a fascinating set of characters, from those who fought in the conflict and those who resisted it to politicians at the highest level. At its center are two enduring...

Details A Rift in the Earth

TitleA Rift in the Earth
Release DateSep 5th, 2017
PublisherArcade Publishing
GenreNonfiction, History

Reviews A Rift in the Earth

  • Richard
    A quite remarkable book. The story of the genesis and establishment of the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington DC, USA.The subtext of the title says "Art, Memory and the Fight for a Vietnam War Memorial."It is a complex issue and a deep scar in the American psyche. Not surprising given the political fall out of a conflict they government loss the ability to win, the honesty to admit its futility and the courage to withdraw in terms of saving comba...
  • Mac
    I came to A Rift in the Earth with a preconception to like the book before reading it. Some reasons: The Vietnam Memorial is among the most moving architectural achievements I have experienced. Additionally, I have always wanted to learn more about the arguments for and against the abstract wall vs representational statues. And sadly, I have a deep emotional attachment to the memorial because a dear friend's name is on the wall (February 17, 1968...
  • Dave
    This is a comprehensive look back at the the design process of the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial. The author tells the story very well, and the story flows through the book.I recommend this book for anybody who is interested in the Memorial or how American dealt with the aftermath of the war decade after it ended.
  • Len Roberto
    illuminating book about the controversy of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial...art and culture, well done!
  • Steve
    A straightforward but overall interesting history of the controversy surrounding the creation of the Vietnam War Memorial.
  • Jim Jaqcobs
    Agree with Ken Burns. It is a superb book, riveting and revelatory.Jim