What Does This Button Do? by Bruce Dickinson

What Does This Button Do?

A long-awaited memoir from the larger-than-life, multifaceted lead vocalist of Iron Maiden, one of the most successful, influential and enduring rock bands ever.Pioneers of Britain’s nascent Rock & Metal scene back in the late 1970s, Iron Maiden smashed its way to the top, thanks in no small part to the high-octane performances, operatic singing style, and stage presence of its second, but twice-longest-serving, lead singer, Bruce Dickinson. As...

Details What Does This Button Do?

TitleWhat Does This Button Do?
Release DateOct 31st, 2017
PublisherDey Street Books
GenreBiography, Music, Nonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir

Reviews What Does This Button Do?

  • Ian
    Bruce Dickinson's autobiography doesn't tell your usual rock'n'roll story. There's little in the way of hedonism here, Bruce is a man who'd rather learn how to fence, pilot a jumbo jet or write a best selling novel in his spare time. As the lead singer of best selling heavy metal band Iron Maiden he's accomplished an awful lot and it's all well told with a good sprinkling of humour here.He writes at his most passionate when discussing aviation, w...
  • Michael Legge
    Shame he dies in the end.
  • Geoff
    Rock biographies can be patchy things, often written quickly for the hard-core fanbase and released just before Christmas as a cynical cash-in. For rock autobiographies this counts double, with the added risk that the author is a neanderthal with just enough writing skill to avoid a ghost writer, but nowhere near enough to make for a good book.The result in most cases is a lot of self-indulgent tosh, but no doubt acts as a good pension plan for t...
  • David Pain
    Bruce is a great bloke. This book does not detract from that. It's not that scintillating a read, though. The odd chortle or revelation (see what I did?) here and there but not essential reading by any means. I'm a huge fan of Bruce so I did enjoy it but would be hard pushed to recommend it to anyone but a big Maiden fan.EDIT: I've just started Robert Webb's autobiography following this and it's clarified what i felt about this one. There's not m...
  • Robert Rojo
    Thoroughly enjoyed this book. I must admit that I have been an Iron Maiden fan since youth. I really enjoyed the special attention Bruce put into his childhood and Samson. I was disappointed though with the way that the early Maiden Albums that Bruce was involved with didn't have that much impact within the book. I suppose that there is a limit to the amount of word/pages that an autobiography can go. This is also acknowledged by Bruce at the end...
  • Sam Wainwright
    An amazing story of own of rocks finest vocalists. A great insight into the life and mind of Bruce Dickinson.