Princess Jellyfish 2-in-1 Omnibus, Volume 7 (Princess Jellyfish 2-in-1 Omnibus, #7) by Akiko Higashimura

Princess Jellyfish 2-in-1 Omnibus, Volume 7 (Princess Jellyfish 2-in-1 Omnibus, #7)

A BRAND NEW WORLDIn order to save Amamizukan, Tsukimi makes the ultimate sacrifice: She goes to Singapore to work as a designer for Kai’s fashion company. While Amars seems to accept Tsukimi’s departure and the end of Jelly Fish, Kuranosuke refuses to give her up without a fight! As she floats further and further away from home, Tsukimi struggles to learn the ins and outs of the fashion industry, as well as decipher the motives of the enigmat...

Details Princess Jellyfish 2-in-1 Omnibus, Volume 7 (Princess Jellyfish 2-in-1 Omnibus, #7)

TitlePrincess Jellyfish 2-in-1 Omnibus, Volume 7 (Princess Jellyfish 2-in-1 Omnibus, #7)
Release DateDec 12th, 2017
PublisherKodansha Comics
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Graphic Novels, Contemporary, Humor, Young Adult, Comics Manga

Reviews Princess Jellyfish 2-in-1 Omnibus, Volume 7 (Princess Jellyfish 2-in-1 Omnibus, #7)

  • Rod Brown
    Plot stuff happens, but mostly I'm just here to visit with the characters.
  • Julia
    The plot continues to move at a glacial pace. I'd give up but there are only 2 (technically 4) volumes left. I continue to be exasperated with the Amars. Please get a job. Not all jobs require talking to people or even going outside. Get some job related to your hobby and sell something on line. It pissed me off when Mayaya and Banba were tired of taking care of Clara after one day and considered releasing her into the ocean. What the hell? Tsuki...
  • Ken Yuen
    Finally actually done reading it. It's surprising to see the Singapore arc get cut from the drama, but a lot of that and the Kai Fish stuff isn't really what interests me about this series, so maybe it's for the best?Kind of strange to see how the drama diverges from the manga. There's one episode left in the drama, and volume 8 of this won't come out for a few weeks, so I'll see the end of the drama before the end of the manga.One thing that wou...
  • Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)
    Good volume.
  • Shala
    Love this series!
  • Laura
    I still really like this series, but this volume had a lot of fat-shaming and jokes that just threw me out of my enjoyment each time. It was in the context of fashion and models, but still. Tsukimi and Kuranosuke are still great.
  • Kim Dyer
    Despite the dramatic ending of the previous volume, I found this collection to be a bit on the slow side. Not a lot happens to advance the story beyond Tsukimi's relocation to Singapore. As the focus is mainly on her and Kai, the other AMARs slip into the background. This was a shame as, up until now, the story has been more of an ensemble piece and I did miss Tsukimi's friends.There was also surprisingly little character development this time. T...
  • Anna
    Tsukimi is off to Singapore! For pages of "lessons" about the most basic of fashion industryThe pacing is slow, but so much of the cast now grates on my nerves! The rest of Amars have reached ludicrous levels of selfishness... yeah, you're too dumb to get a job, we get it. But you can't even be arsed to take care of Clara for a bit? Shu's blundering naiveness is become outright infuriating too (at this rate, my dude, you deserve ending up single!...
  • Denise
    Tsukimi made a deal to save Amamizukan and now she's in a whole new world. Ocean? She freaks out as anyone would when in an entirely new country where they don't know the language but she's made huge strides since the first volume. She barely petrifies, she talks to people she doesn't know, her questions may sound naive but she is at least asking. And she's learning not only about fashion, but about how people express themselves and how she and o...
  • Emily
    Almost a critique of fast fashion? We don't know what Kai really plans for Tsukimi (although he already seems to be taking advantage of her inexperience). Tsukimi gets to escape neet-hood, but in the least sustainable way possible. Jobs where you get spirited away in the night don't tend to end well. And yeah, Mayaya and Banba giving up on Clara was pretty sad, maybe they inhaled too much wood glue. Still can't put these books down.
  • Alexis
    I'm a little annoyed that the author seems to be playing around with the characters. I felt like the story was going one way but then it got forced in another direction because they wanted Kuranosuke to be the amazing prince to rescue Tsukimi and for them to end up together, which at this point I just don't really want anyway. But there's still two volumes, so who knows what'll happen?
  • Ana Gutierrez
    Poor Tsukimi and Kuranosuke! And Shu is even more oblivious than ever. Princess Jellyfish is now broken up between Singapore and Japan! And you get even more info about the fashion industry in this omnibus; which is just a bizarre alien world as far as I'm concerned.Looking forward to the next volume!
  • Mary
    I really love this series, and I'm hoping for a satisfying ending (I refuse to look at spoilers). This is book 15 for my reading challenge (Read More! 2018: - a graphic novel.
  • Perri
    I think that out of the entire series, this was my favorite volume. There was such a huge amount of heart in this one that I hadn't really been introduced to previously in the series. I loved it so much!
  • Jake
    I love this series so much, the dorkiness of the main character, the various quirky characters and love interests, I just can't get enough!This is the perfect slice of life, romance, comedy series for anyone looking to read manga and i CANNOT WAIT for volume 8!
  • Woowott
    Not a ton of development, but we learn a lot about the fashion industry, Tsukimi gets her first taste of the wide world, she touches those around her subtly, and Kuranosuke runs after her with a vow to be the person closest to her. But gphe still can't quite come to terms with his feelings.
  • Samantha Bee
    Kind of wish we saw more of the Amars girls, but hopefully in the next volume.
  • Sarah Schanze
    Another fun volume with some big developments. It's nice to see Tsukimi doing stuff on her own, even if it's all still pretty overwhelming for her.
  • L.
  • Elizabeth Judd Taylor
    Two more volumes (of the 2 in 1 omnibus style) to go, so I’ll review as a series when I finish...
  • Erika
    These quirky characters make me smile! I am always happy to continue the drama in this series.
  • Adrianna Ibrahim
    A slowish filler-type volume. Still, I love it so much that I can't give it anything less than 4 stars. As some people noted, the Amars are a bit more annoying at this point, but I will persevere until the end!
  • Tamara
    An interesting volume as Kuranosuke goes after Tsukimi to Singapore to bring her back home. This volume had Kuranosuke at his absolute best, as he finally ditches the fairy godmother role he’s been playing in favour of the white knight. Where Shu’s naivety and haplessness become a hinderance, Kuranosuke picks up the slack, solidifying his affection for Tsukimi.Plot wise, I question the legality of what Kai is doing almost as much as I questio...