Strange Weather by Joe Hill

Strange Weather

A collection of four chilling novels, ingeniously wrought gems of terror from the brilliantly imaginative, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Fireman, Joe Hill“Snapshot” is the disturbing story of a Silicon Valley adolescent who finds himself threatened by “The Phoenician,” a tattooed thug who possesses a Polaroid Instant Camera that erases memories, snap by snap.A young man takes to the skies to experience his first parachute ju...

Details Strange Weather

TitleStrange Weather
Release DateOct 24th, 2017
PublisherWilliam Morrow
GenreHorror, Short Stories, Fiction, Science Fiction

Reviews Strange Weather

  • Chelsea Humphrey
    I feel terrible that I didn't post any updates while I was reading this one, but I was so sucked in that I kept forgetting to share my thoughts here as I went! The only reason this wasn't a 5 star read for me was due to the fact that the first story (SNAPSHOT) underwhelmed me quite a bit. It didn't seem to fit with the other three, but that could just be a case of personal taste and opinion. Other than that, these stories contained a slow buildin...
  • Will Byrnes
    Simple explanations have the disappointing tendency to be the best explanations. Only the rational counterargument was a pile of shit, and I knew it. I just didn’t want to know it. Joe Hill has taken a break between epic horror novels to put together a collection of four novellas under the title Strange Weather. The title seems an afterthought, frankly. Only one of the stories actually incorporates weather that is certifiably strange. But, no m...
  • Sadie Hartmann
    Thank you so much to my local bookstore for giving me an Advanced Reading Copy of this book for an honest review!***NO SPOILER REVIEWThis book is comprised of 4 shorts/novellas (whatever)Snapshot-5 StarsLoaded- 4 StarsAloft- 5 StarsRain- 5 Stars***I think Joe Hill can write his ass off. These short stories were brilliant. Not a lot of people give credit where credit is due concerning shorts/novellas. They're freakin HARD! Everything the author wa...
  • Johann
    "When movie stars grieve in the tragic third act of a love story, they always make mourning look a lot more beautiful than it really is."I was lucky enough to receive an ARC copy of this collection of short novels by Joe Hill (release date is later in the year). For those interested in a brief synopsis of each story... keep reading. If not, skip ahead! The first story, Snapshot, is about a young boy's encounter with a villain who robs his victim'...
  • Patricio
    4,5I have wanted to read something written by Joe Hill for a while, so I'm happy that I got this ARC.Strange Weather is a collection of 4 gripping novellas/short novels that includes Snapshot, Loaded, Aloft and Rain.Snapshot - 5/5This was a hell of a story. It was the most intriguing of this collection, and probably the best. I felt really attached to the main character, and those emotions in the end... Perfect.Loaded - 5/5Of those who have read ...
  • Cody
    I was two people when reading this collection of short novels. I read the first two stories ('Snapshot' and 'Loaded') mere days before my best friend took her own life. I read the latter two entries ('Aloft' and 'Rain') after. Naturally, my mind was elsewhere when reading the final two stories — but they were good. Very good. Especially 'Aloft'. I'm terrified of heights, so that one got to me. After The Fireman, my faith in Joe Hill had been sh...
  • Jennifer Wilson
    Joe Hill’s Strange Weather is a stark examination of the duality of man. The four short novels expose the individual and societal pressures that motivate our sometimes fateful decisions. The first story, Snapshot, is nearly a sentimental coming-of-age tale with an added bit of horror, both real and imagined. Thirteen year-old Michael, a self-proclaimed coward, begins to examine the impact we have on others, when his kindly neighbor, Shelly Beuk...
  • Michael Hicks
    Strange Weather, the latest offering from Joe Hill, is four books in one! Collected here are four novellas, united by the theme of weather (sometimes strongly, other times more subtly), with the stories running the gamut of apocalyptic rain to raging wildfires.Hill hits the ground running with Snapshot, an eerie little coming-of-age tale revolving around a supernatural Polaroid camera. I was worried at first that this would be Hill riffing again ...
  • Bradley
    Well then. Joe Hill just dropped a bomb on us. I don't mean a bomb as in, this is a stinker of a book. Far from it! Like the title of one of the stories in this collection, this book is loaded. Loaded with so much emotion, imagination and heart.If you don't already know, "Strange Weather" is a collection of four short novels. In order to keep this review COMPLETELY spoiler free, I'm just going to give you a quick rating and a thought or two of ea...
  • Cynthia Nicola
    Wow!! Four very different stories that take you through four very different experiences. And yes I did experience each one! Hill did a fantastic job and I highly recommend this one!
  • Rissa
    Hill has a very descriptive and unique way of telling stories. I felt like i read four full length novels instead of four short stories. My favorite of the four were Aloft and Snapshot
  • Christopher Farrell
    Actual rating of 3.5 This is a neat little story collection, the first of Hill's, and it's enjoyable and a quick read. I got a big China Miéville vibe from one of the tales, which was delightful. Well worth the read if you're a fan of Hill's, or general horror in any sense.
  • Jordy
    I’ve entered a lot of book giveaways in my day. As a matter of fact, any time that I’m tooling through Goodreads and I come across a giveaway for a book that even remotely piques my interest, I submit an entry.I’ve never won one.So, imagine my surprise and excitement when I woke up to an email from Goodreads telling me that, not only had I won a giveaway, I’d won an Advanced Reader’s Copy of one of my favorite author’s new books. Joe ...
  • KC
    I would like to thank Chris Connelly from Harper Collins for the advanced readers copy. Strange Weather is a collection of short stories written by author Joe Hill. These creative tales are often emotional, eerie, and at times, horrific. The age old struggle between good and evil play throughout the pages. Hill's masterful use of the supernatural while adding a hint of horror allows the reader to experience both shock and awe. The ending of story...
  • Kim McGee
    I love Joe Hill's stories because he takes you into incredible situations but with ordinary people. They are people that you see every day - those you sit next to on the bus, are in line with at Starbucks or maybe even live next door to and yet they are faced with demonic Polaroid photographers who want to steals your memories, a sky-jumping situation that none of us would agree to or are at the mall when a rent-a-cop becomes a hero. The weather ...
  • Ed Myers
    Overall, this is a good book -- not a great classic -- however an enjoyable read. The last story "Rain" had the most twists and turns. I didn't know how it would turn out. Joe Hill said he wrote this story as the 2016 presidential election was coming to a close. And, as a result of the election -- he changed the ending. The story begins with a big storm cloud approaching Boulder, Colorado. And, when the rain falls -- it's not rain -- it seems to ...
  • Maggie
    Strange Weather is my very first Joe Hill book and I cannot possibly imagine a better introduction to the author and his work (though I will definitely be checking out his other books to see if I can). This series of four short novels demonstrates Hill's mastery over several literary genres, including Scifi, horror, and social commentary. Each story is its own unique, stand-alone piece, giving the reader a delightful variety that breaks up the so...
  • Billie
    After the disappointment of The Fireman, I am firmly back in the Joe Hill camp.But, um, Mr. Hill, maybe stop with the blatant call-outs to your dad? It honestly cheapens your work.
  • Mike
    Strange Weather includes four short novellas that inject a phobia of affliction directly into the insecure vein of the reader. With strange and ghastly stories of life absorbing Polaroid photos, a cloud made of puffy dough desiring unknown intentions, and a brand new meaning for “Happiness is a Warm Gun”, these and more torrential downpours of steely nails serve as a lightning rod to the freakish. In conclusion, Joe Hill’s Strange Weather f...
  • Sara Kennedy
    Joe Hill is a master of the short story, and this volume doesn't disappoint. My favorite story, Snapshot, is equal parts 1980s coming-of-age and horror, with a flashy villain, the Phoenician, who is reminiscent of Charlie Manx. This story, in particular, would be a great suggestion for fans of Stranger Things, though none of the four stories in this volume will leave you dissatisfied.
  • Beth
    All of the stories in this collection are brilliant. Joe Hill has that magical quality that makes his work easy to read. His stories grip you and pull you in, making you crave for more after it ends. The perfect book to curl up with while the weather outside rages on, these haunting works will have you thinking back to them long after you put the book down.
  • Dennis Clarke
    I must first state that I won a review copy of this book from the good folks at 'goodreads' and will be giving my honest review which follows. I must also state I have read nearly all of Joe's published works, have met him at a few book signings and have long considered him a new and needed voice in the worlds of the fantastic. No spoilers here!In Strange Weather Joe Hill presents four short novels, SNAPSHOT, LOADED, ALOFT and RAIN. All are very ...
  • Laura Rash
    Loved the first story in this collection so much but the next 3 not so much. Good in theory but even being short stories they seemed to drag on too long.
  • Tammy
    Thank you Goodreads giveaway!! It's amazing to win any book but a book from one of my favorite authors?? Truly made my day.I read this over a weekend and enjoyed every minute of it. There's something special about well written short stories and Joe Hill excels at it. I'm rating it 4.5 Stars and not 5 because the ending of Loaded just .... felt "off" to me. Aside from that, loved it! Highly recommending this enjoyable read.
  • Whitney
    Joe Hill can do no wrong. Like his father, he is never content to stick to a formula, and has chosen to follow up his powerful long-form novel The Fireman with a collection of four novellas. In the intro letter printed in the Advanced Reader Copy, Hill says, "The hardest impact is often delivered in the shortest stroke. That marriage of economy and force is something to aspire to." He has aspired, and he has succeeded. Each story in Strange Weath...
  • Lizy
    Joe Hill used to be one of my favorites and I literally screamed when this ARC came in at the bookstore.Unfortunately, by page 20 I was done. I don't have time for paragraph after paragraph about how the 80's weren't p/c and the main character was made fun of for being fat.Most of what I liked about Joe Hill was that he was creepy like Stephen King without doing the thing where he rambles for ages about trivial details. Unfortunately, he seems to...
  • Lindsey
    Somewhere between 2 and a half and 3 and a half stars.I absolutely adored the first story in this book. Clever, moving, with just enough "fantasy" to give it a twist. The fantasy aspect could have been left out and the story would have been just as good. The second story ... well, it seems strong to say I hated it... but it forced me to read from the POV of a character full of hatred and violence. I didn't like that at all. And I don't really lik...