What Does This Button Do? by Bruce Dickinson

What Does This Button Do?

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERA long-awaited memoir from the larger-than-life, multifaceted lead vocalist of Iron Maiden, one of the most successful, influential and enduring rock bands ever.Pioneers of Britain’s nascent Rock & Metal scene back in the late 1970s, Iron Maiden smashed its way to the top, thanks in no small part to the high-octane performances, operatic singing style, and stage presence of its second, but twice-longest-serving, lead s...

Details What Does This Button Do?

TitleWhat Does This Button Do?
Release DateOct 31st, 2017
PublisherDey Street Books
GenreMusic, Nonfiction, Biography, Autobiography, Memoir, Biography Memoir, Audiobook, Contemporary

Reviews What Does This Button Do?

  • Twerking To Beethoven
    Plenty of funny anecdotes never made the cut, simply because they didn’t advance the narrative. Somewhere there is a book of anecdotes, but it’s not a coherent tale.Had I chosen to include airships, wives, divorces, children and entrepreneurial activities this would have been approaching 800 pages long. It would have been the type of book that people use to commit murder, or help change tyres on London buses.Actually, that would have been an ...
  • Glenn Pillsbury
    I eagerly anticipated this, but in the end was a little disappointed. Dickinson is a fine writer, having published a couple of novels earlier in his career as well as being responsible for some of the finest lyrics in metal history, and this is a rare rock autobiography that is self-written and justifiably so. The book has to juggle a number of different objectives: tell Dickinson's personal history, discuss his involvement with Iron Maiden (and ...
  • Michael Legge
    Shame he dies in the end.
  • Stephen Collins
    This bring back so meny happy public school days for me as I read it.Bruce end up at Oundle public school were he was bullied day in & nights. Unlike me who if anything I was more the bully. At school I was very popular because I lived in sweet shop & always had tuck box full of stuff from the shop that sold for favours so no one but no want to upset the free sweets.One boy did & I was told the broken nose & two black eyes & broken arm when slipp...
  • Ian
    Bruce Dickinson's autobiography doesn't tell your usual rock'n'roll story. There's little in the way of hedonism here, Bruce is a man who'd rather learn how to fence, pilot a jumbo jet or write a best selling novel in his spare time. As the lead singer of best selling heavy metal band Iron Maiden he's accomplished an awful lot and it's all well told with a good sprinkling of humour here.He writes at his most passionate when discussing aviation, w...
  • Pericles
    This is NOT your typical rock star biography. This is NOT a story about a talented musician who almost lost everything to drugs and sex. You will not find love affairs, undesired children or the discovery of love. Nor is it the story of the troubled band who disbanded and then got back together again because of money. Well, kind of. What this is, is the story of Bruce Dickinson's CAREER. He will tell you how he found his love for music and his tr...
  • Mike
    I was going to start this review by saying that there's no particular reason to read this book if you're not an Iron Maiden (from this point: Maiden) fan, but then it occurred to me that if you're not a Maiden fan it's very unlikely that you would even have known of this book's existence, and that, if anything, my review only increases the likelihood, however infinitesimal, that you will read it.Then again, there are worse ways to spend your time...
  • Niels
    The story of a remarkable and talented human being. I have been an Iron Maiden fan for over thirty years and I have always enjoyed hearing interviews with Mr. Dickinson. Bruce Dickinson's tale takes you from his early childhood being raised by his grandparents and onto Private School, College, his time in Samson which lead to him joining Iron Maiden, one of the greatest metal bands of all time and his adventures as a pilot which took him all over...
  • Josh Holmes
    It was written okay, fun to read. But where were the details about how songs were written and the dynamics of the band?It was essentially ' I learnt how to fly a plane, then we made an album, then I flew a plane again and we made another album and then I got an even bigger plane!' Repeat for 400 pages.
  • Angelo
    Fascinating anecdotes, nicely written and performed. Hey, I'm a fan.However, for my taste, the book is a little too "clean" and light on details. I know a lot about the stories Bruce tells to his buddies at a birthday party, but I don't really feel I _know_ Bruce now.
  • Eric
    I was really hoping that Bruce would dig deeper into his emotions and the way relationships within the band and his family ended up shaping his motivations and professional life. Instead it's a lot of facts about Bruce Dickinson written in his voice. I'm a huge fan, and enjoyed the book, but it wasn't what I hoped that it would be.
  • N.N. Light
    Such a fantastic memoir! A must-read for every metalhead and fan of Iron Maiden!!My Rating: 5 stars
  • Les
    Ever since I heard the soaring vocals in the chorus of Iron Maiden's iconic tune Run to the Hills as an impressionable kid in the 80's, Bruce Dickinson has been in my head. I've been eager to read his autobiography, right from when it was announced that one of the most legendary metal vocalists of all time was going to tell of his life and career in his own words. Bruce is someone who I've always wanted to meet and share an ale and a yarn with, i...
  • Matt Tandy
    Bruce is a multitalented, intelligent character, helping shape Iron Maiden into the unique force it is with his amazing voice and interesting lyrics. A world class fencer, airline pilot, author and brewer I was eagerly awaiting his autobiography with bated breath. While not a bad book, What Does This Button Do? is somewhat of a letdown as Bruce skims over so much of an interesting life and career, while bogging down chapters with unnecessary tech...
  • Mike Wallace
    If you think heavy metal is dead, think again. Bruce Dickinson tells his story of his life as the front man for Iron Maiden and all that goes into it. Including playing in front of crowds 250 thousand strong! (Try that you banjo-playing, whistling hipsters). He also ties in his growth of becoming an airline captain, a script writer, a fencer, and obviously an author. Bruce is full energy and inspiration and his writing nothing less than brilliant...
  • Davec
    This book was not what I expected from an autobiography of a rock start frontman of one of the worlds most successful heavy metal bands. I always knew from interviews that Bruce Dickinson was never part of the party until near-dead self-destructive personality that describes many others who have had great success in that genre, but in this book he shows himself to be a highly intelligent multi-faceted individual who also happens to be a frontman ...
  • David Pain
    Bruce is a great bloke. This book does not detract from that. It's not that scintillating a read, though. The odd chortle or revelation (see what I did?) here and there but not essential reading by any means. I'm a huge fan of Bruce so I did enjoy it but would be hard pushed to recommend it to anyone but a big Maiden fan.EDIT: I've just started Robert Webb's autobiography following this and it's clarified what i felt about this one. There's not m...
  • Annie
    I listened to this because my menfolk are big Iron Maiden fans. Pleasantly surprised to discover Bruce Dickinson is one cool dude. He focuses on music, flying, and fencing in this autobiography. He is also a big reader. I liked him so much I'll forgive him his dislike of Jane Austen. Last Chapter is entitled F**k Cancer. If it doesn't move you, you've got no compassion in your soul. I can now truly say with my menfolk 'Up The Irons'.
  • Rod
    I've been an Iron Maiden fan since back in 1983. Then the Powerslave album came out and Maiden became a household name...Nobody realized that their lead singer was such a cool, mostly smart guy, with great hobbies and work ethics. (although he does share a moment where he tries to give himself an enema during his illness... Not necessary Bruce. Keep that moment to yourself please.)This is a great book about his life and hobbies. YES, he chats a f...
  • Trea
    This book started out as a 3 and ended up a 5. I’m not the worlds biggest Iron Maiden fan, but thought I’d read it anyway. Fell in love with this writing style maybe because it’s how I think, talk and write. Pleasantly surprised that he is not your average rock star with drug addictions. He has addictions but they are more of the positive kind, like aviation flight, fencing, critical thinking and analyzing. As reported by other reviewers he...
  • Michael Bohli
    Was für ein Tausendsassa der werte Herr Bruce Dickinson doch ist! Er hat als ausdrucksstarker Sänger nicht nur die Heavy-Metal-Band Iron Maiden zu einem Luxusdampfer der harten Rockmusik gemacht und mehrere Soloalben veröffentlicht, er ist auch Pilot, Autor, Moderator und ehemaliger Weltklassefechter. Ein Leben, das für ein Buch wie gemacht ist und oft sogar ein wenig erfunden klingt. In “What Does This Button Do?” nimmt sich der Engländ...
  • Charles
    In the afterword of the book, Bruce Dickinson says how he decided to leave out "births, marriages, or divorces." Instead, he packed it full of fencing and flying airplanes, along with stuff about his music and Iron Maiden. I found the "fencing" part mildly interesting but have to admit to being completely bored with the assorted details of the planes he has flown and the pilot licenses that he's gotten. I would have much rather had the personal i...
  • Mat Davies
    There were always going to be plenty of readable tales to tell in Bruce Dickinson’s autobiography and so it proves with What Does This Button Do, Dickinson’s memoir of a life well lived, most of it at the centre of Iron Maiden, one of the best and most successful heavy metal bands of all time. This is autobiography as romp and what emerges is a narrator of genuine warmth, self effacement and unfailing politeness. There is very little dirt dis...
  • FunkyPlaid
    How can someone have the temerity to rate someone else's life story – a story that's been written in their own words, from their own memories and experiences? I feel a bit odd posting a review of this book at all, because, like any autobiography, it's simply a body of work that describes someone's personal body of work, and perhaps should just be taken at face value and enjoyed as such. Let's keep this in mind in the paragraphs ahead.I've been ...
  • Oganalp Canatan
    A great insight. The character build up of one of heavy metal’s greatest personalities explained without dwelling into family. Great language too. Mind you, this is not an Iron Maiden biography. It is Bruce Dickinson, so the content about Maiden is limited. However, he is not shy of telling about his feelings regarding Maiden albums and eras where necessary.
  • Villivonkansbooks
    Iron Maidens legendariska rocksångare - en av rockhistoriens mest ikoniska frontfigurer.Bruce Dickinsons självbiografi är en väldigt öppen och ärlig biografi. Bruce delar frikostigt med sig av sitt liv, ifrån uppväxten, hur det gick till när han blev sångare i Iron Maiden, det stora intresset för fäktning och flygning. Jag är positivt överraskad av Bruces liv, jag trodde det skulle vara mer som myten, sex, droger och rock n’roll. ...
  • Neri.
    It's fun and serious all at the same time. Every metal fan should read it.
  • Geoff
    Rock biographies can be patchy things, often written quickly for the hard-core fanbase and released just before Christmas as a cynical cash-in. For rock autobiographies this counts double, with the added risk that the author is a neanderthal with just enough writing skill to avoid a ghost writer, but nowhere near enough to make for a good book.The result in most cases is a lot of self-indulgent tosh, but no doubt acts as a good pension plan for t...
  • Matthew Batten
    I can't recommend Bruce Dickinson's autobiography enough! Funny and insightful and free of the usual celebrity naval gazing. It's also refreshing to read a rock bio that's not laden with drugs and alcohol. Here's a band that continues to be highly creative and imaginative while remaining mostly sober...give or take a few pints of Trooper! I felt totally inspired by his message: give it go. What's the worse that can happen? His chapter about deali...
  • Sean Keefe
    The most disappointing autobiography I’ve read for a very long time. It’s clear that flying is where Bruce’s passion lies, and this is what seems to fuel the main body of the book. Is Bruce married? Is he gay? Which of his songs are his favourites? He does he feel about his art? How does he feel about ANYTHING?...none of these questions have anything even resembling an answer here. Its almost as though he’s embarrassed to be in Iron Maide...