Game of Secrets by Kim Foster

Game of Secrets

Felicity Cole sells flowers in the streets of Victorian London to feed herself and her young brother. But she has a close-guarded secret--her brother is a Tainted, born with special abilities that society fears and a shadowy organization called the Hunstsman scours the country to eliminate. When Felicity becomes the target of one of these individuals, she discovers something horrible: she's Tainted, too.Rescued by a mysterious gentleman on the ev...

Details Game of Secrets

TitleGame of Secrets
Release DateJul 3rd, 2018
PublisherSky Pony Press
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Historical, Historical Fiction

Reviews Game of Secrets

  • Hamad
    I usually start my reviews by a quote I liked from the book, well I didn't find anything spectacular here so I won't put a quote this time! That does not mean that it has a bad writing style, but it was just mediocre?!I like fantasy and fiction standalones because there are not many of them and because I don't want to engage into a whole series every single time I read this genre -and I read it a lot since it is my favorite- and when I read the s...
  • Minx -The Genre Minx Book Reviews
    Game of Secrets is a story that is set in London during the late 1800’s. In this setting the society is divided between the normal people and the Unnaturals. People who look normal but display abilities that are not possible for the average person are called unnatural. Or, they are also referred to as the Tainted because it is believed that somehow their blood had become tainted by something otherworldly. If someone was discovered to be tainted...
  • Amanda
    You can also find my review herehttps://devouringbooks2017.wordpress....Game of Secrets was great. It was a book that combined some of my favorite topics to read about; spies and supernatural abilities. It was incredibly fast-paced and the plot was interesting. By the time I had reached the fourth chapter I was absolutely hooked. I tore through this action packed novel within 24 hours.  The pacing of the novel kept me turning the pages as the a...
  • Jackie
    **2.5 but rounding up** This book is a bit of a wonder in large part because it stays pretty one note but there’s enough there that I could see it doing better in later books, the only question is whether or not they’ll be more. ‘Game of Secrets’ follows orphan Felicity Cole, a street vender hoping to make enough money to support herself and her kid brother when unknown enemies rip her life apart and while sitting in a jail cell waiting o...
  • Anthony ➳ KeepReadingForward ➳
    3/5Date Reviewed: 8 September 2018This Review was first posted on Keep Reading Forward. If you want to see more, check out our other locations as well as here.ARC provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.There was something that grabbed my attention about Game of Secrets. I always like a story that involves superpowers, but I think was more drawn to the idea of some secret organization involving those only with the...
  • Jennie Shaw
    Historical fantasies are a sleeper genre for me--I don't read many, but when I do, they hit the mark. GAME OF SECRETS was a lighter sort of dark (if that makes sense haha) with violence of the PG-13 variety. The first half of the book felt a little rushed, and I wish the world building in regards to the powers had been fleshed out more. During the last hundred pages or so, I had to keep putting the book down to tend to adult responsibilities and ...
  • Mayumi
    2 STARS I can’t really talk about this book without including a few minor spoilers so – spoiler alert. ‘And no matter what else I may be, I will always be common.’ Literally this book summed up in a quote. ^ So this was kinda bad… It wasn’t terrible, it was just full of cliches and tropes we’ve all seen before, and had an annoying protagonist. Felicity Cole is an orphan who is devoted to taking care of her ‘Tainted’ brother by ...
  • heather
    I have a lot of feels going on inside of me over this book. My emotions are running wild and I am not exactly sure if I loved this book or just thought it was okay?? Hence the 4 star rating, I figured somewhere in between was good:)Felicity (love the name BTW) lives in a world where some folks have special abilities and they are called "tainted". You do not want to be tainted because it is very much frowned upon and most of the time you are given...
  • Lindsay
    Felicity lives in fear that the Peelers will discover her younger brother is Tainted and he will be ripped away from her. With both parents dead, she takes care of her brother by selling flowers in London's market. One day a carriage appears with two menacing men taking pictures of the poor residents trying to sell food, remedies, and items for their own survival. A brawl erupts between these men and her boyfriend/best friend Kit that results in ...
  • T. A.
    This book was a great introduction to this author's writing. I enjoyed this suspenseful thriller filled with characters and their unusual abilities. The storyline was wonderful especially the action between the Tainted and the Huntsmen. I look forward to reading more from this author.
  • Meghan
    I received this book as an advanced reader's copy and we are always looking to expand our young adult collection and promote young adult fiction especially in high schools to involve more teens into loving reading again. This book in particular I was a fan of because it gave a twist on the Victorian Era and the adventure in the plot was very captivating. I hope Kim Foster makes this a series because I think our reader's will be asking about it. T...
  • Online Eccentric Librarian
    More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog This is likely going to be one of my most disappointing reads this year considering the premise sounded so interesting and the book began promisingly enough. But by half way through, this began to hit every trope/cliche in the YA genre (and not even creatively at that) and the writing began to feel rushed and simplistic through to the end. It felt as if the author spent a ...
  • Stephanie L (catteabooks)
    ARC provided by the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review! --2.75/5 stars--I always love me a good Victorian setting to a fantasy novel; it's somehow comforting--yet also anxiety-ridden at the same time. Maybe it's because of all the drama that inevitably follows, or the politics of the time, or maybe the way the steampunk genre always seems to be set in the Victorian era. This novel does not fall into the steampunk genre in an...
  • Rendz
    *My gratitude goes out to Thomas Allen & Son for providing me with a copy for review!*What I Liked:I liked Felicity. She was headstrong and yet afraid of the new world she was thrust into. She comes from a lowly background which is much unappreciated by her new peers. She is one who looks for loopholes to get out of the world until she finally becomes a willing part of it.None of the other characters really stood out to me. The love interest was ...
  • Erikka
    So, I'll keep this short. This is Victorian X-Men. I don't know how to elaborate more. The pacing is absolutely brilliant, the characters that are actually developed are great, and conceptually Victorian X-Men is pretty fun. On the other hand, several of the characters (namely most of the mutants, um, Morgana, and Stryker-magneto or Warwick) were not as developed as they should be. There is also the fact that it's so unoriginal. I predicted every...
  • Jamie Coudeville
    I did really like this book, loved the main character and the worldbuilding but it just all went a bit fast. I think the storyline progressed a bit too fast and maybe it would've been better as a duology though I wouldn't rule out a sequel since certain things were left up in the air. Also, the ending confused the hell out of me. Did that mean what I think it meant? Basically, gimme a sequel.
  • Samantha
    The font size of this book threw me off; it made it feel like it was written more for a middle grade audience than a YA one. Other than that, the story was a pretty cool one, and honestly, it was about a spy/assassin school, and people with unique abilities who work for/protect the Queen of England. Learning more about the Tainted and how their abilities worked and everything made for an entertaining adventure.
  • Andria Potter
    I'm dead. The ending, oh my GOD. DID NOT SEE THAT COMING. My heart hurts.I actually cried twice at the end of the book.Kim Foster, WHY?!?!?!?!?(When does book two come out?)
  • Katie
    Lots of spoilers below. I couldn’t not talk spoilers with this one.In a Sentence:My Fair Lady with mutant spies.Just kidding (sorta).A girl with newly discovered super powers must find her place and defend Queen and country as she trains at an academy for spies and assassins.Summary:Felicity is a poor flower girl who loves her little brother Nate more than anything, which is why she hides him away. Nate is Tainted, meaning he has super abilitie...
  • Christine (allthingschristine)
    Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher to review. In no way have the publisher or the author influenced my review. All thoughts expressed in this review are my own. This book definitely didn’t disappoint me which made me very happy. It doesn’t so much focus on the etiquette and such of the time period, which makes sense given as Felicity is training as a spy and assassin which would not be run of the mill in Victorian L...
  • Teenreadsdotcom
    GAME OF SECRETS is a sweeping, adventurous tale set in the glitz and glamour of the Victorian Era.Felicity Cole is a poor, orphaned teenager who sells flowers on the street to support herself and her younger brother, Nate. The two live relatively isolated lives because they have to keep Nate’s secret --- he is a Tainted, or a member of society that possesses superhuman abilities. In Nate’s case, he can read minds and communicate telepathicall...
  • Xcess090
    If I had to think of an easy way to describe the book, it’ll be a collections of things I’ve seen repeatedly before, but I’m so sorry for being a sucker for these things. ─────────────────── Last year I really enjoyed reading Daniel O’Malley’s The Rook which followed a very similar pattern to this one, and I think deep down it was one of the reasons why I had high hopes for this book to impress me i...
  • Rachna
    I had high hopes for this book. I wouldn't say I am completely disappointed but it didn't quite hit its mark, that's for sure. It didn't miss the mark, just fell short of hitting it. This book has some interesting elements, but it doesn't quite achieve its own goals. It just feels underdeveloped. I felt as if I was reading book 1 and book 2 but without the world building and depth that this story deserved. It is a fun and easy read with intrigue,...
  • Gabrielle
    I received this book from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.I really wanted to like this book. The premise sounded interesting and I thought that it could be a good pick me up for the fantasy genre that I needed. Sadly, this book didn't do any of that. It wasn't bad, but because it was such an okay book, I'm not fully sure how to put my thoughts into words, but I'll try.Within the first few pages, there's already action happening and peo...
  • Annette
    Game of Secrets is a magic book, but the historical setting is what really amped up the appeal.Felicity is doing her best in Victorian London to keep herself and her little brother surviving. It isn't easy. Her brother must stay hidden since he is Tainted. His special abilities, if found out, will get him caught by the Huntsmen, and he will surely be killed.As Felicity herself is in danger of being taken by a Huntsman, a mysterious man, Hawksmoor...
  • Michaela (Mickey Reads)
    Thank you to Thomas Allen & Sons for sending me a finished copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!!I really enjoyed this book - I read it in two sittings, so that definitely tells you how much I liked it!The main character, Felicity, is just trying her best to eke out a life that is worthwhile for her and her little brother, who needs to remain hidden, because he is Tainted - one of a select few who has unparalleled powers. Felicity e...
  • Monique
    A girl, trying to survive in Victorian London who doesn’t know she has a magical gift, that’s all I needed to hear to want to read this book. I think there is not enough historical YA, though there seems to finally be a shift in 2018, yay! I loved the idea of magical abilities, secret assassin schools and female empowerment (even though that’s kinda hard to achieve in this time period). Unfortunately, though I loved the premiss and the firs...
  • JoLee
    Featured in "Reading on a Theme: Alternate Histories" on Intellectual Recreation. Felicity Cole lives in an alternate Victorian England where a small subset of the population has super powers. Those with powers, called the Tainted, are feared and persecuted. When the secret of her family's Tainted blood is revealed, Felicity is arrested, but a mysterious stranger breaks her out of prison and whisks her away to a school where Tainted young people ...
  • Becks
    Okay so this review is going to be spoiler city, y'all. Consider yourself warned.First of all, pretty much nothing happens the entire book. It's flat, uneventful, and just chock full of uninspired rehashes of YA tropes. The only "unique" thing about the book was ironically the thing for me that turned it from a 3 star borefest into a 2 star nightmare. Apparently, our protagonist is supposedly so unhinged that she created and kept up an imaginary ...