Bad Girls with Perfect Faces by Lynn Weingarten

Bad Girls with Perfect Faces

Bad girls get it done.Sasha’s all-time favorite person is her best friend Xavier. He’s smart, funny, and strange. He’s not just nice but kind. He’s endlessly forgiving, even when maybe he shouldn’t be.So when Xavier lets his ex, Ivy, slither her way back into his life, Sasha knows she needs to protect him. And not just because she can’t stop thinking about the night she and Xavier almost shared a rum-soaked kiss. No, it’s because Iv...

Details Bad Girls with Perfect Faces

TitleBad Girls with Perfect Faces
Release DateOct 31st, 2017
PublisherSimon Pulse
GenreYoung Adult, Contemporary, Mystery

Reviews Bad Girls with Perfect Faces

  • Dannii Elle
    Sasha's best friend is Xavier. And Xavier's ex-girlfriend is Ivy. But Ivy is now seeking to remove the 'ex' from that statement, despite her frequent emotional manipulation, disappearances, and cheating, when they were previously together. But not if Sasha can help it. Because she will do anything to protect her best friend from harm. Anything at all.This started out as a rather cliched and predictable young adult contemporary. The writing was su...
  • katherine ☾☮️ - paperbackdreamer
    I think this is the first YA thriller I have read in a long time that I really enjoyed and was completely gripped from start to finish. 💓 If dark psychological contemporary thrillers are your thing then you really need to add this to your list straight away because you are going to be blown away. Bad Girls With Perfect Faces was such a surprise for me and I fell in love with the realistic characters that Weingarten created.Trying to write a re...
  • Liz Barnsley
    I was a huge fan of Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls so when invited to advance read the new novel from Lynn Weingarten, I didn't hesitate. Nor did I put in in the queue just dove straight in. For all the right reasons it turns out..Like Suicide Notes this is a story featuring young adults but with a very adult theme - Sasha will do anything to protect best friend Xavier, caught up in an unhealthy relationship with an obviously very damaged gir...
  • Nicki
    According to Sasha no one is ever going to be good enough for her best friend Xavier.Sasha would do anything to stop Xavier from getting hurt,especially by his cheating ex Ivy who has suddenly reappeared back in the picture.Worried that Xavier is ready to forgive and forget,Sasha decides to do a little catfishing.She poses as a hot guy online,to prove cheaters never change.But Sasha`s plan goes wrong fast,and soon the lies lead down a path from w...
  • Sam Kozbial
    Rating: 4.5 StarsWell that was one twisted love story. Full review to follow. *I would like to thank the publisher for the review copy. BLOG | INSTAGRAM | BLOGLOVIN | FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS
  • Patty
    Bad Girls With Perfect FacesByLynn WeingartenWhat it's all about...This is a YA psychological thriller about some strange relationships that ultimately lead to disaster. Sasha and Xavier are friends. Ivy and Xavier are in a relationship. Ivy and Gwen are friends. I can't pinpoint one destructive force in this book because everyone appears to be quite dysfunctional. There is far too much texting, instagramming, drinking, and pill taking. No one is...
  • Christy LoveOfBooks
    3.5-ish. RTC.
  • Brooke
    Creepy!This book was messed up, y'all. It was creepy and bat shit twisted. I loved it.Sasha and Xavier were major friendship goals, I couldn't help but root for them to be something more. She was incredibly protective of him, he was very attentive to her and the whole thing seemed like it was a match made in heaven. Yet, Sasha was also very impulsive, a tad bit obsessive and full of jealousy. Xavier, at times, was completely oblivious and that's ...
  • Melanie
    Wow, I'm not even sure where to start with this review. Bad Girls with Perfect Faces is probably one of my favourite books of this year - I read a lot too! If you have ever read any of Lynn's (Author) work you'll know there is a standard, a formula to her work and often when you think you'll be getting isn't even close to what to end up with. This book is no different. I don't like to compare but I gelt as unhinged if not more so than I did with ...
  • Alicia
    Oooh, a perfect dark YA, how I have missed you since Wink Poppy Midnight and The Female of the Species! Welcome back. Now, I haven't read Weingarten's first book, so I might just, but I'm perfectly content getting to know Weingarten from here on out too. We've gone some main players-- Ivy, the man-eater who can use and abuse boys because she's perfect. She does this mainly with Xavier as her on-again, off-again boyfriend who gets into a funk when...
  • Kate
    Wow.I need a moment with this ending. Is YA supposed to drive you to drink? Because Bad Girls With Perfect Faces is messed up... in all the ways I like.
  • Carolina Herrera
    Wow! I sat down this morning and started reading this book and, well, I didn't get up off the couch until I finished! It is absolutely amazing!It starts off in a pretty typical girl-in-love-with-her-best-friend-who-is-in-love-with-someone-else YA manner. But then things escalate quickly. Very quickly. I had no idea what I was in for!I didn't actually like any of the characters (meaning, I didn't like who they were/ their personalities/ I wouldn't...
  • Kaylee
    OOOOH, I did not see that coming. Not even a little and I read so many mystery/thriller books i usually end up finding them predictable.So, love story here fair warming the majority of this story is just a love triangle. Then in the last third it turns into some sort of love pentagon? With one of them dead and one is made up. It's better than I'm making it sound and a lot less confusing.I adored Sasha I truly did, okay sure maybe she did somethin...
  • Tiana
    Beautifully twisted “Bad Girls With Perfect Faces” is a fun and dark look into the mind and the lengths we could go if it meant protecting the ones we love the most.This book was so so good and I think I was so hooked by it because of how real it was. The characters in this book could have easily been people I know in the world and the decisions they made (though awful) could have logically been made if you were under similar circumstances. T...
  • Sandy Reilly
    I was a fan of Weingarten's first book, so I was excited to have found this ARC abandoned on a random side table at BEA 2017. It was on my list of books to hunt down at the Expo. Sadly, though, I was very underwhelmed after the last page. Maybe it was all the f-bombs dropped (I'm not naive, I'm a high school librarian -- I know some teens curse on an almost every-other-syllable basis) but it was too much for me personally to be comfortable with, ...
  • Teresa
    *****3.5 Stars*****This book started out like many books...the main girl (quiet and confident for the most part) secretly in love with her best friend (the handsome, semi-brooding type)....thinking she is about to tell him her big secret. Alright I thought, I guess I can see where this goes....and I was pretty impressed with how the book ended up. Xavier and Sasha have been best friends for what seems like forever....the only blip in their relati...
  • Liyah Smith
    This book, "Bad Girls with Perfect Faces" was about two teens who were best friends, Sarah and Xavier. Sarah liked Xavier, but Xavier was really into this girl named Ivy. However, Sarah had made a fake account on Instagram pretending to be a hot guy and texted Ivy. Comes to find out, Ivy was basically cheating on Xavier with Jake aka Sarah. Sarah made a huge mistake because she felt as if she was protecting her best friend, Xavier, from Ivy who w...
  • Katie Hurse
    Read this in one sitting this afternoon - I received an arc via NetGalley and I'm so happy and grateful because I really enjoyed this. I really love this author's writing style - it's lyrical, dark and the confusion you feel as a reader is achieved through such well-crafted suspense writing. I thought Xavier, Sasha and Ivy were really interesting, different characters - Ivy has the making of the manic-pixie dream girl, it's true, but I think ther...
  • Jen
    ** I read an e-advance reader copy of this book that I received from Edelweiss+ **I mostly enjoyed this book. It was dark, fast-paced, compelling and the characters were very well done. The 'surprise' twist at the end seemed a bit over-the-top though and the ease with which the main character dealt with the problem of an unexpected dead body didn't really ring true for me. I did like the ending. It wasn't a stereotypical happy teenage book ending...
  • Belle Ellrich
    I was lucky enough to have won an ARC of this book off of an Instagram giveaway, and boy am I glad that I did! This book reminded me of real life situations that people, especially girl x boy FRIENDS, have gone through. I, myself, would understand what it is like to have a love for someone who doesn't love you back the same way. It hurts, it really does. Being alike to Sasha's character, I would have done exactly what she did had I been in her li...
  • Ailsa
    I was intrigued by the cover of this book - it's very reminiscent of some adult thrillers and made me very hopeful for the contents because good YA thrillers are few and far between. At some points I was properly shouting at the characters for the decisions they were making. This is a really great young adult thriller (a rare beast) full of twists and turns and flawed but likeable characters. My only criticism is that the first half drags on a li...
  • Tammy
    Sasha is best friends with Xavier. She wants to tell him how she really feels about him until his ex girlfriend Ivy reenters the picture. Now Sasha is committed to exposing Ivy for who she really is and clearing the way for Xavier and her to get their chance together. This is a very fast read. Every time I picked it up I read 50 to 100 pages in a sitting. The mystery element is quick enough that you get your answers before you've had time to thin...
  • Tara Lewis
    #badgirlswithperfectfaces #netgalleyI thoroughly enjoyed this and could not put it down; it was one of those 'one more chapter' books. The characters were interesting and the relationships weren't pushed. They felt genuine. The overriding tension in the story was addictive and the visual imagery was excellent (that place in the woods- I felt like I could see it). I loved the ending. Light and gripping!
  • Katie Palazzolo
    *I read an ARC*At first I thought this book was just a fun YA book. Interesting, but not super complex or anything, just a quick read.But man, Part 2 gets convoluted and intense in really good and interesting ways.Lynn does a good job showing/describing the feeling of love and relationships through all the different characters.I enjoyed it a lot more than I anticipated.
  • Rachel Strolle
    [insert lots of swear words here]
  • Zola
    Check out my pre-release review on ✨