Slap Shot (Aces Hockey #5) by Kelly Jamieson

Slap Shot (Aces Hockey #5)

My name’s Max Hall, and I need to f***. As a pro hockey player who’s been away from the game for over a year, my libido has picked one hell of an an inconvenient time to come roaring back to life.   After my wife died from a rare form of cancer, sex was the last thing on my mind. Same with hockey, the other love of my life. Now, after fifteen months of eating too much, drinking too much, and generally just feeling sorry for myself, I’m fac...

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TitleSlap Shot (Aces Hockey #5)
Release DateOct 17th, 2017
GenreRomance, Sports and Games, Sports, Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance, Hockey, Contemporary

Reviews Slap Shot (Aces Hockey #5)

  • Laura
    |Review coming soon|3.8 stars
  • Alex ♈
    "Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional." Dalai Lama Loved loved loved this book, or to be honestLOVED LOVED FREAKING LOVED THE HEROINE!One of the best books I read this year. Thanks God there are still authors, who write strong, confident, generous female characters!I can’t express how much I loved the heroine. I wish I could write beautiful sophisticated reviews like many of my friends. But I can still try, don’t I? ;-)Heroine – 5+...
  • Optimist ♰King's Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion
    Well... don't I feel like a heel?Not only have I had this book for approximately 7.345678 kagrillon years, but to add insult to injury, I didn't particularly like it.So let me keep this short. Because I'm an asshole.I had trouble getting into this mostly because of the prose. It's stuffed to the gills with interior decorating, menus of what Max can eat on his super strict training diet and his exercise regimen. And him constantly bitching about s...
  • Mindy Lou's Book Review
    If you have read the previous book in the series then you would already know Max Hall. He's the one that broke our hearts when we learned his wife was dying of cancer. In Slap Shot, Kelly Jamieson brought him back to show us how he was dealing with that loss and helping him to come back to life from his grief.I'm not always a fan of stories that have one of the main characters finding love again after a deceased spouse. I think it's not an easy t...
  • Carol
    4.5 stars. I looked at a few other reviews of this book before I started writing this and I realized that I really like Kelly Jamieson and the way she writes books and this one was no exception.It is probably impossible to write a romance that involves a dead wife without receiving some criticism about how you treat the subject and not everybody will necessarily like this story for that reason alone.What I personally like about her books is that ...
  • Auntee
    I loved this one and I love this series.Review coming closer to publication date...
  • Carvanz
    Max and Kendra meet at her cousin’s wedding and decide to hook up. When the night doesn’t end exactly as they plan, Kendra isn’t shy about letting Max know they can remedy that problem. Soon they are embroiled in a hot and heavy sex only relationship that involves lots of sexting. From the beginning Max declares that their set up can be nothing but sex. He’s lost his wife and didn’t think he’d survive the agony. He won’t put himself...
  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every book in Kelly Jamieson’s Chicago Aces series, but Slap Shot has a bit of an added bonus and two of her characters from her New Adult Bayard Hockey series make cameo appearances giving readers a bit of a look at what the future of the Aces might look like. Slap Shot takes a realistic look at grief and Ms. Jamieson does a fantastic job as a young widower tries to get back to his life in all ways; trying to...
  • Zoe
    Steamy, heartfelt, and deliciously sexy!Slap Shot, the fifth book in the Aces Hockey series, is a sporty, contemporary romance featuring Max a tough, honest, hockey player who is struggling to come to grips with not only the grief he continues to feel over the loss of his wife but the guilt associated with potentially moving on.The writing is clear and emotive. The characters are genuine, believable and charming. And the plot is an impassioned ta...
  • Jessica (Angie & Jessica's Dreamy Reads)
    This was a surprise. I expected a cliche sports romance when I picked up this book and what I found instead was a refreshing storyline that pulled me in from, quite literally, page one. I loved the premise, the characters were both relatable and real, and I was overjoyed to discover that this author write's fantastic male POV. I didn't even realize going in that this was the 5th installment in this sports series, so after thoroughly enjoying this...
  • Lu Bielefeld **
    The story holds the reader's attention and can read without having read the previous ones in the series.I love the heroine and she was the one that made me read till the end. An independent and mature woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to show her feelings."Don’t apologize for safe sex." Our hero is held guilty for moving on without his dead wife until about 70% of the book. I was fed up with his attitude.I enjoyed and recommend.Ke...
  • Tpagirl
    Slap Shot by Kelly Jamieson was the fifth book in the Aces Hockey series.Max Hall had lost his wife to cancer a little over a year ago. He sat out of hockey during her cancer and for the entire season following. He was now starting to fight for a position in the team again. It was a long road to healing and he wasn’t there yet, but he wanted hockey.Kendra Armstrong was the cousin to Duncan (Icing, book three) and Lovey (Major Misconduct, book o...
  • ~Mandi~
    Slap ShotAces Hockey #5Kelly Jamieson4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐Not your typical sport romance. This one included so much more. Definitely made you feel some emotions while reading this one. And as usual Kelly Jamieson did a great job writing this sweet story. Thanks NetGalley for the arc in exchange for my honest review. Slap ShotAces Hockey #5Kelly Jamieson4 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Not your typical sport romance. This one included so much more. Definitely...
  • Dali
    Kelly Jamieson pens a hockey romance with a brilliant balance between touching, flirty, fun and steamy where a young widower tries to move on with his life with the help of his friends, family and a very attractive sex toy designer.When Max Hall’s wife was diagnosed with cancer, he left hockey to be with her. Feeling sorry for himself after she died, it was hard for him to put the pieces of his life back together. Getting back in shape to fight...
  • Samantha (WLABB)
    I am trash for hockey romances and this one did exactly what I wanted it to - it made me smile, grin, swoon, laugh, and even cry a little. Who?Max, a professional hockey player, who is trying to get back on the roster after taking time off following his wife's death. Kendra, an intelligent and independent entrepreneur, who was a sort of "fixer" with a big heart. What?After a wedding encounter, where sparks flew, the two mutually decided to a stri...
  • Celestine
    So this is the tenth hockey romance I've read by Kelly Jamieson. I love 'em. Generally, after a little pulling and tugging and growing emotionally, there is a splendid HEA - after all the hot smexy times. The books are filled with people I enjoy and there is great buddy humor scattered throughout. Then, it finally hit me why I wasn't enjoying this book quite as much. It was solemn. Max Heller has taken one heck of a hit, and he is humorless. Sinc...
  • Natalia
    Liked the book and the story... but IMO Max was a selfish bastard in the beginning... The friends with benefits was a agreement between the two, but he cannot expect something from Kendra that he ins't willing to give himself.I would like to see a little more of Kendra family drama in the mix... Also, there are so many names (player names) into the mix that i felt a little trowed away, i know this is the 5th book of the serie, but hell i got lost...
  • Denise - Shh Mom's Reading®
    I loved Max's journey to Happy this book is listed as part of a series it can easily be read stand aloneSlap Shot is the story of Aces professional hockey player Max Hall, known to his teammates as Hallsy. Kendra Armstrong meets Max at her cousin’s wedding. I want to make sure to say I love how this first encounter plays out, I will not say first night because night goes a bit astray. Astray in a way that truly spea...
  • Chelle
    1.5 stars. I liked the story a lot. And I felt it was right that Max was ready to move on. But why was he so nasty about his dead wife? She wasn't as good in bed, she didn't like his family, she didn't support his career like Kendra, she didn't eat right, she didn't like the fans on and on. Why on earth did he marry her?And telling Kendra he wouldn't compare them was such a lie. He compared them all the time but the poor dead girl couldn't defend...
  • Pelusa Rivera
    Received an ARC for my fair review for netgalley. I went back and forth with this book, I did enjoy to read about the other characters, I always enjoy that part. I do agree that Max had to move on with his life, do not get me wrong on that, however every now and then, he would think something negative about his wife that had died and that part bugged me, I understand that this was so he can feel something towards Kendra, but I did not like that p...
  • Maria Rose
    I’m a big fan of sports romances, especially those written by authors who have proven in their writing that they are either fans of their sport of choice or have researched it enough to be credible. Kelly Jamieson is one such author for hockey romances. Her Aces Hockey series has been one I’ve consistently enjoyed for its combination of likable characters, sexy times, and believable scenes detailing all aspects of the game. In Slap Shot, the ...
  • Maria11
    Pretty good. Lots of emotions on the line. I do wish the author included more POV from Kendra then just at the end.It dragged some, but I order to make the story really work, I think it had to.Kendra was way cool, I wish I was her! She was so together and knew what she wanted without doubt. Sex toy creator how unique! Max was cool. He was very stubborn and couldn’t see past his nose, but he got it together!Hot sex!Good read. You have to like ho...
  • Suzi (Obsessive Reading Disorder)
    I am a huge fan of this series! I love the setting. I love the guys. I love the hockey. This is the 5th book and it takes a huge twist from the pattern of the previous books. Max is a hockey player and we see him prepping to go back to work, but the bulk of the story takes place away from hockey. Max and Kendra meet at a teammates wedding and hit it of with tons of s3xual chemistry. What follows is two people professing to only want casual while ...
  • Danielle from Short and Sassy
    I wanted to love this book. I love this series. From the start I knew something about Max was not right. He was sulky and broody, like my 12 year old daughter. I kinda knew where the story was going. I knew he hadn't had sex in a long time... so it must be bad. So, his is a widow and he took a year off from hockey to be with his dying wife. That is very sweet. Now, he is old and is regretting taking time off because he doesn't think he can keep u...
  • Logan Hr
    This hero gave me serious whiplash... like make up your mind dude.. you either love someone or you don't plain and simple!! All this back and forth was exhausting... he needed to grow up and a huge reality check! I get that the couple was just a sex kind of couple, but I wanted more.. from this story.. I really did.. this review is more of a 3.5 starts rather than a 4 stars..
  • Amy
    I loved this story of a pro hockey player still mourning the death of his wife and trying to get himself back in the rink after taking time off to mourn. Max was an interesting character with quite a bit of depth. I really liked Kendra and how things unfolded for them. She’s such a confident and smart character. I really liked that she goes her own way and has made her own path. She’s inspiring in a lot of ways! She was my favorite heroine in...
  • ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰Janeane ✰
    Copy received via Netgalley for an honest review It was great to get back into Aces world again. Throughout the series, Max's story has been one that i have been highly anticipating, and I didn't know if it would live up to my expectations.It did. It was sweet and sexy, heart breaking and hopeful. I devoured every word, needing Max to find his HEA - again. I loved getting a glimpse of the previous lads and lasses of the Aces too.Can't wait to see...
  • Karen
    The blurb makes Max look worse than he really is. Max is still not over his wife's death. He's a great guy. He gets stirred up with a beautiful bridesmaid at a wedding of a teammate. He's ready to meet up with the bridesmaid but doesn't want a relationship.Max has a focus to get back in hockey after his wife's bout of cancer and subsequent death. But Kendra (aka bridesmaid) does fit and feel good in his life.It's a story of grief and getting the ...
  • Sandra
    It’s always so much fun to return to Chicago and Kelly Jamieson’s Chicago Aces series. Jamieson is by far the best hockey romance author in the business (trust me, I’ve read a lot of hockey romances). I waited not-so-patiently for Max Hall’s story, but it was worth the wait.I loved that Jamieson chose to tell this story just from Max’s point of view, allowing readers to really grasp the grief and uncertainty that Max was experiencing. ...
  • Angelnet
    Slap Shot is the fifth full book in Jamieson’s Aces Hockey series. If you’ve been following the exploits of the Aces team you’ll be glad to catch up with Max Hall in this one. We’ve had snippets about him in earlier books. He sat out the previous season trying to cope with the death of his wife from cancer and then an addiction to antidepressants. Max now feels like it is time to pull himself together and regain his place on the Aces firs...